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Review | Etat Libre d’Orange – I am Trash, Exit the King & 4 more

Etat Libre D'Orange

The brand itself has a very Bona Fide and true-to-self attitude, which is proudly held to heart by its founder, Etienne de Swardt. As stated on their website, he understood that life has its own distortions and perversion, which he then felt despair and lost. Etat Libre d’Orange is his antidote to despair and it fills the voids (at least some) in his life.

“It takes a dangerous man to make a dangerous perfume.” – Troublemaker & Perfumer

The first time I was introduced to this brand was when I came across the hype of Billie Eilish’s list of favorite perfumes. Not that I am a fan but I am always interested to know what people use as the signature perfume that best describes them by smell. There was a lot of praise for “I am Trash”, “She was an Anomaly” and “You or Someone Like You”.

Aside from those, there were a couple of others that people really liked too. I went to purchase from a local store which I won’t name because I am entirely unsure if they are truly selling authentic perfumes. I bought from there based on many good reviews that confirm the authenticity. Additionally, the samples were not meant to be sold so I don’t want to ruin the chances for other people too. 

I bought 6 in total with a 10% off for the Merdeka sale and tested them for a couple days, individually and collectively. Here are my interpretations of what they smelled like to me. 

Visual Interpretation

What I will be doing

  • I will put each perfume on my inner elbow (usually in the evening)
  • Shower once during usage
  • Go to sleep with the perfume

For the interpretations, they are just from my personal experiences so it may differ with yours. I’d highly recommend visiting an official boutique or reseller store to check on the scents so that you can experience the smell personally. The images I’ve used are closely related to the visions/feelings that flashes in my mind when I smell the scents.

Les Fleur du Dechet - I am Trash

This perfume gives me a rather lonely feeling, can’t help to feel like I want to wrap myself up in a fetal position to feel better. Part of me knows that things are okay but part of me also feels aware of the loneliness. Think of a flower bunch in the middle of an abandoned meadow. Noting the ingredients makes me feel sadder.

It smells really good, like flowers and apples. There is a slight musky scent after few hours of wearing. A very feminine scent. It feels like a perfume suitable for people between 20-29 years old, kind-hearted and sophisticated. Performance is between 5-7 hours or less. The smell reduces significantly after showering.

You or Someone Like You

If this is sprayed on someone, it would make them smell like someone I used to know very well but drifted apart for unforeseen situations. Someone whose warmth is still lingering upon reuniting. Someone who still looks at me with kind, warm eyes.

A white flowery scent with a little bitter-citrus scent. It has a little musk but it doesn’t feel dry to the nose. It is a feminine scent. It suits almost all ages. Performance is between 5-7 hours or less. The smell reduces significantly after showering.

Remarkable People

It smelled to me like someone whose life has been figured out and became successful in their own meaningful ways. Someone who rocks leather jackets, has their own rules and doesn’t submit to the general rules of society. A very chill person who’s nice and caring to anyone working for them.

This is a unisex perfume with a feminine note but has a gentleman-type of feel. There is a smooth after-scent. It suits people with a little bit of age and a certain level of confidence and playfulness. Performance is between 5-7 hours or less. The smell reduces significantly after showering.

Exit the King

Personally, this feels like a villain’s poison. A subtle thorn. A gentle devil. It smelled of someone of age. Almost like an aged whiskey (or other gold-coloured alcohol; I’m not good with alcohol).

This isn’t for everyone. It feels more maturing than other scents. Performance is between 5-7 hours or less. The smell reduces significantly after showering.

She was an Anomaly

This smells to me like someone distant, someone I would never understand. Someone who prefers to be lonely and secluded. It has a little bit of India or Middle-East type of smell to it.

There is a powdery scent almost like incense (which is part of the ingredient list). It suits people with a little older age and it is more feminine. Performance is between 5-7 hours or less. The smell reduces significantly after showering.

Putain des Palace

It has a powdery smell that also smells like gun powder. It’s superbly strong and I think it would only take a tall and built man to pull this perfume. 

It has a very masculine scent, like a macho-man type of smell. Performance is between 5-7 hours or less. The smell reduces significantly after showering.


I am actually glad that I gave this a try because the smell is definitely not similar to the department store designer brands. Unfortunately, the performance of this perfume isn’t as great as I hoped it to be, they last fairly well between 5-7 hours conservatively but my benchmark has increased significantly due to Maison Francis Kurkdjian.

Whilst the smells are unique to themselves, I believe that it is very difficult for each of their perfume to suit everyone. Albeit all of the perfumes are listed as unisex, they can still smell a little bit more feminine/masculine based on the notes. Each of them smelled like that have their own story to tell. 

Even though they are really special and the price range still considers to be within reach, especially “I am Trash”, I still find it really difficult to purchase a bottle. I suppose at this moment it is not a scent that I really want to collect at this moment. So I will pass for now.

At this moment (Sept 2021), “I am Trash” “You or Someone Like You” and “Remarkable People” are pretty high on my Perfume Preference List, ranking at No 3, No 18, and No 19 respectively. The other three are unfortunately quite far down in the list, with “Exit the King” ranked at No 27, “She was an Anomaly” at No 50, and “Putain des Palaces” at No 51.

My top favorites: I am Trash, You or Someone Like You, and Remarkable People.
My undecided one: Exit the King
My least favorites: She was an Anomaly, and Putain des Palace

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