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Review | Neogen Real Ferment Micro Essence, Real Vita C Serum, Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Lemon, Real Fresh Foam Blueberry

Welcome, curious reader. I’m sure you are here to learn more about the products and relevant reviews from NEOGEN. As a disclaimer, these products are sent in PR parcel for honest reviews. Like the usual, all of my blog posts starts with brand & product introduction before I delve into my truthful opinions & verdicts. All reviews are made to be honest and genuine, which is what this website stands for. 


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NEOGEN Dermalogy is a novel concept skin care brand that draws on the neo-nature scale. That is, it focuses on the relationship between humans and nature to apply the 6 key techniques necessary to produce products that are more eco-friendly and functional.

Real Ferment Micro Essence

150 ml /5.07 fl oz

Dermalogy Real Vita C Serum

32g / 1.13oz | RM 158 (Now RM 105)

Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Lemon

6.76 oz / 200 ml (30pcs) | RM 105 (Now RM 64))

Dermalogy Real Fresh Foam Cleanser Blueberry

5.6 OZ / 160g | RM 85 (Now RM 55)


My Skin Conditions

My skin had been haunted by eczema ever since I had been chemically burnt my hair removing cream about 5+ years ago. There hasn’t been a day where my skin is fully calmed and unproblematic. Quite coincidentally, by the time I received these products, my neck was just flaring up. This is a couple days after using the toner. As you can see, the dark spots around my neck are as though someone was cupping the sides of my neck. The best way to describe the texture would be tree barks but make it subtle and soft yet visible and irritating. These irritations go from left, behind and right side of the neck while stretching from the base of my hairline towards slightly above my collar bone. The trouble area is indeed big and they tend to be very sensitive so I was a little bit worried when I tried the citrus/vitamin C products but my curiosity also demands an answer as to whether these products from Neogen would sting me. Guess I’m also doing the public a service for trying it.

The Microessence

This product is said to be the dupe for SKII and a key step for honey glow skin, which I do discover the reasons after using it for 2 weeks. 

I’ve searched for the ingredient analysis of this product and this is what I found:
It has anti-acne properties thank to the Niacinamide found in the product, which is a clinically proven anti-ageing, skin lightening, anti-inflammatory and skin barrier repairing ingredient. There are 13 ingredients that are skin-identical and 13 ingredients that are moisturizing.

Majority of the ingredients are actually rated as Good – Superstar by the Incidecoder, which is a good sign that this product has a combination of good ingredients.

Personally, I think that this product is rather interesting with the usage of fermented ingredients yet it does not smell like a fermented product. The smell is rather light and pleasant, even without fragrance. It is also alcohol-free which can be felt on the skin and by smell.

While using the essence, I felt that my skin became more and more supple. It began to look more transparent but glowing and healthy-looking. The texture itself is light and its absorption rate is rather high. It is calming but I wouldn’t say that it calms my skin right on the spot. I would agree that it is great for long term use. Maybe my skin would look really good after using up the entire bottle. It’s a big possibility that I’m excited to find out.

The Vitamin C Serum

When I first opened it, the suction tube was rather satisfying to look at. It was entirely empty, which was not what I expected. The smell is rather strong but I find it bearable. Some people find it too much for them. If your nose is sensitive, try learning to hold your breath while putting on anything towards your skin. That’s what I always do, which makes it a great skill in daily life. 

The serum is thick (since it’s potent) and at first, I put half a tube of serum onto my face. It had a little stinging but it’s lesser pain than an ants bite. It’s almost like you’re deliberately poking your skin with a micro-needle but being very conscious and careful about it. My neck felt a little hot but that was it. Later on, I realized that I was supposed to only put 2-3 drops. Once I’ve tried, I noticed the difference in feeling. A very bearable tingling feeling and does not cause any irritations after it has been absorbed. It was very pleasant and I no longer felt the pre-traumatic feeling I used to have whenever I use this serum. 

It boosts the micro essence’s effect to brighten my skin and make it supple. I would recommend using this while the skin is still a little damp after using the micro essence. It helps to spread easier.

The Gauze Pads

As it was for product reviewing, I was only sent 8 pcs to try. Same with the vitamin C serum, I had some concerns before putting it onto my skin because it has high lemon extract (4th in ingredients list) and many other acids. It also has a little fragrance in it. Not only that, I was also worry that the gauze may be too rough for my skin.

Well, it turned a 180 on me. Not only that my skin was absolutely okay with it, the gauze was also super soft to the point where I thought I need to rub my skin superbly rough to get the dead skin off. Don’t get me wrong, the gauze is working. I just happened to exfoliate a few days ago so the amount of dead skin cells were lower than expected. 

If you looked closer to the photos below, you can see that the gauze caught some dead skin on it while the embossed cotton pad was great at rubbing dirt and remaining impurities off my face. 

The liquid was overflowing through the cotton (that’s how generous they are with the product) and touched other parts of my eczema spots at the back of my hand but did not cause any irritations as well. I am so, so glad that I didn’t have to rush the entire process or have to stress about how fast I can wash it off. 

The whole process was very eczema skin-friendly for me and I’d love to try the other varieties as well.

The Blueberry Foam Cleanser

Real blueberries? I would’ve never thought! They actually exist in the bottom of the bottle and has a filer to block it, just in case the berry got stuck into the pump. 

When I first pump it, I noticed how lathery it is. It’s quite thick and I learned that you have to quickly apply it to the skin before it gets drier. One thing that I agree with other reviewers is that, in the middle of rinsing, you will feel a soapy layer that felt like someone put a plastic wrap around your skin but that was just a very brief moment. You still can rinse it off easily and quickly. I don’t find it troubling at all.

The cleanser is foamy – something that an eczema-prone skin user would avoid. However, I’ve learned to think that not all foamy cleansers are bad for eczema skin and this is one of them. My skin didn’t feel very tight after using it. It is a little dryer than what I would prefer but it’s just a tiny bit dryer, very subtle and can easily solve with moisturizers.

There’s a big red flag for me though: my friend warned me that it leaks everywhere during her trip overseas and I couldn’t figure out how. Then, it happened at the least expected moment where I had just removed the plastic wrapper off the cleanser, placed it onto my faux fur rug and thought everything was okay. I only noticed the leak after attempting to remove the bottom from the rug. The culprit? It was the easily unscrewed cap. (If you are curious, no it does not stain at all.)

Overall, a really good (or decent) foam cleanser with real juice and real fruits in it but need to be super cautious when travelling. I’d sit it upright no matter where I go.


I think the Real Ferment Micro Essence and the Real Vita C Serum are really great products that you can dive into and try. I believe that the Micro Essence is a very safe product for everyone to try but do avoid it if you have fungal acne as I heard that it may cause more problems. The Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling pads are rather good investment if you tend to have a lot of dead skin. The foam cleanser is a good testing object to find a cleanser that suits you the best.

If you want to give it a try, you can purchase directly from Marshear Shopee page (no affiliations) by clicking the link below:

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