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Swatch| Clio Pro Eye Palette 15 Spring Sunshine on Canvas

The packaging may not be the best compared to 09 Botanic Mauve but the color combination has been the best for me so far. I found myself grabbing this palette more often than the other palettes. It’s more versatile and has suitable colors for my skin tone under many different lighting.

CLIO Pro Eye Palette

15 Spring Sunshine on Canvas

The names of each shades are -surprisingly- longer than I expected but they do fit their shades. Though, I’m not too sure about if Sparkling Objet is due to a typo or a word-play to relate to the store “Objet”. 

I really do love this palette. Every time I reach out towards my eyeshadow collection, I will automatically start looking for this palette. It’s too convenient to use and they are easy to layer as well. The pigments are MEANT to dust because (according to the brand,) it’s to maintain the pigmentation of the colour. I’m totally alright with it because it hasn’t caused my any issues so far.

Here are the swatches on my arm, as you can see, the colours are pretty radiant on my skin and they also compliments it. The order of the shades are: Napping Sunshine, Mild Silence, Peach Pastel, Taste of Spring, Art in the Coral, Pink Workroom, Sparkling Objet, Spread Paint, On the Easel, and Draw All Night. 

Want to see more?

Two more swatches come along with this palette, if you want to take a look, simply click on the buttons below to see the details!

09 Bontanic Mauve11 Autumn Breeze in Seoul Forest

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