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How to Young Adult 101 ZoelieWho

How to| AirAsia X POD Filing, Oath, Delivery, Google Form, and FAQ

Disclaimer I am not a lawyer or whatsoever. This article is mainly to share the information according to what I’ve gathered and what I’ve personally experienced. A lot of the information are from 飞常好玩 Play n Fly. If you need further clarifications, please contact Air Asia as we are not the point of contact. All …

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Take a Look | Implanon – In & Out

Important:This is a topic for open-minded adults who are interested to know about the experiences of having an contraceptive hormonal implant. Adults-to-be and teenagers are welcomed to read but please think 3 times before taking a hormonal contraception as it does impact your developmental growth. If you are against any of these topics and/or still think …

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How to Young Adult 101 | Don’t want crying babies. Don’t want crying meemies.

Before we start, I just want to say that: this post is long. Like, really long. But don’t be discouraged because you won’t find information like this in many places. I would suggest you sit down and spend a few minutes to read through everything. Also, I would highly discourage screen-through reading or fast-reading. Sex!  …

How to Young Adult 101 Shop Luv takealook ZoelieWho

How to Young Adult 101| An Amateur’s Young Adult Financial Guide for the Amateurs.

You asked for it and I delivered it 😘 (On Instagram I mean, because I talked about this on my IG story) Note: Reading this on PC is a lot easier :> I’m gonna keep this as comprehensible as possible. But let me just begin with: if you’re not good at managing your life, it’s …

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