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Review | Heimish All Clean Balm, All Clean White Foam, Refresh Water

Heimish has always been the best makeup removing brand for me (Then I Met You, who? Oh, they aren’t even a match. No seriously, I can’t support that brand after experiencing their products and their customer service). This brand is very underrated. Not many people, especially that outside of Korea or Asian beauty community in foreign countries would have heard of this. It may not be as popular as all the bigger Amore Pacific brands out there (think Etude House, Innisfree, Laneige, Mamonde and more), but it’s quality and price tag can definitely be competitive enough. 

So far, the cleansing balm is the only product that I have ever tried because I wasn’t sure if the other products are as effective. This may be due to the brand’s underrated reputation where social media doesn’t talk enough about their products besides the makeup balm. That being said, I was thrilled when I was asked to review, not just the makeup balm, but also the White Clay Foam and the Refresh Water. 

Now, this set consists of a makeup removing cleansing balm, a cleanser and a toner. Let’s begin with the cleansing balm first because that is naturally the first thing we should use after a day out with either makeup or sunblock. This balm can also remove dirt as well!

Heimish All Clean Balm

Thoughtful & Hygienic Design

Unlike the previous design that requires you to twist the cap in order to open the container and has a very unmatching sized of the inner cover, this new design enhances your cleansing experience, albeit not very significantly.

I am very grateful that they had changed the design tho. It’s just nice that I have the older design, so I know the struggle. It was fine at first but once you are near the end of the product, the cap and the inner cover starts to feel harder to close. Even the spatula was harder to use because it was thinner in width and longer in length. 

With this new design, I actually looked more forward to clean my face. I just need to flip the cap open, easily lift up the inner cover and happily scoop up the product with a newly designed spatula then place the product on to my palm. With one of my hand occupied, I can just use the other free hand to pop the inner cover back in and then pop the cap closed.

This wouldn’t be as easy with the older design because I would need two hands to twist the lids close but it wasn’t possible since one of my hands already has the cleansing balm on it. That wouldn’t be convenient for the users because if we couldn’t close the cap right after we took the product out of the container, we may forget to do so. Then, the product may attract dust and bacteria, or even dry up. So, with this new design, -again- albeit not very significant, it really changed my cleansing experience. 

Original & Mini

So, Heimish sent me a mini version of the cleansing balm which I never knew existed! It’s so cute!! In my own skincare stash, I already have one that is the older design and two of the new design. Both of the designs are regular sized. 

I’m pretty sure I couldn’t find the mini version in Malaysia but oh man, not only that it is cute, it actually came to me at the right time because I was worrying for my trip to Korea where I (1) may not have enough since I only have 1.5 of the products left, or (2) may not be able to bring such a big tub for travelling (since I need space for my shopping hauls).

Even the spatula is tinier! So cute! I was shrieking at its cuteness to my boyfriend the other day. It was the first thing I told him about when he got to my place. He was so happy to see me excited about something (I hardly ever get so excited about something). 


Now, I have over a year of experience with this cleansing balm and I can tell you that it never, never, failed me. It can even remove the most stubborn waterproof mascara that I have (I’m talking about you, Peripera Ink Black Cara Volume that couldn’t be removed by any other makeup remover). 

I just need to put it onto my palm, rubbed my palms twice and then smear it all over my face for just a few minutes. During the days when I have mascara, I would lightly rub around my eyes to make sure that the mascara is fully melted. Of course, this means that some of the products would go into my eyes but I never felt any irritation. At most, just some blurriness which is given because I keep rubbing it into my eyes but the cleansing balm would be easily washed off with a regular foam cleanser.

Heimish said it turns into oil texture. Is it oily for me? No. It felt pretty nice on my skin instead of the weird, runny oiliness that most cleansing oil would feel like. It has a nice structure to it that it grasps onto my skin better than regular cleansing oil whilst working its way to cleanse my skin. 

It works with almost all the makeup products that I have. While Heimish said that double cleansing is not needed, I would still go one round with my normal cleanser. If you don’t use a cleanser after the cleansing balm, it will still be fine. You’ll feel a light layer of milky texture liquid on your skin. I just prefer my skin to be a little bit more squeaky clean.

