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Unveiling Holiday Delights: A Recap and Review of SoftSrve’s Christmas Unboxing Extravaganza

In the heart of Seapark PJ, SoftSrve hosted a magical Christmas Unboxing event that left attendees enchanted and brimming with festive cheer. Let’s take a closer look at the highlights and delights that made this event a memorable celebration of the holiday season.

Event Recap:
Venue: SoftSrve, Seapark PJ
Time: 10:30 am – 1:00 pm
Dress Code: Ice-cream colors

Softsrve Christmas Edition Ice-Creams

SoftSrve, known for its commitment to healthier indulgences, unveiled a spectacular array of Christmas Edition Ice-Creams at their festive unboxing event. Crafted with a mindful reduction in sugar content, these icy delights promised not just sweetness but a healthier approach to dessert.

  • Chocolate Honey Comb: A hard ice-cream reminiscent of the beloved Cadbury Crunchie, offering a rich and satisfying crunch with every bite.
  • Minty Choco Swirl (Available Mid-Dec): A refreshing blend of natural mint and chocolate soft serve, enveloped in a mesmerizing nitrogen smoke. A perfect treat to tickle your taste buds and cool your senses.

The innovation didn’t stop there; SoftSrve showcased an array of other flavors, each masterfully done to cater to diverse palates.

Royal Bath Co. Bath Bomb Demo & Products

The event took an enchanting turn with Royal Bath Co.’s captivating Bath Bomb Demo and a showcase of their delightful products. Attendees were treated to a sensory experience, witnessing how these bath bombs work, smell, and feel.

The Christmas Delight | Bubble Bar Scoops took center stage, presented in packs of three with approximately 50g per piece. This self-care indulgence promises endless bubbly fun for your bathing rituals. With scents like Twisted Peppermint (Cool Peppermint with a touch of cream, sugar & vanilla), Sugar Plum Fairy (Pear & Agave), and Ginger Cookies (Pumpkin & Cinnamon), these bubble bars transform your tub into a luxurious oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation.

The Royal Bath Co. team’s mission is clear: to make accessible and affordable bath bombs that are safe and gentle for the skin. Their commitment was underscored by the inclusion of bath scoops in the event’s goodie bag, ensuring attendees could bring a piece of luxury home.

Sweet Bonuses

The Little Chef Remy Xmas Cookie Treats
Attendees indulged in dark chocolate cookies with a sprinkle of salt. The airy texture combined with rich flavors made these treats absolutely addictive, embodying the spirit of the season!

Unicharm 3D Mask
The Unicharm 3D Masks (available at unicharmpcstore.os) were not just about protection but comfort too. With measurements on the side of the package, users could easily discover their ideal size, ensuring a snug fit that covers the face properly and eases the strain on the ears.

SoftSrve’s Christmas Unboxing Extravaganza was a resounding success, blending delectable treats, luxurious self-care products, and thoughtful sponsor offerings. The event served as a perfect prelude to the holiday season, leaving attendees with lasting memories of joy and celebration.

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