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Review | Colourpop Whatever Palette & Lashes (Mami, Queenie, Ms.)

Hollie Cow, I bought these before the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Conspiracy Palette but I haven’t gotten the motivation to complete this review until now. I’m pretty glad I took the time to relax for a bit though because I actually enjoy these new photos that I have taken. I was actually having trouble to be “creating” contents for a while. I don’t know, I felt very lethargic even though it doesn’t seem like I was doing much.

Anyway, this haul is a self-purchased batch and it was made immediately after the lashes were released back in November 2019. I purchased two palettes because I wanted to gift one to my friend and it felt very much like her vibe in terms of the colour story. She loved the colour shade names too, which is great 😀

Shopping tips: Occasionally, there would be 10%-20% sale and you can always search for influencer codes to purchase on Colourpop. In a not-so-rare occasion, Colourpop would even go as far as having a 30% sale!

A great reminder that all of the Colourpop products are meant to be cruelty-free and vegan! Unless they have special formulas but I never heard of them going off the cruelty-free and vegan route before, so it probably would not happen at all.

Let’s quickly walk through the minor products before we head straight into the palettes. In this haul, I purchased 3 pressed powder shadows which one of them was released in the same batch as the Whatever palette. I also got a small casing for the eyeshadows. At the same time, Colourpop felt that they were shipping the products out late so they gifted me a lip gloss which is (luckily) a pretty colour.

Quick look: Pressed Powders

So the three pressed powder shadow that I purchased are Anthem, Charge It and You Got It. The names are pretty cheerful, ain’t it. I like the colours and I also asked for second-opinions from my boyfie, he picked these three out for me amongst -I think- 8 colour shades. Each shade is priced at $4.50 a pop, which I think is quite a reasonable price provided that they do last for a very long time if you are just a normal makeup user. Each pot/pan also weighs at 1.5g (0.053oz). 

The colours are lighter than what I saw from their website (I collaged them in the image carousel above for your comparison). I mean, Anthem is almost there but the You Got It and Charge It were far lighter than I had expected. I haven’t gotten a chance to swatch them but I’ll write a blog post on all the single pressed shadow pans that I bought.

Ah, yes. I only bought one magnetic casing for the eyeshadow pans. It’s a little costly and I only wanted one instead. For comparison, I put the contour/blush casing side by side so that you can tell how cute and smol the eyeshadow casing is. It’s really cute! Both of the casings come with a mirror and they are $2 each (same price for both sizes). The magnets are really strong and it never once dropped my bronzer. If you look closer to the bottom of the magnet patch, you will see a tiny little hole. That is where you can poke and remove the eyeshadow/blush/contour pans. 

Quick look: Ultra Glossy Lip

Next up, we have the freebie lip gloss. I tried to search for this shade in their website but I think they were trying to clear out the stock for this shade because it wasn’t available anymore. In any case, I’m actually quite glad that I can wear this out. Each of the lip gloss in this packaging has a net weight of 3.0g (0.11oz) and they cost $7 each. 

It’s not an overpowering colour and I think it would look really great when I want to look super cute and young (a rare scenario but I’m planning). If you’re interested in this product, sorry! I really couldn’t find it anymore and I think they are trying to clear off the lip glosses in this packaging.

This palette features four distinctive types of formulas which include eight “Pressed Powder Shadow” colours, two “Pressed Pigment” colours, one “Pressed Glitter” colour and one “Super Shock Shadow” colour. Each palette costs $18 (about RM78) and they are certainly a great deal when there are a sales going on. I always purchase my palettes from sales and they can last me for about 4 years or longer. 

The palettes (excluding the packaging) has a total net weight of 11.35g / 0.40oz. The “Super Shock Shadow” colour in Tardy is the heaviest amongst all at the net weight of 1.45g / 0.05oz whereas the other formulas are all at the net weight of  0.90g / 0.03oz. This formula is famous for “long-wearing crème powder formula with a unique bouncy-like texture. it’s super creamy, insanely pigmented, and has one swipe intensity with zero fallout,” according to Colourpop.

For the other formulas, here is the list of descriptions from Colourpop:

PRESSED POWDER SHADOW highly pigmented shadow that applies evenly and feels ultra-velvety and silky. this long-wearing formula contains a unique combination of softer powders which adheres easily to the eyes, gives a soft-focus effect, and blends smoothly and evenly.

PRESSED PIGMENT a vibrant and creamy formula that delivers maximum payout for an intense look.

PRESSED GLITTER glitter, but make it easy. our innovative, self-adhering pressed glitters to make it easy to take your look to the next level. applies effortlessly onto the skin and stays on all day and night — dance party tested. a multidimensional, highly reflective look is yours with the tap of your finger.

