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Review | Bestselling Rom&nd Lippies & Heimish Cleansing with Luna Beauty

The content in this blog post is based on authentic and genuine personal experience and it is written with full honesty while the products were sent by “Luna Beauty”. As usual, all of my reviews, verdicts and opinions are truthful and will not be influenced by the sponsors/collaborators.


Created in collaboration with celebrity makeup artist and YouTube star Saerom Min, better known as Gaeko, Rom&nd has exploded on the beauty scene with its stunning visuals, lust-worthy colours, and perfectly curated products.

During my previous S.Korea trip, I learned about this brand and instantly fell in love with its aesthetics and quality. They are widely loved by many people and you can find them in many drugstores in S.Korea.  Coincidentally, one of the Rom&nd products that I bought in S.Korea, Zero Gram Matte Lipstick in All that Jazz, is also being given to me for this blog post and there’s a change in the packaging. 

Zero Gram Matte

All that Jazz | 20 Colours

The chic-est lipstick that you can carry everywhere and anytime you want. The lipstick is as light as a feather and it glides onto your lips as soft as a butter without any flaking, drying, or caking. The gorgeous colour options instantly give you a chic, runway-worthy look.

This lovely lipstick does have a lot of really amazing colours that are very subtly yet MLBB (my-lips-but-better).  When I first saw it in S.Korea during my 2019 trip, I was having trouble with choosing a colour out of so many options because they all looked so good! I had a budget back then, so I couldn’t buy more. They have a brand new look for this lipstick and it looks really good. 

The new packaging has a frosty finish and it is slightly longer than the older packaging. It looks way better in terms of aesthetics and I really enjoy looking at it. The packaging also has another peach colour version depending on the colours that you have purchased.

There is an imprint of the & symbol on the tip of the lipstick and if I am not mistaken, it is different from the previous packaging. It’s so pretty, I felt so bad for using it!

The lipstick has a matte finishing (obviously; as stated in the name) yet it does not feel drying at all. I’ve been using this lipstick since May 2019 and they never cracked my lips at all. It’s decently creamy and does have a really good buildable property. Since it is a matte cream lipstick, the staining properties would naturally be lower, this makes it great for people who can’t use a lot of makeup such as pregnant ladies.

The colours are really undeniably attractive and if you’d like to check out all of the options, you can head to Luna Beauty via the button below to check them out. It is being sold around RM30 and this is possibly the cheapest you can find. They are 100% authentic, no worries.

Zero Velvet Tint

No 16 Bunny Nude | 17 Colours

A lighter knit lip with soft matte texture without any stickiness. It blends really well and creates a seamless blurry and/or smudged effect.

This lip tint is very similar to Zero Gram Matte except it has creamier/cotton-fluffier texture. They have 17 colours for this lip tint range and the colour that I have is one of the latest colours. It has a soft muted warm-pink tone to it.

The packaging has some frosty finishing to it. It has a solid cream-white cap with a fluffy cotton wand attached to it. The bottle is slightly wider than most lippie bottles but it is still compact and easy to bring around.

The texture is super creamy but once it settles on the lips, it feels very lightweight. It does not have that sticky or creamy feeling like the Innisfree Vivid Cloud Tint. The Rom&nd Zero Velvet Tint is far more comfortable to wear as compared to many cream lip tints out there. 

I love this colour, it has a warm tone to it but not too red or too pink. It is somewhat muted but it fits really nicely on my lips. It also compliments my lip and skin colour as well. So far, I do not have any issues with it. There wasn’t any cracking or flaking, which is amazing! The staining property of this lip tint is not very strong but still stains a little.

If you’d like to check out all of the options, you can head to Luna Beauty via the button below to check them out. It is being sold around RM30 and this is possibly the cheapest you can find. They are 100% authentic, no worries.

Juicy Lasting Tint

Eat Dotori | 17 Colours

Create gorgeous and glossy lips with just one touch without any oiliness. The Juicy Lasting Tint range comes with various shades of vivid fruity colours that has high colour payoff for long-lasting sharp lip expressing.

The first impression that I have with Juicy Lasting Tint is that it has a watery/runny texture, a very strong colour and would look oxidized like the cheaper Etude House lip tints. My impression of it has changed when I tried this lippie. 

The Juicy Lasting Tint has 17 colours in total and they are inspired by fruits. I’ve picked Eat Dotori because it has the most attractive colour that I’ve seen from a lip tint. The packaging is fully covered with a solid colour and it has a shiny finish to it. It has about the same size as any of the Rom&nd lip tints. They used a cotton tip for the wand as well.

The lip tint has a cloudy-looking appearance before you spread it properly onto the lips. The colour settles really well on the lips and it does not look chalky at all. It also has a buildable property which allows you to choose the deepness of the colour as you like. It does not dry out the lips or creates any flakiness. The staining property of this lip tint is very strong. It does have some glossiness to it but this is not as strong as the next item that we’ll be seeing below: Glasting Water Tint. 

All of the colours available are very vivid. If you’d like to check out all of the options, you can head to Luna Beauty via the button below to check them out. It is being sold around RM30 and this is possibly the cheapest you can find. They are 100% authentic, no worries.

Glasting Water Tint

Vintage Ocean & Rose Stream | 8 Colours

A shiny and transparent glass-textured glossy water lip tint. It shines a luminous and transparent film lustre on the lips. It has a layer of water tint that is more transparent and separates from the tint colour. The tint feels moisture on the lips without stickiness.

