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Scented in Roses: 50+ Niche Rose Perfumes (Malaysia)

Over the years, I’ve always tried on niche perfumes and came across a variety of rose scents wherever I go and when the customer representatives presented them to me, I would always have different reactions to each of them. What had inspired me to write this is post is the number of perfume bottles that smelled very closely towards the real smell of roses, the part when it bloomed at it’s peak beautifully.

In this post, we’ll explore the rose-bouquet scents as well as other perfumes with rose notes that are notable for your explorations. 

Behind the Scenes

I made sure to double-check all the mentioned stores and smell the perfumes again just to ensure that my descriptions are spot-on. With so many different scents available, it’s easy to get confused. But my dedication to this post made me revisit the stores multiple times and sniffed about 65 perfumes repeatedly just to get it right.

I also have noted down some mental notes in the next remaining tabs.

Disclaimer: I want to emphasize that this blog post is based solely on my personal experience and I am not an expert in perfumery. However, I do have a great passion for this topic  and enjoy exploring new scents.

Testing: To ensure I could write this post as quickly as possible, I have relied on using tester papers to evaluate the scents. Unfortunately, due to my busy schedule, it would take me several months to fully test each perfume on my skin one bottle at a time. Additionally, it is important to note that perfumes can present differently on paper versus on skin, and can also vary based on an individual’s unique skin chemistry. As such, I highly recommend testing a perfume yourself before making a purchase.

Variety: The options presented in this post are either one that were recommended to me by sales agents or ones that I discovered on my own. While I have done my best to include a diverse range of options, it is possible that I may have missed out on some great options from certain brands.

Monetary: I also want to emphasize that I am absolutely not being paid to write this blog post. While I do wish I was being compensated, I am still happy to share my experiences with others who share my passion for fragrances.

TROVE has been very kind to me despite being the most expensive niche collection store in the whole of Kuala Lumpur. I always felt so welcomed there and they never hesitated to show me any perfumes even though they may seem out of my budget. I had even met one of the partners too, and even then he was very kind to show me their bestsellers. 

My highest praise: Milly who has been very friendly and professional since Day 1. I gave Milly a heads-up that I want to collect the sample perfume papers in ziplock bags so that I can compare the scents in my own time and she happily accommodated my request.

The SA’s in Amaris is the second kindest when compared to all of the niche collection stores in Kuala Lumpur. They have been showing me almost all of their collections since Day 1 with plenty of hospitality and friendliness.

My highest praise: Fahmie! He’s very enthusiastic and he patiently introduced me to perfumes from the entire store! I always look forward to meeting him every time I plan to visit the store.

Some of the stores I have visited are pretty professional and that is pretty much it. They don’t give me (a lot of) bad vibes and listened to my requests. 

  1. Dior, Pavilion KL
    To be fair, I love the branch manager. She is one of the most professional and friendliest high-end beauty store managers I’ve interacted with. It was the regular sales agents that kept the score fluctuating up and down. 
  2.  Diptyque, Pavilion KL
    There were smiles, there were bows. But there was a hint of forceful friendliness… The score also fluctuates on each visit.
  3. Ken’s Apothecary, KL
    Majority of my visits, the ladies looked like they are very bored. Sometimes they smile politely and be helpful but I usually don’t feel the genuine in it. On my latest visit, the SA was very kind to drop down the names of perfume brands and names to the tester paper. 
  4. Escentials, Suria KLCC
    It was good in the beginning but I think they got too overwhelmed somewhere in between and then I haven’t heard much from them other than email distributions. When I revisited, they are still very kind to show me all the perfumes I asked for (rose scent). Miriam is very, very kind!
  5. Maison Francis Kurkdjian (Bakhache), Pavillion KL
    This store gives me the biggest fluctuation in scores. They are very near the edge of extremes on both ends. This is my utmost favorite perfume brand but unfortunately, the service I got from here cannot be on par.

