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Review| COSNORI – All Eyes On You Set

The content in this blog post is based on authentic and genuine personal experience and it is written with full honesty. The items mentioned in this blog post are sponsored and this review is not monetarily compensated. As usual, all of my reviews, verdicts and opinions are truthful and will not be influenced by the sponsors/collaborators.

This blog post will start with a product and brand introduction with a first-look review, then it will end with the final verdict.


COSNORI = Cosmetic & Original

Since its establishment in 2001, we create the best quality based on 20 years of beauty know-how. As a total beauty brand, we want to introduce differentiated products to everyone who dreams of beauty with new standards and definitions unique to COSNORI.

Based on the beauty that is the inspiration and identity of Cosnori, it goes beyond Korea and abroad. China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Tunisia, New Zealand, USA, Chile, Peru Starting with 17 countries, we are expanding our global scope.

Best known for:

  •  No.1 Tone-Up Cream in Olive Young, Naver, and Coupang
    The Whitening Dress Tone-Up Cream has proven its quality in many rankings as well as Hwahae Award and Get it Beauty (Non-sponsored)
  • No.1 Eyelash Serum in Olive Young, Naver, and Coupang
    The easy and convenient eyelash serum sells out real fast in Korea and earned itself a No. 1 Hwahae Award.

* Hwahae – No.1 Mobile Beauty App following 6 years with
** Coupang – Largest E-Commerce No.1 Brand Reputation in Korea
*** Naver – No.1 Searching Portal in Korea; Korea’s Standard Searching Engine 

Long Active Eyelash Serum


The wand with the ball tip is absolutely a smart idea! It is a clear sign that they know what users really want. The size of the product allows users to grasps really well and the size of the brush is friendly to my eye shape.

According to, the ingredients are between “Generally Safe” and “Acceptable”. The content has almost no smell, even if there is, it smells like aloe vera, possibly due to the Centella Asiatica Extract (CICA). The texture is runny but with a subtle tackiness like aloe vera. 

When applying to the eyes, do try to avoid the eyeball as this serum is tested for low-irritation but not zero-irritation. When a little bit of it touches my eyes, it felt a little bit warm but not stinging. It also can feel a little bit tacky around the eyes, almost like you’ve just woken up. It doesn’t create eye booger tho, so that’s really great. 

Perfect Setting Waterproof Mascara


I can see why this product has such good reviews and hype, it really works wonders! The one I have is for longer lashes and there are some fiber within the mascara which stays on the eyelash really well. It doesn’t make my eyelashes messy or doesn’t look like I’ve shoved black confetti to my eyes. It also last pretty long!

The curved spoolie fits well to my eyes and I had no issues getting into the corners. The mascara is scentless and does not cause any irritation to my eyes. It was easy to apply onto my lashes and I had no issues removing them at all. I used makeup remover balm and they come off in one round, which is great. It lasted for about 10 hours and the “before and after” pictures can be seen at the Verdict Section.

Super Proof Fitting Brush Eyeliner


The size of the pencil fits well in my hands which helps with the grasp and holding. There is no smell and it does not irritate my eyes at all. The tip of the liner is incredibly thin and the content is rich yet balanced on every bit of the brush. 

It was easier to make thin lines using this eyeliner and I didn’t worry about it at all. It doesn’t break off halfway due to lack of ink, which is crucial because every winged liner can be stressful, even more so if the brush isn’t great. So, kudos to COSNORI to make a really well-made liner product. It lasted for about 10 hours and the “before and after” pictures can be seen at the Verdict Section.

Super Proof Fitting Gel Eyeliner


The moment it touches my skin, despite being a fresh and newly out of the packaging, it glides through almost as if it’s melting onto my skin but in a structured line. The pigment was rich and it was very easy to navigate it around the eyes. 

The content looks so much like a brow pencil but it’s a lot softer, albeit it is hard enough to stay in shape and doesn’t melt easily. However, when you glide it on your skin, the tips immediately soften as it contacts your skin and gives out this beautiful and rich color. Though you shouldn’t twist out more than 2mm and I learned it in a little harder way because it broke off very easily. It lasted for about 10 hours and the “before and after” pictures can be seen at the Verdict Section.

Avocado Eye Cream


The size that I’m holding is a 30ml eye cream featuring avocado. There is no smell to the content and it is on the thicker and creamier side of the spectrum. It will take some time to get absorbed into the eyes. Once it does, it doesn’t feel greasy at all!

I think this is great for people whose skin barrier has been affected/thinned out, since creamier yet not clogging/oily products helps a lot to maintain moisture. I also think this is best for winter wear since it doesn’t dry out quicker than gel moisturizers. 


The eyelash serum would work wonders and I truly believe that it would make a difference to your lashes. Of course, everyone has different body states and conditions, give it some time for it to really work its wonders on your lashes. The eye cream is decent but workable for anyone who’s into avocados and needs a new eye cream.

Apart from the skincare-type products, let’s move to the makeup-type products, namely the eyeliners and mascara. I have a swatch video here to demonstrate how pigmented the products are and how they perform with a simple glide:

I have also put them on my eyes and tested the products by going out almost the entire day. For the application, as I am not entirely a “line your waterline” type of person, what I did was that I lined half of the outer-inner side of the lashes and the whole stretch of the waterline with the Gel liner. Pardon my awful waterline-drawing skills because I rarely do it. Then, I lined the outer-outer side of the lashes with the Brush liner. I had also applied mascara to all of the upper lashes. I did all of that around 9am and quickly took some pictures before I leave the house and have a long day ahead. This also includes walking between malls and also under the hot sun.)

When I came back around 7pm, I was expecting to see some panda eyes but to my surprise, that was not the case, almost at all! There may be some transfers of eyeshadow to my undereye bags but generally not caused by either of the liners nor the mascara, which is amazing~ Both the gel and brush liners are still attached to my lids almost like they’re freshly drawn and the mascara had stayed there all day!

(Photo has lighting difference but I tried to color edit them to the same, it is still tough though.)



These can be a little bit tough to remove so make sure you’re using something strong enough like Heimish All Clean makeup remover balm and double cleanse it with an effective yet gentle cleanser like Mary May White Collagen Cleansing Foam. Enough rubbing with the makeup remover balm should help to ease the process by a lot. Both items can be found on StyleKorean as well!

I am always very grateful for surprises like this where great products with wonderful performances are introduced to me. I give this a 10/10 “green light” and a big “go for it” for anyone who needs a new set of eye makeup in hand for the brand new year!

@ Clueless Boyfriends: pssssst, you still have time for Valentine’s Day!

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