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Review | Green Spring w/ OLENS 2024

Springtime in Korea is truly a wonderful season, characterized by the enchanting blooming of cherry blossoms. The landscape transforms into a breathtaking sea of delicate pink petals, creating a magical atmosphere that draws visitors from all corners of the globe. Amidst this picturesque setting, enhancing your vision with the perfect lens option is essential to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of the season. Whether you opt for the natural elegance of Scandi, the romantic charm of ViVi Ring, the captivating allure of Ending, or the unique vibrancy of Nella Ash Olive, each lens choice complements the splendour of the cherry blossoms, allowing you to embrace the essence of springtime with clarity and style.


Olive Green

OLENS is the No.1 premium colour contact lens brand from South Korea with a goal to promote “Beauty & Healthy Eye-styling” value throughout the world. ★ Find Your Best Color Change Lenses – Olive Contact Lenses ★ with OLENS 

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Comes with a free tweezer and an applicator in every order (global site).

The free tweezer and applicator come in a small casing which is pretty good for submersion disinfecting. Not only that, the casing helps a lot during travelling so the tools aren’t missing in the bags or getting contaminated by touching other things.


축축함 Moisture//편안함 Comfortability: PUSCON proved to be quite comfortable for me to wear throughout the day when I had to take photos. Despite experiencing dryness from a lack of sleep, they felt surprisingly comfortable on my eyes. Lately, I’ve been struggling with getting enough rest. However, even after wearing them for hours and removing them, I experienced no discomfort whatsoever. In fact, it almost felt as if they weren’t on my eyes at all!

Scandi Olive
Vivi Ring Olive
Ending Olive
Nella Ash Olive

그래픽 디자인 Graphic Design: This year, we’re proud to unveil a comprehensive selection of olive-coloured contact lenses for comparison. Each hue boasts its own unique beauty, distinguished primarily by the design pattern of the lens.

With the exception of Scandi, the other three designs all showcase varying thickness and definition in their rings. Vivi Ring emerges as a top choice for daily wear, solidifying its position as an Olens best seller. Ending, with its soft blend of green tones, proves to be the ideal companion for romantic outings, earning its status as the best choice for such occasions. Nella, with its vibrant charm reminiscent of the Powerpuff Girls, effortlessly stands out from the crowd. Despite its boldness, Nella remains versatile enough for everyday wear without feeling out of place.

As for Scandi, its enduring popularity speaks volumes. With colour pigments concentrated at the centre, it seamlessly blends with your natural eye colour, making it the go-to option for those seeking a natural green iris look.

I have a genuine affection for all of them, and I can envision myself wearing Ending and Vivi Ring more frequently. Nella pleasantly surprised me when I first tried it some time ago. The enduring presence of Scandi indicates its enduring popularity in comparison to the newer designs.


Scandi Olive
Vivi Ring Olive
Ending Olive
Nella Ash Olive

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