Some of the stores really just didn’t feel welcoming at all. They just pretended to be polite and will trail off almost immediately. You can tell that they really analyze your purchasing power by the way you wear and present yourself. (I was in a basic tee and long jeans without makeup and a hair-do.) Upon my visitations, these are the stores that I personally find uninviting:

  1. Jo Malone, Pavilion KL
    Well, they’re not the worst but boy, oh, boy. They didn’t even hide it. I can literally see them showing sour faces in between being “professional and polite”. They were also kind of reluctant to help.
  2.  Sephora, Fahrenheit 88 
    I mean, they can be helpful, especially the assistant branch manager (she was pretty okay) but the rest kind of just looked around after giving me the tester papers, like they were bored and got distracted.
  3. Le Labo
    My every visit it’s either equally bad or slightly worse. They are absolutely not interested to recommend you anything unless you look posh.
  4. See Horror Story Tab
    I can’t be arsed to buy from that brand unless I get discounts from Sephora. Even then, their perfumes don’t attract me that much.
I’d like to emphasize that I had actively avoided YSL (Pavilion KL) because they had crossed the line. They had shown me aggression, sour faces, judging in whispers right in front of me, and actively ignored me. I didn’t do anything besides waiting patiently outside of their store (during the pandemic) for almost an hour. I was the only person in line and was there to only collect a sample kit (that they had invited me to collect) but they refused to attend to me at all. They had never asked me what was my purpose of visit, they had never checked in with me to see if I am okay, and they had never reached out to apologize for the long wait and ask for my patience.
They left me there waiting and waiting. After 30mins of queuing up, I asked one of the ladies if I could just collect something and leave to which they immediately yelled at me and told me “SO? You’d still need to wait, everybody waited anyway!” (there wasn’t anyone else in line but me during the entire period I was queuing up.) It’s almost like they were just so reluctant to let me in at all. Keep in mind that I had never visited a YSL store until that day for a sample-kit collection that they had invited me to collect. When I repeated nicely that I am just here to collect-n-go, they frowned (extremely hard) and whispered amongst each other with their facial expression in utter annoyance. One of them was the store manager (I believe), who later had finally “compromised” to open the barricade. She didn’t even look at me the whole time, it was almost like I disgust her. Then, she yelled at another staff to get a tablet, who later rudely asked me “Are you a member or not?”. I answered nicely that I am not (but had received an SMS anyway) and then I was told to drop in my details into the tablet. Immediately after, they had very impatiently thrown some samples into a paper bag, shove it into my hands, then immediately turned around and walked towards to entrance to gesture me out. As I was walking out, they gave a very short and annoyed “BYE.” and went back in after closing the barricade. 
With such a disrespectful and blood-boiling experience, I will forever repeat this story whenever I can. They don’t deserve my kindness at all. After I had described my experience on XHS, it seemed like there were plenty of people who had experienced almost the same as I do. One of the most common reactions I got was “Next time, let’s just buy it off of their online store, why give commission to their sales agents anyway when they want to act like a b-.”
Note: I am always kind to people working in the service line because I work in the service line too, but I do not tolerate bad attitudes and bad hospitality. I seldom make an official complaint but when I do, it’s usually because the staff had ruined the brand’s image. 

Just Like Roses

Criteria: Smells exactly like rose bouquets or the petals themselves 

Chasing Scents - Weeping Rose

I never truly appreciated the delicate allure of rose-scented perfumes until I discovered a certain fragrance. Its initial notes immediately transported me to a bountiful garden filled with the captivating scent of roses. The fragrance was soft and inviting, like being surrounded by a warm blanket of rose petals and foliage, without any hint of thorns. As it lingered on my skin, the scent evolved into a subtle sweetness infused with hints of red apple and juniper berries, and a tea-like aroma that was accentuated by woody undertones. Although there was a subtle hint of amber and vanilla, it didn’t overpower the fragrance. In fact, even though vanilla scents often make me feel queasy, this one was an exception.

This fragrance comes remarkably close to capturing the authentic scent of real roses.

Top Notes: Rose bud tea, red apple, and juniper berries
Heart Notes: Fig leaf and orris root
Base Notes: Maple, amber, and vanilla bean

Weeping Rose is a fragrance whose heart needs a gentle uplift with a cloud of sweet rose harmony and a poetic sunset. Originally created to comfort a friend experiencing heartbreak. A multidimensional unique, tender mood setter. Perfect for a pick me up – and put a smile on someone.

