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Review| Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson Conspiracy Palette

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaas! Your girl got herself a CONSPIRACY PALETTE. It wasn’t easy to get it. I was already waiting at the site by 9:58am PST (11:58pm Malaysia time) on the launching day and the website crashed even by then. Then, I’ve lined up for 2 hours and got kicked out [twice]. After that, I tried it again [twice] but when I get to the check out point, I couldn’t order the bundle and the remaining item in my cart was a single Conspiracy Palettes that was for my friend.

Luckily, I used my phone to queue up as well. So I get to order 2 palettes but separately, which means I have to pay for $10 shipping fee twice side from the $52 for each palette. Around 3pm PST (5am Malaysia Time), the majority of the items were already sold out. The palettes and mirrors were definitely gone. I went to sleep and woke up to see an Instagram post from JSC that the whole collection has been sold out!

Honestly, I should have ordered from MORPHE AU site when I could but my dumb ass took my time to shop for eyelashes (I’m obsessed). It was sold out by the time I’ve decided to check out. That’s why I had to purchase from the Jeffree Star Cosmetics instead. Shipped them to the Ezbuy warehouse and worried about it from 1st of November until 1st of December. Got my parcel delivered by a very nice Ninja Van rider and I quickly opened it to see if there are any broken pieces. There are no defects! *sigh of relief* It’s great to know that my approximately RM300 (palette + shipping + delivery + exchange rate) was not thrown into the sea for nothing. It was a bet to use Ezbuy for the shipment though. Alright, now that we have the palette, let’s take a closer look into it.


The casing felt a little bit underwhelming for me because it felt a lot more like cardboard instead of thick plastic but then again, the product itself has a heavyweight to it. The silver embed is not a metal material too but I love the tiny JSC logo that was located at the top of of the triangle. This whole product isn’t as shiny as it seems to be from what we see on the internet but you can still tell that they care about the details of it. 


At the back of the palette case, you will see some labelling and other information such as country origin, net weight, social media and website, etc. You will also see that this item can be used within 12 months since opening it and that the item(s) from this product can be recycled. Below are the descriptions and disclaimer that you can find from the website which helps describe the label better:

“Our Conspiracy Palette is serving you the combined worlds and minds of Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson. Featuring 18 shades of our iconic eye shadow formulas – matte, metallic, and foil!” VEGAN. CRUELTY-FREE.

ATTN: Shades “Cheese Dust”, “Sleep Paralysis”, “Food Videos”, “My Pills”, “Trisha”, “Not A Fact”, “Flaming Hot”, and “Pig-ment” are not intended for use around the immediate eye area.


The mirror is already pretty clear/sharp enough even with the protective layer still remaining on it. On the sides of the mirror, you will see Jeffree Star’s logo as well as Shane Dawson’s logo. Another small little detail that I find brilliant because usually, brands would just leave this part empty, stick the mirror onto it and call it a day. 


The clasps are quite sturdy and it does not feel like one of those shakey ones. I would say that this plays a part in making the whole product feel luxurious and expensive. It closes pretty well and quick. I didn’t need to adjust it too. Just need to tap it up/down and it will go to the opposite direction pretty smoothly. 


A lot of people would find that the colour shades are very different from the majority of the eyeshadow palettes out there. The colour story is hard to understand and most can’t even fathom themselves using bold colours or shimmers. I get it. Most people might only use My Pills, Tanacon, Diet Root Beer, Spiraling and Sleep Paralysis in their daily lives and would just call it a day like that. Perhaps if they are feeling bold, they would also only use Conspiracy, Pig-ment, What’s The Tea, Not a Fact, Illuminatea and My Ride’s Here. I’m really just pushing it to be honest. In the end, it would make about 11 shadows being used, leave 7 more shades that may be too bold for the vast majority of makeup users (not makeup gurus).


These colours are really pigmented. They are now the benchmark for me to find another pigmented eyeshadow palette. They are basically the game-changer for me when it comes to choosing a new eyeshadow palette. Some of the shadows are purely powder-textured but you will also find some shadows to be a little bit creamier. These shadows do have some fallouts when you try to pick them up with a brush but from mixed reviews, they are either falling at the same amount as Tati’s palette or lesser. 


This may not be the best palette made by one of the best cosmetics brands in the industry but the whole palette feels really good to be a collector’s items. The colours may be harder to mix and match but you can definitely use certain colours on certain occasions whilst combining with colours from other palettes. 

There are good and bad to these products but one thing that we cannot take away from it is the colour pigment, the packaging quality and the satisfaction of having it. No FOMO though. The feeling of satisfaction is definitely there but a better colour story will definitely make us all feel better. We also need to understand that whilst products are meant to satisfy customers, we should also take into consideration that the product itself can be the creator’s need for expression, in this case, it would be Shane’s story for his career and his daily life.

Quite honestly, I do struggle with using just one palette to create looks (I’ve only managed 3 combinations so far). I haven’t tried to mix around with other palettes but I do look forward to that. It’s definitely not a one-for-all palette or beginner’s palette so I do not recommend anyone who’s fairly new to makeup to purchase this (or any Jeffree Star Cosmetic palettes actually because they tend to be very artistry level). If you are into collecting products, you can collect one as your showcasing items. After all, it is one of the most unique products made during the decade. Anyway, the following combinations are the ones that I’ve managed:

Daily Comfort

Base: My Pills | Transition: Tanacon | Outer: Diet Root Beer

Pink Lemonade

Base: Food Videos | Transition: Cheese Dust| Outer: Pig-ment

Night Fun

Base: Sleep Paralysis | Inner: Not a Fact

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  1. loveee the closeup swatches!! Also, the one palette struggles is real hahahahaha!

    1. The struggle is super real T-T Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment <3

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