Who is Zoelie?

Hello! Thank you for being interested in me. I am Zoelie Mah, a fourth-generation Malaysian-Chinese based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I am a city girl with a passion to share and write about all of my experiences, opinions, and information.


Name: Zoelie Mah | Jasmine; given by my grandfather.
Colour: Muted Colours; as long as they fit the scene.
Scent: White floral with a hint of lemon/citrus.
Beverage: Juices, wine or any smooth alcohol artisan drinks. 

Skin: Combination but dehydrated skin with eczema (itch, flaking, red; when serious, my skin turns redder with darker undertones and stings as though as millions of ants are biting me). 

How did "It's Zoelie & Her Blog Post" came about?

The beginning of this journey started with “Pretz n Pickle” in 2013 with another partner on Google’s Blogger.com platform. The partnership ended in early 2014, which leads to a new chapter – “DOME · D-TTO”, focusing on beauty and skincare reviews, with food reviews on the side. This new chapter had later continued until late 2019 where the blog had moved to a newer platform, rebranding as “It’s Zoelie & Her Blog”.

“It’s Zoelie & Her Blog” utilizes the new platform to create content in the better and customizable interface using WordPress and Woocommerce as well for “It’s Zoelie & Her Store”. The new chapter maintains the same focus as “DOME · D-TTO” with expansion to social event attending, lifestyle topics, such as dealing with young adulthood real-life situations and tourist locations in foreign countries.

It’s Zoelie has been product sponsored/collaborated with many brands and companies to deliver truthful and genuine product reviewing. The brands/companies include but not limited to: The Butterfly Project, Althea Korea, StyleKorean, Neogen Korea, Heimish Korea, Neutrogena, Dollywink Japan, Swanicoco Korea, and more. It’s Zoelie is an ambassador for Althea Korea under the group – Althea Angels and a moderator for The Butterfly Project Group Page.

Beauty Ambassador for Althea Korea

Collaborated with:

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