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Review | Etude Glow On Base Hydra – Blossom Picnic

Etude Glow On Base Hydra

30 ml | RM84.50 | KRW16000


This will be a very short review post as I find that there are very little things to talk about this product. To start, I have been using Etude products for a long while and I had purchased this in Myeongdong, Korea during my trip last year so it holds quite a special place in my heart.

That being said, I do find it to be a little disappointing as it doesn’t work as well as I had thought. The texture is very light, comparing to Fenty’s Hydrating primer. It is almost literal water and the consistency is just slightly slimmer than water. There isn’t too much of a surprise when it comes to the smell of the primer, I wouldn’t even say it smells flowery. 

When applied to the skin, it is very easy to spread but it does take a little while to be absorbed into the skin. While it’s very running on the hand, it is semi-slimy on the skin. The primer doesn’t grab the makeup as much as I’d prefer. It does feel a certain level of moisturizing on the skin but not a lot. I’ve used it for a few months and I found that it cannot last very long. The primer wears off the makeup very easily and my skin would look rather greasy + cakey as oppose to glowy.  

Overall, this product is a very basic level primer. I personally would not pay RM85 to get it though. If purchased in Korea, it would still cost about RM57. That being said, I would not repurchased this product. It is still good enough to try, perhaps it might suit you.

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