30ml at $150   |   Country: Australia
Where to buy: Trove at Starhill KL, Malaysia

Mood: warm cuddles, peaceful walks during sunset, Sunday picnic, welcoming a new chapter.
Accords: rosy, fruity, floral, tea, amber
Concentration: up to 28% concentrate

Featuring tea extracts distilled in-house from whole flower buds. The process requires delicate control of extraction conditions and cycles in a Soxhlet apparatus to collect an aromatic absolute – rarely found in mainstream perfume.

At Chasing Scents:
The perfumes are inspired by a personal interpretation of conversations and bonding over tea with loved ones. Modern in composition, yet rich in cultural roots; all formulas are developed in-house and made in small batches using a variety of self-distilled teas, finest natural extracts, aroma compounds and resins. Making use of both naturals and syntheses in their creations – chemistry and nature combined.

Our Founders:
Sandy grew up in Sydney, Australia; where she grew curious of her mother’s miniature perfume collection from Hong Kong. Today, she is a scientist with a PhD in Chemistry and research focus in nanoparticles. It was during her candidature she experimented with scents out of hours and discovered the scientific mystery of perfumes with her partner. As avid tea and coffee drinkers, our founders thought what better way to enjoy their scents than perfume?

Our Niche:
In reality, most mainstream tea perfumes have a very different representation of what tea aroma is. Real tea extracts distilled in-house are used to enhance the aroma of Chasing Scents perfumes. Tinctures and soxhlet extraction of dried whole flower buds and loose tea leaves are performed over multiple cycles under strict conditions to obtain an aromatic concentrate.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian - À la Rose

For a few years now, there has been no other brand that has been able to surpass MFK in terms of being my favorite. It has held a special place in my heart, with no competition even coming close.

Before discovering Chasing Scents, it was difficult to find a rose-scented perfume that truly captured the essence of the flower. However, there was one fragrance that came remarkably close. Its gentle rose aroma was like a soft breeze with a silk cloth brushing over my skin as it waves in the air. 

My preferred option is the l’eau À la Rose version, but I also appreciate the l’Homme À la Rose option as one of my favorite men’s fragrances. To me, it evokes the image of a graceful European dancer with ginger hair and a subtle masculine touch.

Notes: Musks, Sweet pea, Centifolia Rose, Damascena Rose, Violet

Àla rose eau de parfum is a tribute to femininity, a declaration of love translated into a fragrance. A light and sensual fragrance showcasing two exceptional roses: Damascena rose from Bulgaria and Centifolia rose from Grasse. They build on one another to bring you a musky floral perfume which is in turn subtle and exuberant. There are two hundred and fifty freshly bloomed and perfect roses from Grasse in every bottle of this eau de parfum. They play a floral backdrop to soft and sensual honey accents while an essence of one hundred and fifty Damascena roses from Bulgaria add to the top notes with their pear and lychee timbre. À la rose Maison Francis Kurkdjian eau de parfum boldly combines the elegance of radiant femininity with whimsical carefree style.

35ml (RM 660), 70ml (RM1090), and 200ml (RM2200)   |   Country: France
Variety: EDP and EDT
Available in: Regular,  l’Homme (Woody) and l’eau (Fruity)

Where to buy:

  • Maison Francis Kurkdjian Boutique at Pavilion KL, Malaysia
  • Ken’s Apothecary Malaysia (Major Malls in KL, M’sia)
  • Escentials Malaysia (Suria KLCC in KL, M’sia)

Our Story:
Maison Francis Kurkdjian was born in 2009 from the encounter between Francis Kurkdjian, a renowned perfumer with scores of successful creations to his name, and Marc Chaya, Co-founder and President of the fragrance house.

Together, they fulfilled their desire for a sensual, generous and multi-faceted landscape of olfactory free expression, creating a new emblem of French know-how and lifestyle.

Our Philosophy:
The Maison Francis Kurkdjian collection is worn as a fragrance wardrobe, with myriad of facets of emotions. Designed in the tradition of luxury French perfumery, it advocates nevertheless a contemporary vision of the art of creating and wearing perfume.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s unique personality is fostered by the creative power of a man who has a taste for precision. Recognized as one of the world’s most celebrated perfumers, Francis Kurkdjian imagined a fragrance territory of a free, sensual and delicate perfectionism.

The Maison is guided by enchanting yet precise codes: purity, sophistication, timelessness and the boldness of a classicism reinvented. Exceptional know-how come together and echo off each other. They are continually writing a number of sensory adventures, in which perfume is, naturally, the hero.