You can see the demonstration below with my lipstick that does have some staining properties. Without washing off with water, I used a tissue paper to wipe the product off and as you can see, it looks pretty clean. It doesn’t feel sticky afterwards but I have the habit to wash it again so I will use the cleanser. The cleanser part will be demonstrated below in the All Clean White Clay Foam section. Until here, I have only used the cleansing balm. 

Heimish All Clean White Clay Foam

This product is probably the second best selling product from Heimish. It is made with Amazon / Kaolin white clay that has great cleansing and purifying properties. (Activating my soaping knowledge.) It is mostly used for clay masks and even many natural soapers/skincare lovers would use it to make DIY clay masks. 


I have worked with clay before so I am familiar with the density and the scent of clay within a product, be it soap or oil. When I opened the seal from the opening, I smelled a pleasant, aromatic fragrant from the product. I had also expected to see the white coloured product but it turned out to be greyish white. The product is very thick and you can easily feel how dense it is when you spread it around your skin. You will definitely need the help of some water in order to form foams.

The foam itself is rather creamy (like whip cream) and nice to lather on the skin. It is not very bubbly or foamy but it does clean very well. That being said, it does not dry the skin like the drug store foam cleansers would. There are no tingling or tightening sensation which is absolutely great for those with dry or sensitive skin. However, it also works very well for people who has difficulty in controlling sebum or acne. 

I have also tried to remove it with the remaining lipstick from the back of my hand, which did cleanse better than I had expected. Albeit not completely but this would definitely work well when it is being used in a double cleansing routine.

Overall, I really do like it. Even my eczema-prone skin is pretty happy with this cleanser. It did help me to clear off the acne and the open pores (from manual acne extraction) pretty well.

Heimish Refresh Water

Actually, I am very proud of the close-up pictures I took of this product because it has such a nice, clean and elegant aesthetic to it. Apart from that, the bottle also has a matte texture to it. It makes the product feels fancy and pricy. The product also feels quite big and heavy when I’m holding it. 

Just like any other toner, you can pour a few drops onto the cotton pad and swipe it on your skin or you can just pour it to your palm and lightly pat it into your skin. It works pretty well but it also has a slight draggy sensation when it is almost completely absorbed into the skin. This would not last long nor would it turn into sticky residue on the skin. You do not need to worry about that.


It smells very refreshing, like lemongrass but has a hint of elegance to it. I like how it relaxes me whenever I smell it. It also wakes me up during the day but not at night. It does work as a normal toner but perhaps with a slightly different texture (not very visible) and it has a different scent to it as compared to other brands. At the same time, it is also very eczema-prone skin-friendly. I never experienced any irritations or discomfort with this product. Pretty good stuff and I do recommend it if you have trouble looking for a nice toner.


They claimed to be aromatically scented which gives a spa-like relaxing feeling andI would agree to those claims. At the same time, they are very gentle towards the skin, which I have no objections at all because it is true.

The best item to purchase is always the makeup remover balm because it is very strong, gentle, effective and environmentally sustainable. This is because using Heimish All Clean Balm will not require you to further cleanse your skin with makeup remover water and cotton pads as it will clean your makeup thoroughly. That aside, it does not sting your eyes too. Unless you deliberately rub it into your eyes (to remove -stubborn- eye makeup like eyeliner and mascara), you won’t get any blurry visions from the balm’s milky liquid.

The cleanser and the toner is a great experience to try new brands, in my honest opinion. I would suggest anyone who is venturing into new brands to have a try with these two items to see if they would like it.

Will I recommend these products? Absolutely. You can purchase it from Hermo online shop and they are pretty cheap especially when there are discounts! (I got my two newly-designed and regular-sized All Clean Balm for RM45 each during one of those sales on Heimish!).

**Disclaimer: The price mentioned above (Malaysia Ringgit only) is from Hermo and they tend to fluctuate from time to time. Few days before I checked again the prices were (All Clean Balm, All Clean White Clay Foam and Refresh Water): RM57, RM48, and RM63 respectively. Now, they are RM49, RM28 and RM40.80 respectively. This is just to let you know that the price may not be the same as listed above.

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