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Review | M.A.C. Sculpt & Glow Duo

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that this compact contour and highlighter made it to Asian household names thanks to M.A.C. listening to their customers. There were apparently lots of demands from the China market and M.A.C. just went with the flow.

On one fine day, I actually ran to the nearest M.A.C. store to get one because it keeps getting out of stock. I even tried to ask for reserving one unit but the SA’s said that they were not supposed to. Once I got my unit, I understand why it is such a hype.


M.A.C. Sculpt & Glow Duo

Extra Dimension Skinfinish in "Double Gleam"

M.A.C. has a lot of popular highlight options but one of the most prominent competitors in the market for Asian skin tone, especially in the China market, would be the Double Gleam color, which is dubbed as the “Young Ginger” or 生姜. People were saying that 9g of the highlighter would last forever so it became a downside for some people who prefer to have more options in terms of color shades, or simply just affordability. 

The Extra Dimension Skinfinish highlight seems buildable. From sheer glitter to intense shimmering, it’s honestly easy to paint them onto the skin. The color shade is more toward the bright golden-peach tone, which suits warmer skin tones better than cooler skin tones. Many suggested to use brushes for a more natural effect.

Eye Shadow in "Omega"

The eye shadow “Omega” is strangely a fan-favorite contour shade despite the brand’s intended purposes and the container size. Omega looks rather cool-toned on the surface but when you swatch it, it appeared to be warmer on the skin when being swatched.

The eyeshadow is also buildable as well and better applied with a makeup brush. There are a few brushes you can use. These days, there are specific brushes for contouring the nose bridge which are gaining popularity within the industry. 


Pigmentation: I have to say, it’s more natural than I had expected when I applied them onto my skin using the brushes. The contour somehow made me look alive and fresh too (instead of looking dirty). The highlighter is beaming with a teeny bit larger glitter particles than regular highlights, so you may want to be aware of that and use it much lighter on the nose bridge. Otherwise, it looks like my cheeks are glowing. They are definitely buildable, so depending on the desired makeup look, they should be suitable for a lot of different occasions.

Fall out: There were practically none when I used both good and bad brushes. I’m not kidding, I actually saw none. There’s probably some but it was so minimal that I don’t see it at all.

Price point: Let me do a quick breakdown for you. Both shades are stated to be 7 grams combined, meaning each would weigh 3.5g. The highlight is RM180.00 per 9 g/0.31 oz, which would become RM70 per 3.5g. The eyeshadow is RM85.00 per 1.5 g/ 0.05 oz, making 3.5g cost RM198.33. Adding those retail prices together would become RM268.33. With that, compared to the actual retail price for Sculpt and Glow Duo at RM179, I think M.A.C. priced this product pretty reasonably.

Final: M.A.C. has certainly come a long way, they dedicated their products for makeup artists and even have discounts for them. Personally, I never really had the interests up until now because I used to hear a lot about their customer service, how they were lacking the friendliness and warmth. I’ve only started engaging with them this year so I guess they’re different now? Essentially, I found a lot of nice reviews about their products and since buying from the internet (e.g.: Lazada official store) during promotional periods get you a lot of discounts. 

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