Notable Rose Scents

They smell like roses, but with some unique twists.


It features Rose Oxide. Generally speaking, it’s mostly Geranium and Roses with tiny bits of muskiness. It can be a little bit overwhelming.

Notes: Mint, Aldéhyde C12 MNA, Rose Oxide, Infusion of Rose, Geranium, Indonesian Patchouli, Oakmoss, Cedar

Extrait de Parfum at 33% Concentration

It’s mostly floral but it has some fruitiness and hints of woodiness. It’s a fresh and bright scent. Apart from the rose scent, it’s generally overtaken by magnolia and peach. The sweetness is between floral and peach. 

Top Note: Italian Bergamot Oil, Egyptian Cumin Oil, Fresh Cyclamen
Middle Note: Magnolia, Orange blossom, Metallic Rose, Peach
Base Note: Indian Papyrus Wood Oil, Indonesian Patchouli brut Oil, Virginian Cedarwood Oil, Cashmere Wood

Extrait de Parfum at 20% Concentration

Rose and Amber Wood was very obvious at first. After awhile, the other scents starts to fight for attention, such as apple, peony and vanilla. Hints of oud and white musk can be noticed but it’s generally floral. 

Notes: Rhubarb, Apple, White Musk, Rose, Peony, Plum, Guaiac, Cashmeran, Oud, Vanilla, Amber Wood

Extrait de Parfum at 25% Concentration

Where to buy: Trove at Starhill KL

This Marchal Dessins et Créations Indépendantes perfume has a thick scent of rose petals from Morrocan roses and Turkey roses. The other ingredients are subtle but it really is full of rose scents.

Head notes: Litchi, peony, Hawthorne
Heart notes: Moroccan roses, rose from Turkey, violet
Base notes: Cedar, musk, vetiver

Where to buy: Trove at Starhill KL

The perfume is full of floral scents, specifically jasmine and rose. The bergamot and lemon complement the floral scents but it’s not very significant. Can’t really smell the woodiness or muskiness though.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Green Notes & Lemon
Heart Notes: Apricot, Jasmine, Peach & White Flowers
Base Notes: Ambergris, Cedarwood & Musk

Where to buy: CREED at Pavilion KL

The addition of lemon and honeycomb made this perfume smells more like geranium instead of red roses.

Top Note: Lemon
Heart Note: Red Roses Accord
Base Note: Honeycomb

You can say that this is basically Rose Water but the initially rush of vanilla made me headache and nauseous. Ugh.

Top Note: Rose Water
Heart Note: Rose Turkish Delight
Base Note: Vanilla

This perfume is supposed to be musky or woody but it’s generally floral for me. The rose scent overpowers the Basil Grant Vert note and White Musk note.

Top Note: Basil Grand Vert
Heart Note: Rose
Base Note: White Musk

Where to buy: Jo Malone outlets. Sephora does not have all the collections but you can try browsing.

The rose and jasmine in this perfume evenly complement each other. It has sweetness from the peach and a little woodiness too. It’s funny, I almost thought that it’s actually fruity instead, possibly due to the peach accord in it.

Top Notes: Green leaves accord, Freesia accord
Middle Notes: Sambac Jasmine absolute, Grandiflorum Jasmine absolute,  Rose from Grasse absolute, Tuberose absolute
Base Notes: Peach accord, Cedarwood essence, Oakmoss accord

Where to buy: Sephora outlets and Maison Margiela boutique at Pavilion KL

Notes: Rose damascena, Rose centifolia, Litchi accord
Olfactory Accident: Ambroxan

Where to buy: Le Labo outlet at KLCC, KL

Notes: Roses Damascena & Centifolia, Chamomile, Litchi
Olfactory Accident: Artichoke

The litchi is also very strong and in chamomile in EDP would be complimenting it too but the rose scents are way more prominent.

Where to buy: Le Labo outlet at KLCC, KL

There’s more floral in it before the musk and cedar. 

Top notes: Pear, Blackcurrant, Strawberry
Heart notes: Rose of Turkey, Sambac Jasmine, Lorenox
Base notes: Musk, Cedar, Amber

Where to buy: Amaris at KLCC, KL

It’s generally floral, IMO. Surrounded by different versions of roses, not have to fear the thorns as they’re so nice when they caress me softly. Musk isn’t very strong, it’s not really noticeable but it helps to give it a nice base.

