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Review | NARS Holiday Behave Backstage Cheek Set

NARS blushes are pretty well-known and it has been that way for a long, long time. With such a stable fame, I wondered what it looked like for me. After swatching for awhile, I found my best blush shade from NARS and was so happy when they released the holiday set that includes all the blush formula in a set for a really good price!



Holiday Behave Backstage Cheek Set


The Liquid Blush has a really good layer-building consistency. A tiny pump will give out a lot of pigment. Lightly patting it onto the cheeks helps to create a ‘got spanked’ result. I genuinely like using this blush, especially as a base (right before putting on loose/setting powder). It creates a “born like this” cheeks.

The Multiple stick has a slight sheen/gloss which helps to give a lighter pigmentation on the skin. I can see why it is suitable for both the eyes and the cheeks. It is also buildable but not as pigmented as the Liquid Blush or the Powder Blush. Great for au naturel makeup looks.

The Powder Blush gives the best control, especially with the right brush. It’s best use to layer on top of the Liquid Blush for more pigment, but it can also be used on it’s own. 

Left to right: Liquid, Multiple (Stick), Powder


You have no idea how much I love this color. They look so good on me, it’s almost like the blush color was radiating from my inner skin. It worked wonderfully as a regular cheek color and even an eyeshadow base. I always look damn good in this color and it’s basically what my skin would look like if I got sp*nked. 

They also last pretty well. At the end of the day, it blended into my day-long makeup naturally. The pigments are still there and does not look patchy at all! Honestly, this is the best blush I have purchased. It’s really worth the price.

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