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Take a Look| Atelier Des Ors – Pink Me Up & Noir by Night

A glamorous evening unfolded recently as Amaris unveiled Atelier Des Ors’ enchanting fragrances, Pink Me Up and Noir by Night, in Malaysia. The event featured an olfactory masterclass by Ms. Elise Pelletier from the brand, paired with delightful refreshments. Let’s dive into these exquisite scents that capture distinct facets of elegance and playfulness.

Atelier Des Ors’ Pink Me Up and Noir by Night offer olfactory experiences that cater to different facets of one’s personality. Whether you’re in the mood for youthful exuberance or mature elegance, these fragrances are sure to captivate your senses and leave a lasting impression.

Pink Me Up

In a radiant pink bottle adorned with delicate gold flakes, Pink Me Up exudes effervescence, much like a glass of champagne. This fragrance promises a sparkling, mood-boosting experience that encapsulates joy, vivacity, and frivolity. With the addictive fizz of champagne and the harmonious blend of blackberry and bergamot, Pink Me Up is a symphony of pleasure. Its floral heart of rose centifolia, orange blossom, and iris is enriched with seductive musk.

Pink Me Up transports me to a lively disco where Barbie and her friends revel in joy. It’s a blend of youthful exuberance with a touch of sophistication, making it perfect for young adults seeking fun and femininity in a bottle.

Noir by Night

Encased in a regal dark purple bottle adorned with gold flakes, Noir by Night is a bold and suave fragrance. It combines precious woods and silky caviar to create an experience that oscillates between freedom and sensuality. The scent opens with an intense fusion of incense and dusky coriander, casting an enchanting shadow over the evening. As night deepens, a molecular explosion unveils unexpected scents, culminating in the warm embrace of gaiac wood, sandalwood, and amber notes.

Noir by Night is akin to a wealthy young lady who exudes confidence and frequents luxurious bars reserved for high society, indulging in effervescent champagne. Its initial woodiness may be challenging, but it evolves into a scent that exudes femininity and enduring elegance, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate their own power and worth.


As part of the event’s culinary offerings, the charcuterie board boasted an array of delectable treats, including exquisite cheeses, succulent meat slices featuring beef and chicken, a selection of fresh fruits, tantalizing strawberry jam, and, of course, the pièce de résistance: caviar. The inclusion of caviar was a fitting nod to the opulence of Noir by Night.

Adding to the culinary delight, the strawberry dessert cup left a lasting impression with its irresistible flavors. To complement the enchanting Pink Me Up, a delicate light pink lychee-infused beverage was also served, tying in perfectly with the fragrance’s vibrant theme.

In the glittering debut of Atelier Des Ors’ Pink Me Up and Noir by Night, Malaysia was treated to an evening of opulence and olfactory wonder. The radiance of Pink Me Up, encased in a resplendent pink bottle adorned with gold flakes, sparkled with joy and vivacity, capturing the essence of youthful femininity. Meanwhile, Noir by Night, concealed in a regal dark purple vessel, exuded an aura of mature elegance and power. Though initially bold and woody, it transformed into a scent that radiated confidence and enduring sophistication. Beyond fragrances, the culinary offerings, from exquisite cheeses to the crowning glory of caviar, created a symphony of taste that perfectly complemented the evening. The strawberry dessert cup and lychee-infused drink rounded off this sensory journey, leaving an indelible mark. In sum, this launch transcended scent; it offered an immersive experience, encapsulating the diverse facets of our personalities and enhancing life’s most special moments.

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