Top Notes: Lemon, Nutmeg, Geranium
Middle Notes: Rose of Taif Essence
Base Notes: Rosa Damascena Absolute, Rose Musk

Where to buy: Amaris at KLCC, KL

I put this here because the floral and sweet scents is quite overwhelming even though the spicy and woody scents are screaming to be noticed. It’s quite a heavy scent but not too overpowering. 

Top Notes: Pink Pepper, Saffron and Dates
Middle Notes: Rose accord, Freesia, Orange Flower Absolute and Jasmine
Base Notes: Ugandan Vanilla Absolute, Broom and Amber

Where to buy: Amaris at KLCC, KL


This perfume is pretty edgy but feminine. It features Turkish Rose Absolute Orpur and has a very strong scent of spiciness with Black Pepper and woodiness.

Top notes: Bitter Orange, Ginger, Black Pepper
Heart notes: Turkish Rose Absolute Orpur®, Jasmine, Heliotrope
Base notes: Tonka Beans Absolute, Benzoin Orpur®, Patchouli Orpur®

Where to buy: Trove at Starhill KL

The spice scents in this perfume are difficult to be ignored like the presence of a powerful yet feminine queen. This perfume features the May Rose and is given a nice combination of woodiness and muskiness as a base support scent to further make this perfume suit powerful but elegant women.

Top Note: Pink Pepper, Elemi
Heart Note: May Rose
Base Note: Sandalwood, Vanilla, Hot Spices, White Musk, Cumin, Cinnamon

Where to buy: Trove at Starhill KL

The overall scents are strong but the spiciness and woodiness smells more prominent. It’s a very sophisticating type of smell. 

Top notes: cucumber, pink pepper, violet leaf
Middle notes: ozone, rose
Base notes: ambrox, cedar, musk, sandalwood

Where to buy: Ken’s Apothecary outlets

It definitely has an obvious spicy scent to it but it’s not overpowering and will settle a bit more florally sweeter. 

Notes: Rose absolute, cumin, vetiver, musks, cedar, agarwood, olibanum, amber, guaiac wood, cistus.

Where to buy: Le Labo outlet at KLCC, KL

The geranium may be peeking it’s head out to get your attention but you cannot deny that the spicy scent is there 

Top Notes: Rose, Geranium
Heart Notes: Palmarosa
Base Notes: Honey, Moss, Patchouli

Where to buy: Amaris at KLCC, KL

This is a very soft spicy perfume. I was struggling to categorize it because the muskiness and woodiness is also pretty soft. Well, that being said, this is a very pretty scent. 

Notes: Ambrette absolute, Rose absolute, Oud oil
Pink pepper, Essence of Rose, Jasmine Sambac, Absolute and Egyptian Jasmine Absolute, Magnolia oil, Cypriol

Where to buy: Amaris at KLCC, KL


This perfume is a lot of things. It’s woody and a little spicy too but I find the fruitiness stronger than the rest, possibly thanks to the apple note which is backed up by the lychee note.

The Rose NeoAbsolute and Jasmin Absolute made it smell more sophisticated while pairing with the woody notes. 

Top note: Lychee, Apple, Cumin
Middle note: Rose NeoAbsolute, Jasmin Absolute, Honey Accord
Base note: Akigalawood©, Patchouli, Musk

Where to buy: Trove at Starhill KL

This fruity perfume has an interesting grape scent embedded with a rose scent. The base notes are there but they are not overpowering.

Top Note: Floral Velvety Bouquet, Frozen Blueberry
Middle Note: Rose, Grape Pearls and Leaves, Coffee Bean
Base Note: Amber Vanilla, White Musk, Kalimantan Oud

Where to buy: Trove at Starhill KL

Musky // Woody (Oud)

The woodiness of this perfume is very bright and burning. The bergamot helps to freshen the overall scent that is contributed by Turkish Rose Absolute and Geranium Burbon HE. 

Top notes: Bergamot HE, Cardamom Pure Jungle Essence™, Saffron
Heart notes: Turkish Rose Absolute, Oud HE, Geranium Burbon HE
Base notes: Amber Woods, Patchouli, Suede

Where to buy: Trove at Starhill KL

Personally, I find this softer than Portrait of a Lady. You might prefer this is that one feels too sophisticated and musky.

