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Swatch| Clio Pro Eye Palette 09 Botanic Mauve

When they changed the new packaging, I really fell in love with it. I think it is an upgrade and it definitely looks better on my display compared to the old packaging. Botanic Mauve is a choice for those who want to look freshened up with natural makeup. All of the colors are in matte finishing with both brown tones and pink tones.

CLIO Pro Eye Palette

09 Botanic Mauve

Perhaps the most wonderful thing about this palette is the stamping on it. The transparent acrylic case, the beautiful choices of colors, and the stamping combined made this palette one of the most beautiful palettes I have ever seen. I didn’t want to ruin them but unfortunately, they fade as I swatch them on my arm.

The names of the colors fit the aesthetic too. They sound very lovely and they might even make you feel better when you apply them in the morning, starting your day with colors that has beautiful names.

For the color tones, they definitely fit better with those who have fair skin tones. It’s hard to tell what they will look like on darker skin tones, I’m guessing it might be ashy. Me, I have a neutral-main and warmer-toned skin color, using the right color will help but using the wrong color may make my makeup look dirty.

The swatches are supposed to be from horizontal to vertical, from left to right. However, I got the sorting wrong by flipping it. So, to make it easier for you, the sorting on my hand is as of below:
Scent of Wood, Sweet Talk, You can Stay, Loveship, Best of Me, Orchid Haze, Amber Oud, Lavendula, Ginger Snap, Peace Lily.

Want to see more?

Two more swatches come along with this palette, if you want to take a look, simply click on the buttons below to see the details!

09 Bontanic Mauve11 Autumn Breeze in Seoul Forest

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