Here is a list of the colour shades (from left to right) with their names and descriptions from the Colourpop Website:

  1. tardy – soft golden champagne super shock shadow
  2. pink slip – matte soft beigey taupe
  3. maybe later – matte mid-tone brick red
  4. copy cat – matte dusty peach
  5. pass it on – matte warm terracotta
  6. bad guy – matte true burgundy
  7. duh – gold copper and orange pressed glitter
  8. not ok – metallic burnt orange
  9. ditchin’ u – metallic vibrant terracotta
  10. in bold – matte muted brown
  11. ttyn – metallic vibrant burgundy
  12. ms. brightside – matte deep red plum

How to use

According to Colourpop:
apply with your favourite shadow brushes. flat and firmer brushes will give the most colour payoff. fluffier brushes are great for blending. use a small angled brush to line the eyes.
apply with fingertips using tapping motions or with our small or medium shader brushes for a more precise application.

use your fingertip and tap shadow directly onto the eyelid. a flat, firm synthetic brush will also work and is perfect for detailed application close to the lash line.

TO BLEND – use a fluffy synthetic brush with good movement, dip the tip into the shadow and apply with a “windshield wiper” movement throughout the crease of the eye for a soft and diffused look.

Daily Comfort

Base: Copy Cat
Transition: Pink Slip
Outer: Pass it On

Base: Copy Cat
Transition: Pink Slip
Outer: Pass it On
✨ Glitter: Not Ok ✨

Night Fun

Base: Copy Cat
Outer: Maybe Later
Lash Line: Bad Guy

Base: Copy Cat
Outer: Maybe Later
Lash Line: Bad Guy
✨ Glitter: Ditchin’ U ✨

Peachy Day

Base: Copy Cat & Not Ok ✨

I love, love, love, looooooooove this palette. The colours are a mixture of sweet, fun, sophisticated, seriousness (a little contradicting but it does feel like that!),  minding my own business and living life without being bothered by irrelevant comments. I love it. It may feel very single-toned sometimes because it mostly gravitates to the mauve/maroon and orange side but it’s pretty easy to use for new makeup users. I would say that it is an entry-level palette but maybe a little bit more intermediate skills needed. Just a tat bit.


They are highly pigmented and did not require a lot of swatches to get it as a pigment as you can see from the swatches pictures below. Superbly fun to play with and they stay on my lids for quite a long period of time! On the same note, they are also pretty easy to remove. I haven’t experienced any staining from these colours, which is really great for reddish-toned makeup.

I would recommend this palette for anyone who wants to feel a little golden, have a feminine yet empowering moment. It’s really a great colour story. Even if you are not into colours, I think it’s great to have a colourful palette lying around just in case you feel like having fun with colours one day. I mean, you wouldn’t know when that will happen. I have the same situation with rainbow colours and I now have 2 palettes for me to play with whenever I feel like it. 

Alright, that is pretty much it for the palette. Let’s move on to the lashes. I was pretty excited when CP announced that they are releasing lashes. I have been a little crazy about lashes lately so I decided to buy some from them to try it out.  


I got these lashes the moment they were launched and it wasn’t even planned. I saw the news a few days before the launch and I thought I was late in the game already. Turns out, I was just a few minutes before the launch. It grabbed one each, hoped for the best and checked out my cart. Each of these costs $8 a pair and it’s pretty expensive, considering that I can get a pair of Morphe lashes for AU$ 4 a pair, which is an equivalent of about $2.54 after conversion. 

These are supposed to be mink lashes and they have black bands (not my favourite). They are also pretty thick for me to keep it still on my eyes. Maybe it’s because my eyes are a little smaller than other people but it was really, really difficult to get these lashes to latch onto my eyelids.  From the pictures below, you can definitely see my struggles of putting it on when I look downwards. It’s so awful… 🙁


Quite honestly though, I really don’t like these lashes. Mainly because of the stiffness as well as the black band. At the same time, I feel that the lashes are too thick for me. It made me looks so out of portion somehow. I guess I wouldn’t be venturing into CP’s lash collections. 

Anyway, I bought like 24 pairs of Morphe lashes and they are on the way to me. I’ll show you the lashes once they’re here. Quality may not be as good but they have transparent bands and I had great times with them.

That is all for my blog post! I hope you enjoyed it 🙂 Please feel free to comment about this palette and if you love it too!

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  1. As much as you disliked the lashes.. MAMI looks extremely good on you! And that whatever palette damn it looks good… Also, really like your makeup look… For some reason I feel it is very you… Remember when I said your eyes reminds me of “geisha” (seductive/Japanese sultry) eyes… Yea that colour combo and your eyes itself… I was in love…

    1. Thank you babe for dropping by <3 Don't fall in love with me too much huehueuhueue later boyfriend jelly HAHHAH I will try the geisha look someday maybe hmmmmmm

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