Top note: Rose
Base notes: Vetiver, patchouli and castoreum

You can smell the rose, then the woodiness, then the blackcurrant.

Top note: Rose
Middle notes: Blackcurrant, raspberry, clove
Base notes: Patchouli, sandalwood, frankincense

The combination of grapefruit and raspberry is identifiable here but I think the musk is way stronger than both the fruits and the flowers. After the muskiness and floral scents, you can tell that there is vanilla scent in there too.

Top notes: grapefruit; violet
Middle notes: rose; iris; raspberry
Base notes: vanilla; white-musk

Where to buy: Ken’s Apothecary outlets.

If you love oud scent a lot but also want some rose notes in it, this is your best choice. The woodiness in this perfume, paired with cinnamon, is pretty strong but it’s also sweet enough at the same time. This is more sophisticating than Rose on Ice.

Top notes: caraway, cardamom, cinnamon, litchi, saffron
Middle notes: rose, saffron
Base notes: cedar, vanilla

Where to buy: Ken’s Apothecary outlets.

I can’t tell if I noted down the name correctly. It could be Velvet Rose & Oud but I specifically remember it as vetiver. Either way, it’s a musky Damascus rose scent. The sales agent didn’t bother to assist so…

Where to buy: Jo Malone outlets. Sephora does not have all the collections but you can try browsing.

It’s intriguing because even though this is a woody scent, it somehow makes me visualize leather instead. It’s not bad, pretty edgy, just not my thing in general. The musk is pretty strong in this even though you can detect the bergamot and floral scents.

Top note: Bergamote, Lavande
Middle note: Patchouli, Rose
Base note: Ambroxan

Where to buy: Amaris KLCC.

This perfume is not strong but I feel that the muskiness is a tad bit stronger than both floral and fruitiness. Apart from the roses, the blackcurrant is pretty obvious.

Top notes: Raspberry, Blackcurrant, Pink Pepper
Heart notes: Taif Rose, Bulgarian Rose, Centifolia Rose, Pink Peony
Base notes: Cedar, Indonesian Patchouli, White Musk

Where to buy: Ken’s Apothecary

This is more muskier than Rose Pompom and you can literally gather the scent as white floral and vanilla. The lily and magnolia is more obvious and is probably complimented by the other flowers.

Top note: Magnolia, Galbanum, Hyacinth
Heart note: Rose, Lily of the Valley, Pear
Base note: Vanilla, Musk

Where to buy: Ken’s Apothecary outlets

I typically do not like musky perfumes but this one is a great combination of floral, honey-sweet, and musky. Musk is stronger than the rest but it’s not overpowering, like, it doesn’t make me feel nauseous.

Top notes: Quince, Rosewater, Carrot Seed, Coriander Seed, Saffron
Heart notes: Moroccan Rose Absolute, Bulgarian Rose Oil, Freesia, Indian Magnolia, Peony, Iris
Base notes: Honey, White Musk, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Benzoin Resin, Tonka Bean

Where to buy: Escentials KLCC

It’s sweeter than Vaara but the vetiver hits strong. I don’t see this as a youthful scent, it’s probably between youthful and sophisticating. 

Top notes: Rose Centifolia
Heart notes: Hazelnut Leaf
Base notes: Vetiver

Where to buy: Escentials KLCC

This one here probably has the muskiest than the previous two. It has a pretty heavy woody scent, something on the sandalwood side.

Top notes: Mandarin
Heart notes: Rose Centifolia
Base notes: Vanilla, wood, musk

Where to buy: Escentials KLCC

It has a musky, woody, and spicy beginning but the floral scent immediately comes next. It does settle in woody and musky scents. There are semi-precious stones in it too!

Top notes: Sicilian bergamot and white pepper
Heart notes: May rose and Sambac Jasmine
Base notes: Cedar wood, musk and amber

Where to buy: Escentials KLCC

It’s certainly musky and woody but the bergamot helps to lighten up the scent by making it smell citrusy-fresher. The spicy scent isn’t strong but you have sense it lingering in between. The May Rose and Sambac Jasmine combination emphasizes on the rose’s sweetness and amplified jasmine’s white floral scent.