I love, love, love this lip range. It is a very new discovery to me, despite existing for a while already. I love that it creates such a beautiful watery sheen on the lips that looks so effortless. The colours in this range are so mesmerizing. I actually went ahead and bought extra sets because I couldn’t get the colours off my head. They are too pretty!

Luna Beauty was very kind to gift me another Glasting Water Tint when I asked to swap it with the Zero Gram Matte lippie (because I already have it), and that I told them the colours were too pretty that I couldn’t choose. It was a very delightful surprise when I opened the parcel to see 2 lippies for me!

The packaging has a similar body to the Juicy Lasting Tint but it has a transparent cap that distinguishes it from the other liptints. It has the same cotton wand as well.

Here is a useful tip on how to actually use this lip tint. You apply around 2-3 layers on your lips and leave it there for about 2-3mins. It will switch from a thin layer of tint into a shiny, and watery gloss. 

The gloss is very beautiful. It is not the same as other lip glosses.

It does not have the sticky and heavy sensation that makes wearing lip glosses a chore. It does not grab onto your hair when the wind blows, although there may still be a strand or two. The glossiness does not leak off your face like Colourpop’s juicy lip glosses. 

It is essentially beautiful. As if Rom&nd managed to capture the essence of reflection from clear water stream and put it into a lip tint bottle. The formula is absolutely eye-opening and the outcome of the lip tint is absolutely gorgeous. 

I bought about 4-5 more lippies from this range and I can’t wait to show you the colours! I’ve already tested out the colours and they sure are cute! For now, let’s enjoy the sight of these beautiful colours.

I am in love with all of the colours and I had actually purchased another set from Luna Beauty because I couldn’t get them off my mind, which I will be writing a review on them soon.

If you’d like to check out all of the options, you can head to Luna Beauty via the button below to check them out. It is being sold around RM30 and this is possibly the cheapest you can find. They are 100% authentic, no worries.

Swatches and Comparisons

I know you will be wondering what the colours and/texture would look like when being put together. Here are some compilations of the lippies that may help you to solve your curiousity.

Here’s a closer look into the texture. Juicy Lasting Tint and Glasting Water Tint looks similar but the latter has higher glossiness.

How to check authenticity

It is easy to check the authenticity of Rom&nd products. All you need to do is to check for the two following items. You need to have two of them together in order to count it as authentic.

Find the Date of Use Sticker

All of Rom&nd products should come with this sticker. I even found it in a new contour powder that I recently just bought.

Find the Hidden Tag app

All of the Rom&nd products will always have a Hidden Tag sticker that helps to identify if the product is genuine or not. 

All you need to do is to download the app into your smartphone and use it to scan the sticker. I’ve attached real-life screenshots for you to have a look. The pages should look straightforward enough.

Cleansing with Heimish

Heimish is also joining us in this blog post and they are excited to show you that removing these products is also very easy by using their All Clean Balm and Green Tea Cleanser! 

I’m sure you’ve heard of their All Clean Balm from my previous blog posts before. They truly work wonders with cleaning off stubborn makeup! Also, a little goes a long way. For me, it can last around 6 months (more or less) and I wear makeup almost on a daily basis. 

Their product packaging is obvious a huge win and deal-breaker when comparing to other brands. It provides a whole new level of convenience when using the products. We don’t have to twist and turn the caps and carefully peel off/put back the second secure lid when using the cleansing balm(whether with two hands or one; sometimes even with just the thumb, index and middle finger). If you’re a frequent cleansing balm user, it’s either you forgot to cover your cleansing balm back with the lid or you simply just give up doing so. With Heimish’s new design, it’s less likely for tragedy to happen. 

Their All Clean Green Foam cleanser (150ml) is also very soothing to use. It does not have that traditionally drying type of feeling and smell heavily like green tea. It is quite mild and makes my skin feel supple after washing.

The texture is like gel-type and it creates a thin yet sufficient amount of foam that overs well on the entire face with just a pea-size amount of cleanser. It has a mild and pleasant smell as well. I believe that it can be used on skin that is sensitive (but not sure about those with super sensitive skin).  It does not trigger my eczema at all and it feels refreshing after using it.

I always have hassle-free experiences with Heimish products, especially their All Clean Balm, and while people still prefer Banila for some reasons, I highly recommend you to try this out. The Green Tea Foam is very simple yet effective to clean off any residue on the skin. While it may be tough to wash away super-staining products, it actually helps to wash off a large majority of makeup from my skin. 

by Luna Beauty

I personally interacted with the shop owner as one of her buyers and she is a very lovely and attentive lady. She helped me with my order when I had a minor issue and she handled it pretty well. This is one of the stores that I’d highly recommend to visit because they have so many authentic Korean products that are priced at a very affordable price tag. Not only that, the prices do get discounted when there are sales!

Luna Beauty is famous for their Rom&and products but they also have Unleashia, Heimish, COSRX, Dasique, Etude, Goodal, Innisfree, Klavuu, Moonshot, W.Dressroom and a whole lot more! The list goes on and on so go ahead and check out her Shopee page. Free deliveries do apply for orders at RM15 or above! (or any lower amount due to Shopee sale seasons). 

Links to all the products mentioned in this blog post:

All of the items are priced between RM28-RM48, depending on sales.

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