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Unwrapping Beauty: Revel in the Splendor of TBP Exclusive Beauty Box Collection!

I recently had the joy of unwrapping a carefully curated assortment of beauty wonders. Come along with me as I divulge the thrill and enchantment of unearthing these extraordinary finds graciously provided by our exceptional beauty sponsors:

1. First Aid Beauty Malaysia: Unveiling Award-Winning Skincare
Upon opening the Beauty Box, I was welcomed by the skincare essentials from @firstaidbeauty Malaysia. Taking the spotlight was their acclaimed Ultra Repair Cream, a bestseller renowned for its transformative impact on sensitive skin. Accompanying it, the gentle Face Cleanser pledged a rejuvenating kickstart to my skincare routine.

2. Strntum: Hydration Magic Crafted by @danxlees
Formulated by our esteemed member @danxlees, Strntum’s lightweight hydrating serum promised a surge of hydration and soothing bliss for all skin types. Eagerly anticipating the incorporation of this gem into my daily regimen, I anticipated a refreshing addition to my skincare routine.

3. Summerset Soaps: Embracing Freshness with “Pit Pit”
Summerset Soaps infused a touch of nature with their handmade deodorant, “Pit Pit.” Boasting a commitment to combatting body odor naturally, I was excited to assess its efficacy and revel in the promised natural freshness. The delightful aroma of pineapple and tropical freshness heightened the appeal of this beauty discovery.

4. Dododots: Celebrating with “Fruit Partay” Patches
Injecting a playful twist into my skincare routine, Dododots’ Anniversary edition beauty patches, “Fruit Partay,” promised joy and celebration for all skin types. The vibrant patches hinted at a delightful skincare experience, impeccably timed for a pear-fect celebration.

5. 4allbeauty: Diamond Treatment with DUO No.1 Cleansing Balm
The DUO No.1 Cleansing Balm from @4allbeauty vowed a luxurious skincare encounter. Originating from Asia and Japan, it pledged to not only remove makeup but also treat my skin with its 5-in-1 benefits. I eagerly await witnessing the transformative effects, especially with its rare black-colored texture.

6. Kojihonpomy: Eyes that Party Pretty
Concluding the beauty box experience, Kojihonpomy’s My Best Mascara in fashionable colors vowed to elevate my eye game. The promise of achieving party-ready eyes without the dreaded panda-eye effect left me eager to experiment. The all-occasion brown shade added versatility to its appeal.


Reflecting on the treasures unboxed in this Beauty Box, my heart brims with gratitude for the generous beauty sponsors who made this exploration possible. Each product holds the potential to elevate my beauty regimen, and I’m excited to share my personal journey of integrating these gems into my daily rituals. Stay tuned for more updates on the radiant transformation ahead!

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