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Review| OLENS Ever Shine Dailies Brown and Gray

In the realm of eye-enhancing beauty, O-lens continues to redefine possibilities. Their latest innovation, Ever Shine, stands as a testament to their commitment to both visual allure and comfort. This revolutionary lens promises a blend of natural elegance and ease, allowing you to embrace a new dimension of eye aesthetics effortlessly.

Ever Shine

Brown & Gray

Ever Shine boasts a harmonious fusion of features designed to captivate. With its natural enlarging effect and a generous diameter of 13.8, it magnifies the charm of your eyes while maintaining an air of authenticity. The lens doesn’t merely enhance your look; it elevates your mood, making it a perfect companion for your daily ventures.

Lens Information

Duration: Daily
Total Diameter: 14.5mm
Graphic Diameter: 13.8mm 
Base Curve: 8.7mm

Water Content: 43%
Material: HEMA
Power: 0.00 – 8.00
Colour Tone: Ash Gray, Black, Brown

Comes with a free tweezer and an applicator in every order (global site).

The free tweezer and applicator come in a small casing which is pretty good for submersion disinfecting. Not only that, the casing helps a lot during travelling so the tools aren’t missing in the bags or getting contaminated by touching other things.


축축함 Moisture//편안함 Comfortability: One of the paramount concerns with any contact lens is moisture retention and comfort. Ever Shine meets these criteria admirably, owing to its innovative 1-day material. While the moisture level is deemed satisfactory, it leaves room for potential improvement. As for comfort, Ever Shine earns a nod of approval, providing an agreeable wearing experience that lasts throughout the day.

그래픽 디자인 Graphic Design: In the realm of visual aesthetics, Ever Shine takes a step beyond convention. Its graphic design, surprisingly, avoids the pitfalls of exaggeration. Rather than endowing you with an artificial appearance, it delivers a pleasantly natural look. Gone are the days of doll-like facades; Ever Shine bestows an elegance that complements your features without overwhelming them.



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