Top notes: Sicilian bergamot and white pepper
Heart notes: May rose and Sambac Jasmine
Base notes: Cedar wood, musk and amber

Where to buy: Escentials KLCC, Isetan KLCC, and Parkson Elite Pavilion KL

Although this perfume is generally floral, it’s very hard to ignore the woody and musky scents. I’m surprised to see vanilla in this because usually vanilla makes me nauseous but my nose can accept this.

Top notes: Tangerine, davana
Heart notes: Olibanum, narcissus, pittosporum, dark rose, peony
Base notes: Patchouli, vanilla, oudh, sweet note

Where to buy: Escentials KLCC

This is a very pleasant-smelling perfume with obvious blackcurrant and rose scents. However, I’d like to think that the musk and woody scents are occupying most of the space where this perfume has been sprayed.

Top notes: blackcurrant, pink peppercorn
Heart notes: vetiver, rose
Base notes: musk, cocoa, patchouli

Where to buy: Escentials KLCC, Isetan KLCC, and Parkson Elite Pavilion KL

She’s playful. She’s dominant. She knows what she wants. It’s something I’d see someone like Kali Uchis wear. Such a vibe!

Notes: Champagne, Grapefruit, Pear, Incense, Gaiac wood, Vanilla

Where to buy: Amaris at KLCC, KL

Memo Paris really knows how to make perfumes for soft Goddesses. This was supposed to smell leathery and powdery but it’s so gentle, you don’t even feel that it’s overpowering. It’s like a gentle and feminine embrace.

Top Notes: Rose Absolute
Middle Notes: Immortel, Geranium Rose
Base Note: Musk

Where to buy: Amaris at KLCC, KL

While musky the bergamot helps to make it less heavy on the floral but you can definitely catch the scents of other florals from it. It’s a soft musky perfume.

Top notes: Bergamot, Cardamom, Lavender
Heart notes: Rose, Lily of the Valley, Sweet Pea
Base notes: White Cedar:, Patchouli, Musk

Where to buy: Amaris at KLCC, KL

The spiciness is quite minty to the nose but the woodiness takes over nicely with rosebuds and raspberry in the middle.

Top Notes: Pink Pepper, Rosebuds, Raspberry
Middle Notes: Patchouli, Guaiac wood, Brown Sugar Accord
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Oudh, Amber

Where to buy: Amaris at KLCC, KL

The spiciness is quite minty to the nose but the woodiness takes over nicely with rosebuds and raspberry in the middle.

Top Notes: Pink Pepper, Rosebuds, Raspberry
Middle Notes: Patchouli, Guaiac wood, Brown Sugar Accord
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Oudh, Amber

Where to buy: Amaris at KLCC, KL

I’m a bit uncertain if categorizing it as musky is justifiable because it also has a tobacco scent in it but it’s not smoky. It’s mostly musky and the Bulgarian Rose is the only highlight scent from this perfume. Otherwise, it’s very woody. But you’d be surprised that it smells rather floral and feminine as opposed to just being musky. It also gives me a velvet visual? Very fitting with the perfume bottle.

Top notes: Herbal Notes
Heart notes: Spanish Saffron, Cedarwood & Patchouli, Bulgarian Rose
Base notes: Vanilla, Tobacco & Musk

Where to buy: Amaris at KLCC, KL

I always thought that Roja is similar to Amouage where the muskiness is always the main feature of the perfumes. Little did I know, Roja has a quite feminine yet musky rose scent that is rather lighter as compared to their other bestsellers.

The musks are not suffocating, they are rather bearable. The floral scents are able to shine out a bit thanks to some fresh fruity scents from the bergamot, peach, and raspberry. With Ylang Ylang in it, and how it smells, this might be an aphrodisiac. 

Top notes: Bergamot
Heart notes: Lily of the Valley, Geranium, Rose de Mai, Jasmin de Grasse, Ylang Ylang, Heliotrope, Violet, Raspberry, Peach
Base notes: Violet Leaves, Cinnamon, Cedarwood, Casmir Wood, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Orris Sur Cèdre, Orris, Ambrette, Musk

Where to buy: Amaris at KLCC, KL


It surprised me that it came out as a light smokey scent. I thought it would reek of oud and heavy rose scent but it turned out pretty okay. Wouldn’t buy this for my man though…

Notes: Damascena Rose, Rose Absolute from Grasse, and smoked incense

Where to buy: Escentials KLCC, Isetan KLCC, and Parkson Elite Pavilion KL

This is sweeter and a tad bit smokier than Bvlgari’s Garanat. It’s a very feminine scent too. I heard CEO ladies love this but the first sniff of the perfume definitely hit me in the face with how smokey it was.

