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Review | Orgga Libra Complete Set & Rose Quartz Gemstone Facial Roller

Not long ago, I received a PR package from Orgga in collaboration with The Butterfly Project and boy, I was thrilled! Orgga, if you do not know, is a brand that emphasizes on being natural and organic. The best part is, this is a local, vegan, and cruelty-free brand! 

Now, Orgga had given me 4 products in total: a cleanser, a facial mist, facial oil and a face roller. All of these items are from a set called Libra Rose Complete Set. This whole set costs RM370 but if you’re quick enough to check their website right now, you’ll find an 11% discount from their Year End Sale. This means that the set would cost RM330.

Let’s look at each of the items one by one, following the routine, shall we? The first step should always be cleansing (unless you have makeup or sunscreen on your face, then you would need to remove your makeup first). From this PR set, the cleansing product is French Rose Daily Cleansing Powder.

French Rose - Daily Cleansing Powder

What did Orgga say:

What this cleanser does is that it actually cleanse your skin while exfoliating it and also acting as a mask. The blend consists of a lot of different seeds, clays, nuts and flowers which aims to provide vitamins, antioxidants and hydration to your skin. Unlike the usual cleansers, this one does not foam and it cleans your skin in a pasty form. 

To use it, you will need to take a teaspoon of the cleansing powder onto your palm, add a few drops of water and make it into a paste before you rub it all onto your skin. The exfoliants do not feel invasive or rough on the skin, which makes it really great for people with sensitive and/or thin skin.

Initially, it was kinda strange to use it but once you’ve gotten used to it, it will kind of grow on you. It also has a very oaty, little tangerine smell to it. All of the ingredients are well-blended together and the combination is absolutely gentle to the skin. I do not feel any irritation whenever I use this (I have eczema). While it can be used every day, I would suggest people with oily skin to switch to your usual cleanser occasionally in order to remove more oil on your skin. Don’t get me wrong, this cleanser does work but I have my own concerns when it comes to pores clogging by sebum. 

In other news, I thought this item would not last long but that kind of surprises me. My estimation is that this product can last about 2-4 months depending on your usage dose as well as how often you are using it between a week time.

After cleansing, we would usually progress to toning out skin with a toner. In this case, the toner is a nourishing face mist called Rose Otto.

Rose Otto - Nourishing Face Mist

What did Orgga say:

This product is also a multi-purpose product. It is a toner that acts the same as a hydrating facial mist. It mostly focuses on rose, which can have a very good impact on the skin when properly incorporated into a beauty product. This product also aims to be antibacterial, antiageing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, all of which are beneficial for people who are prone to acne or eczema triggers.

To use it, make sure your skin is absolutely clean and patted dry. Then, lightly spray this across your face. I usually take about 2-3 sprays with my eyes closed. Each spray covers a large enough area of my face.

Whenever I spray this on my skin, it made me feel refreshed because of the cooling sensation. Not to mention that the spraying nozzle creates smaller spritz so it does not ‘wet’ my whole face. Instead, it lightly spread across my skin like a lightweight blanket. The smell isn’t too strong nor does it smell too much like a ‘rose’ fragrant. It hardly ever offended my olfactory receptors. Also, because it does not contain alcohol or any synthetic fragrance, my skin is very happy with the product and did not trigger any eczema reactions. 

After using this mist, we would usually head to using serum, face oil and/or moisturizer. From this set, it would be the luxe beauty oil called Libra.

Libra - Luxe Beauty Oil

What did Orgga say:

Fun fact! My horoscope is Libra, that’s why I chose this set. It is also just right for me because I have combination skin (apart from being eczema prone). Anyway, this product is made to balance out the skin (just like the horoscope) and the ingredients inside are meant to slow down any signs of ageing. Not that I am ageing rapidly, but I do see some wrinkles here and there. It’s mostly caused by dehydration and lack of suppleness.  

This product comes with a regular gold cap as well as a bottle seal in order to keep it new and fresh. The product also comes with a pumping applicator which you can easily switch it out by just popping it into the bottle. This bottle, by the way, is made of glass. You will want to be careful when handling it. Put it on the table when you’re using it just to avoid the bottle from slipping out of your hand.

After switching out the caps, you can use it by pumping out 2-3 drops on your face and spread it with your hands. I would put one drop on my forehead and one drop on each of my cheeks whenever I use this product. It spreads easily without having to drag my skin, which is great. 

So, I wouldn’t say that this product absorbs immediately into my skin but it does a great job to stay gentle and non-irritating. My experience with some of the facial oil is that they would make my skin feel itchy because my pores could be suffocated or blocked but it is not the same result for when I use Orgga’s oil. The smell is rosey and nice. Same with the face mist, it does not overwhelm my nose and my olfactory receptors too.

Marajuca oil and Argan oil are both really good oils to the skin. I believe that the olive oil acts as a carrier oil for this product, which is great if the product aims to be gentle. It is also interesting to see Watermelon seed oil is used in a product. Apart from these mentioned ingredients, Orgga selected a few more oils and essential oils to which I believe has a lot of good properties towards combination skin and/or sensitive skin. It really has a good combination of ingredients. 

Moving on, to increase the power of this product, you can opt to use a gemstone face roller. 

Rose Quartz - Anti Aging Gemstone Dual-Sided Face Roller

What did Orgga say:

At the beginning of the gemstone face roller hype, we would see Rose Quartz rising its popularity at first. Slowly, we would also see Jade and Amethyst stones. I was hoping that I would be able to get the Rose Quartz option from Orgga and my wish came true!

I’ve always wanted to try a gemstone roller but I just don’t know how good they will be. I know that gemstones have healing properties to the soul but it was a little hard for me to fathom what are the physical benefits it has towards the skin. Well, according to Orga, apparently it was widely loved by Egyptians and that it heals and rejuvenates the skin with minerals like iron, sodium, silica, magnesium, sodium, and oxygen.

One thing that I really do love from this product is that it has a super cooling effect on my skin. By the way, one method to know whether the gemstone is real or not is by feeling its temperature while it is placed in a room-temperature place. If it feels cold, then it is real. If it feels normal or like plastic, then it is fake or just glass.

In this case, it was very cooling when I put it in my room before turning on the air-conditioner. That being said, imagine how amazing it would feel if I get to put it into a fridge! Unlike a refrigerated spoon, it does not turn warm immediately after rolling on one side of the face. It continuously remains cold until I go back and forth for the 3rd time. 


Overall, I think this is a great set to venture into if you are looking for something that is utterly natural and from a local brand. The price is definitely higher than any drugstore branded products but by speaking from experience, organic ingredients are never cheap. If you want something good, you will always need to spend a little bit more money to get it. Of course, I personally would never suggest cheap brands because you don’t know how much chemicals they would put into the product. While resorting to slightly pricier choices would give me a peace of mind, it’s great to detoxify our skin once in a while with natural, organic, cruelty-free and vegan skincare routines. 

That’s all for this blog post! Stick around and check out my other blog posts. You might be able to see something interesting here. Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day/sleep!

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