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Dupes or Inspired perfumes are now a big topic as it is probably exciting for a lot of people to know that their favorite perfume bottles now have a cheaper substitute to replace them, especially when they only cost a fraction of the original price. However, as these are dupes, they may or may not work for you as they intend to. Below are the known shops where they sell lots of inspired dupes that you can purchase online. Do research on your own time on the shops that you intend to purchase from so that you are comfortable with what you receive in the end.

[All the pictures and quotes from respective websites are for sharing purposes and the copyrights are rightfully under the true owner. The pictures are taken from their official website and/or Instagram account.]


“Formulated in Europe and manufactured in the US, all our our fragrances feature 18-20% fragrance oils and are classified as Eau De Parfums. Virtually indistinguishable from they designer inspirations, they are vegan and eco-friendly fragrances, 100% non-toxic and cruelty-free.”

MIIM.MIIC is very popular on Tiktok and they had made themselves very popular with the Melanie Martinez-inspired perfume as well as the MFK Bacarrat Rouge-inspired perfumes. All their fragrances are vegan, cruelty-free, and formulated with industry clean standards. They are made without parabens, preservatives, phthalates, or synthetic dyes inside. They have both EDPs and Diffuser Oils for you to choose based on your preference.

Note: Ships to Continental US only.

ALT. Fragrances

“We are reinventing the fragrance industry to benefit consumers and allow you to experience some of the most luxurious scents in the world regardless of your budget by developing premier Alternatives to overpriced luxury fragrances and eliminating the ‘Brand Tax’ consumers are accustomed to paying. We stripped the marketing gimmicks, celebrity endorsements, and brand names no one can see anyway so that inside your box you will find a fragrance based on some of the world’s most iconic scents created from the finest clean, sustainable, and ethically sourced ingredients with an emphasis on a low environmental impact, sustainability, and responsibility. All ALT. Fragrances are vegan, cruelty-free, and made using 100% clean ingredients. With prices slashed to affordable levels, it’s your chance to select your favorite fragrance, without restriction.”

ALT Fragrance is probably one of the few first companies that got popular on PerfumeTok before MIIM.MIIC does but I’m not quite sure as I only get to see MIIM.MIIC afterward. A lot of people on TikTok claim that their perfumes are very close to the original so it’s probably a good place to start. Whatever you see on their Bestsellers is basically what the PerfumeTok community was talking about.

Note: Ships Internationally (a little expensive with the shipping fee) and needs to check availability through their checkout page.


“At Oakcha, we believe that fragrance is part of self-expression. Whether you feel like wearing a sweet and inviting scent or a warm and spicy scent on a different day, everybody should be able to own a fragrance collection that has a scent suited to their every whim and desire. That’s why we’ve taken luxury fragrances and increased the fragrance intensity while keeping our prices low.

We believe that smelling your best does not mean wearing the same fragrance every day. Instead, smelling your best means being able to match your fragrance to your outfit, mood, or whatever the occasion calls for. With over 70+ fragrances, we believe that everybody can have a collection of luxury fragrances. Don’t believe us? Try just one of our fragrances and we bet that you will be coming back for more.”

I only know about OAKCHA from one TikTok guy who rummages a giant bag of Bath and Body Works body spray to find dupes for people who requested it. I can’t really remember his name but he swears by the OAKCHA Sweven to be the dupe of MFK Bacarrat Rouge 540. Other than that, I don’t really know much about this perfume since I never really hear anyone else talking about it.

Note: Ships Internationally and needs to check availability through their checkout page.

Yusuf Bhai

“Yusuf Bhai is an artisanal perfumer from the United Arab Emirates.”

[Their Story web page is not available now.]

Yusuf Bhai had a hype on his shop at one point because there were a lot of Youtubers who went to Dubai just to visit his store to get inspired-made perfumes, be it discontinued or expensive. Generally speaking, based on the Reddit posts, he can be a hit or miss but it really just depends on how you use it and how it smells to you. Remember, each individual has a different chemical reaction to the perfume when it is contacting the skin. Also, apparently, you need to ‘age’ the perfume in the fridge before using it. Not sure why but you can visit Reddit for more explanations from those who are using his perfumes. He also makes originals that were not recommended due to being “too heavy” and “last forever”, possibly more suitable for Middle Eastern taste.

Note: Ships Internationally and needs to check availability through their checkout page.

Bonus: Mridul Chopra

Mridul Chopra was mentioned in one of the Reddit posts, apparently, he is quite popular within the community. If you are adventurous, you can have a try with his perfumes.

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