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Foodie| BHC Chicken Malaysia – BBURINKLE Edition

BHC Chicken is finally in Malaysia! Long awaited famous fried chicken restaurant from South Korea finally hit the city of Malaysia and we are loving it! Today is their first day of launch and I happened to be there too early >< I should’ve paid attention to their FB page which it stated “open to the public at 1pm.”

Needless to say, me waking up at 7am, driving there around 8am, and arriving at 10am was pretty much not needed. By 12:20pm (after the private launch session), we started the queue and became the first in line as a public customer. The moment we went inside, we were the first to place orders and receive food as well. (Ps: there were definitely people/orders before us; private launch event for the executives.)

I did write a review in 2019 for the BHC chicken I ate in South Korea and if you’d like to read it, you can click any of the buttons below. My older blog has clearer photos.

BHC Chicken

Leading the trend in a highly competitive market and focusing on research and development, bhc becomes Korea’s leading brand that has increased consumer loyalty with the No.1 brand power.


The menu is unfortunately not as complete as it would be in South Korea but you can definitely see that they do have the most popular options available in the Malaysia Branch.


미각//Flavor: The BBUWRINKLE flavor is possibly the bestseller of the entire brand. It is made with cheese powder that tastes different from other cheese tastes. It’s light, milky, sweet, has the onion and garlic tang to it, and is really addictive. It is also my favorite option while I was in Seoul.

The taste is slightly different. I am unsure if it’s just my imagination but I feel that the taste has a very teeny tiny difference from what I had tasted in Seoul. Obviously, I could only tell when I visit Seoul again just to taste it but not so soon yet. The taste is still addictive as ever and I’ll be honest, if you don’t eat it with the radish and yogurt, it gets tiring very quickly. I don’t recommend eating this flavor with rice, you might feel very overwhelmed by the taste and heaviness. 

Absolutely love BBURINKLE with the fries. They are crispy and the flavor combines really well together. The chicken is the second best amongst all the food I have for today. The meat is juicy but also fresh, it’s fortunately not very oily, especially the skin. Kyochon’s fried chicken has very obvious fats when you tear it open. BHC, on the other hand, their fried chicken has way fewer fats. The cheese stick, though, is possibly the most disappointing one here. Not sure if it’s because I waited about 10-15 mins ish for the fried chicken to arrive but there weren’t any pulls from the cheese. It’s almost like eating tteokbokki but saltier. It was also the saltiest among all.

시간 엄수//Punctuality: The fries came the earliest and the cheese stick came right after it. I think it took like 2-5 minutes? The chicken, however, took the longest. It’s the only one I would be able to brush off because I understand that, to make a really good fried chicken, proper steps and techniques should be used. I think it took like 20 minutes for the chicken to arrive for us but for other people, it was probably longer. Do expect longer time needed during peak hours though.

섬기는 사람//Servers: The servers are very friendly. You have a mix of Malaysians and Koreans, leads and subordinates, and ethnicities. I’d say about half the staff are great. The manager (Korean) was very attentive, I noticed that when he peaked at the door while we were queueing, he noticed that we saw the menu and suggested to the Hostess to share the menu with everyone in the queue. All of the staff are very polite and well-mannered. Absolutely good start for the launch.

가격//Price: The price seems reasonable. For one whole chicken (14 pieces), the price in South Korea is KRW20,000 which converts to about RM67. In Malaysia, the price is set at RM72.90 and above. Not too far off, honestly. Obviously, if you are going to compare it with the other brands, their price is in a higher range but let’s keep in mind that BHC flavors are not the same. 

Kyochon at RM58.90/RM62.90++ for 24 pcs(?)
Choo Choo Chicken at RM50.60+++ for 12pcs
K-Fry Urban Korean at RM68.32+++ for 12pcs

Green teas are refillable without a surcharge but an additional bowl of pickled radish will cost you RM3.90. I think there aren’t any surcharges for takeaway but there is a 10% service charge for the whole bill. 

At the end of the day, we realized that we had a 20% discount on our bill, which caught us by surprise because there wasn’t any announcement about that. I’m so grateful to have my boyfie going out of his way to meet me there and enjoy the fried chicken with me on the first day of the launch. Everything was good by the end of the day, it was truly nice to end it on that note.

In case you want to visit their Malaysian website, do click the buttons below:

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