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Review | Guerlain KissKiss Shine Bloom 139 Dahlia Kiss

My first Guerlain, quite frankly, is a very recent purchase. They are the Guerlain Aqua Allegoria EDTs in Pera Granita and Rosa Rossa, purchased probably in 2020 or 2021. Their skincare is too expensive for me and whilst looking for lipstick, I came across this. Honestly, I didn’t have much of a requirement for my recent preferences, I just like the glossy-creamy finish that makes the lips look young, juicy and plump. So, when I saw this lipstick, I wanted to get it, and here we are: my first luxury lipstick, a Guerlain lipstick.

KissKiss Shine Bloom

I feel that the Guerlain lipsticks are made mostly for people with light and white-based skin in the Western geographic because majority of the colours don’t really fit my Asian skin tone. Out of so many that I had tried (and with little patience), only one colour had stood out for me. I tried it, I went home, kinda still want it, went back and got it. However, is it the best colour for me? Not entirely, but based on the available options of Guerlain lipsticks, it seemed like this is one of the only few that is suitable for me.

The gold casing itself (to me) resembles melted honey somehow being held together, although honey should be hexagons instead. The uneven square is certainly a unique choice for lipstick casing, seeing that most lipsticks these days are either flat-surfaced in squares/rectangles or curved in cylinder shapes. The emblem at the top of the lipstick added a touch of elegance, with two letter G’s with a slight resemblance to a bee as well.

The KissKiss Shine Bloom lipstick has a texture and colour pigmentation of a tinted lip balm, but thicker and slightly more pigmented. The texture is just like what you will be expecting from a thick and moisturizing lip balm, like Mentholatum Melty Cream Lip Rich Honey or DHC Lip Cream. It has a slight honey fragrant in it as well but not obvious when applied onto the lips.

The colour outcome and evenness depend on how you use it. It is buildable and in most cases, it should be able to look even, that is unless you apply it onto your lips too lightly. I realised, when I applied it too lightly, the colour looked a bit patchy. That is usually solved when I pressed it onto my skin a little harder. Does that mean the lipstick will be finished faster? Maybe, but I prefer a better outcome for this luxury lipstick than a bad one just because I did not want to apply more pressure.

Parisan beauty mostly focuses on ‘natural’ aspects, I think the lipstick had met it’s purpose because it is lightweight, has sufficient sheerness, but also enough pigment to make the person look ‘awake’. However, if you enjoy makeup with more pigmentation, glossiness, and shine, it may not be for you. 

Personally, I don’t think this is the best shine-based lipstick in the market in terms of colour and outcome. The KissKiss Shine Bloom definitely opened up my interest to explore the luxury lipstick market. At the moment, I am extremely obsessed with Dior Addict Hydrating Shine lipsticks. When I find some time, I will update what are my favourite shades. You’d be surprised at how Asian friendly their colour shades are and I am always trying on the colours when I am in Sephora or Dior Beauty Boutiques.

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