Top notes: Elemi, Frankincense Hyperabsolute, Black Ink Accord.
Heart notes: Damascus Rose, Frankincense Resinoid, Suederal.
Base notes: Myrrh, Vanilla, Cedarwood, Sandalwood.

Where to buy: Escentials KLCC

There’s Etat Libre d’Orange’s Jasmin & Cigarette, then there’s BDK version of tobacco and rose.

Top notes: Pink Pepper, Plum accord, Lemon
Heart notes: Rose, Cinnamon, Chocolate Accord
Base notes: Tobacco Absolute, Patchouli Oil, Labdanum Resin

Where to buy: Amaris at KLCC, KL


It’s so powdery that I had to open up a new section because otherwise, it wouldn’t categorize this scent correctly. Apart from the sweet powdery, it’s mostly floral and fruity. The woodiness is a nice base. Though the overall combination isn’t what I’d personally go for as it gives me a lot of confusion.

Top Notes: Pink Grapefruit, Pink Pepper, Peach juice accord
Middle Notes: Rose Water, Bulgarian Rose, Petalia
Base Notes: Suede accord, White Cedarwood, Sandalwood

Where to buy: Escentials KLCC, Isetan KLCC, and Parkson Elite Pavilion KL


Aqua Allegoria Rosa Rossa Eau De Toilette was the first Designer perfume that struck me with an almost genuine rose smell but the fruitiness also made it smell pretty sweet. It’s very easily identified as a designer perfume.

Top Notes: Lychee, Blackcurrant
Middle Notes: Rose, Peony
Base Notes: White Musk, Woody Notes

It’s quite a pleasant scent but you can smell the rose and red currant very easily. It’s very sweet and a little strong but it’s acceptable.

Top Note: Red Currant, Bergamot
Middle Note: Rose, Jasmin Sambac
Base Note: Ambroxan, Moss, Tonka Beans

For some reason, I can smell the vanilla mix vetiver a lot. Although the base note is meant to be rose, it’s also covered by litchi and red currant. 

Top Notes: Litchi and Red Currant
Middle Notes: Rose
Base Notes: Vanilla and Vetiver.

The rose scent is obvious but I wonder why it smells a little woody. 

Notes: Blackberry, Cognac, Rose Centifolia, Bulgarian Rose Absolute

Perhaps the most acceptable rose scent out of all the choices here. It’s light and mostly just rose.

Notes: Rose, Dew Drop, Musk

It’s possible that this suits someone of older age. The lily and black current are very noticeable with the musks and ouds lingering in the back.

Top Note: Black currant, Lemon
Middle Note: Rose, Peony, Raspberry, Lily of Valley, Peach
Base Note: White Musk, Honey, Sandalwood, Agarwood, Amberwood

Well, it does smell like Damascus rose but the bergamot somewhat hides it’s citrusy but made the whole smell fruitier in a way. It’s a rather mainstream type of scent, I would say.

Notes: Bergamot Extract, Damascus Rose and Peony, and White Musk

I have never heard of this but it has a fresher Damascus rose smell, possibly thanks to Italian mandarin and bergamot. The geranium and musk isn’t very obvious. 

Notes: Absolute and Essence of Grasse & Damascus Roses, Italian Mandarin, Bergamot, Essence of Geranium, and White Musk.

It’s pretty spicy for some reason. The peony and rose work well together without overpowering each other.

Top Notes: Chinese peony
Middle Notes: Rose
Base Notes: Labdanum, Myrrh

It’s not as spicy as Rose de Chine but it definitely has much more rose scent thanks to the May rose, Bulgarian rose, and Turkish rose. The woodiness blends into the floral scent once it sets in.

Top Note: Sichuan pepper, Turmeric.
Middle Note: May rose, Bulgarian rose, Turkish rose.
Base Note: Patchouli, Tonka bean.

Where to buy: Department stores (Isetan, Parkson) usually carry these brands either by having a booth/boutique or under a combined perfume department. Certain brands have their own boutique inside major city malls in Malaysia as well.

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