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Take a Look | The Butterfly Project Coachella Unity Celebration

This year, Mamasan from The Butterfly Project decided to make a Coachella themed party and had collaborated with so many reputable brands.

In this party, we have Althea, Hearty Party Event Space, Voir Gallery, Avantgarde Blooms, Tag Photobooth, Curmudgeon Brew, Signature Market, Jom Party and Sidh Haizad Yussof.

Before we go into the details, I’d like to shout out to Eros Si ( for the pictures! Honestly, I was so overwhelmed by the party, I didn’t have better chances to take good pictures of everything. So, in half of this blog post, I will be using his photos with credits tagged underneath.

The Butterfly Project // Coachella Party

28th Sept | 4:30pm – 9:30pm
Hearty Party, Setia Alam
Cochella // Boho Rockstar Chic Vibe

Credit: Eros Si

Makeup Look

Before attending the party, I made a quick makeup video for this day as well. It was supposed to be a commentary video but because I talked too much, I thought it would be better if it’s just a quick application cut within 5 minutes.

You can also see my Coachella outfit and close up makeup from the Instagram post below. Please do follow me on INSTAGRAM! I’d really appreciate it and I promise you the content is different from the majority of the accounts out there.

Hearty Party

Hearty Party is the event space sponsors for this party. They are a premium party supply and rental shop based in Setia Alam (it’s further up than Shah Alam). They have 4 floors in total, including a rooftop, which are all available for event space rental. They also have an abundance of party props rental, party decoration services, and event organizing services.

They offer lots of props such as high-quality backdrop stand, roofing structure, drapes, clothes, decorative/aesthetical props, tables, chairs and etc.

On another note, they do offer art & craft classes as well. One of the activities is painting party, which you will be seeing in this post.

This is the rooftop. It doesn’t always look like this. They had it decorated this way in the request of Mamasan to fit the party theme. The neon lights on the wall are permanent though. Behind the black wall, there is also another space to use. You can have so much freedom here if you are ever going to host a party using their lot. You can also check out the interior from the other photos below!

Find Hearty Party Here:

The party starts from 4:30 pm to 9:30pm but all of the participating brands with booths would be around until 6:30pm. After that, we would be enjoying the dinner with a lovely live performance and the party ends with the painting party.

Tagbooth Photobooth: Level 1

The first booth that we see is Tagbooth Photobooth. The set up includes a set of soft lightboxes, red fringe background and a lot of props available for your photoshoot. There will also be a screen for you to check your pose before it snaps a picture.

Like a lot of photo booth companies, they do use DSLR as well but the significant difference between Tag Photobooth and other brands is that the photo quality is obviously better on prints and in digital copy.

Many companies would compress the photos to send them into the server and/or printer quicker but the results are always underwhelming. I’ve got some digital copies below. There are some hard copies at the bottom of this post too!

Pop-Up Carnival Floor: Level 2


Upon arrival to the second floor, the first brand that I noticed was Althea Korea. They set up a  lot of product display for their A’Bloom range.

Credit: Eros Si

They had their best-selling and affordable sheet mask. You have the avocado, watermelon, peach and lemon options for the masks. I’ve previously joined the launch for these products and instead of just holding onto what they’ve given me, I went ahead and bought 2 packs of every variety. They were THAT good and THAT cheap.

They’ve also set up a display for their BHA Blackhead Blaster and their Meringue makeup puff. If you are interested to see the launch and the products review, you can click here to check it out.

Althea had also taken the opportunity to display their newest product called the BROW WOW Eyebrow Pencil. Althea was so generous, they’ve packed a lot of their really good products into the box for us, inclusive their new brow pencil and it’s ALL THREE OF THEM. I’ve also written a blog post which you can check out as well 🙂

If you are curious about what’s in the goodie box, you can actually find it at the Goodie Bag section down below but let’s read along first, shall we? 🙂

Credit: Eros Si
Credit: Eros Si

Curmudgeon Brew

This is a very interesting shop right here because they make PEANUT BUTTER COFFEE. This store is owned by Arpita, a very nice lady, who insist to make good coffee without preservatives, emulsifiers, high fructose corn syrup or any ingredients that are hard to pronounce/understand.

This also means that the coffee that she made is so fresh and natural, you need to put it in the fridge and/or consume it immediately!

Arpita’s famous coffee is peanut butter coffee. She said that she loves to drink it all the time. Mamasan, on the other hand, had also gotten addicted to the same coffee and had confessed that she drank 15 bottles within a short period of time.

Curmudgeon’s Brew also works with a baker, Alicia (she baked the coffee cake below), to satisfy your sweet tooth. Literally. She bakes cookies in all sorts of flavours, even including cranberries into her cookies!

Arpita is so nice, she gave everyone a bottle of coffee and a bottle of unsweetened milk! Curious about my option? Well, you will see this in the Goodie Bag section as well 😉

Avantgarde Blooms

Next up, we have the floral focus of the event: Avantgarde Blooms!

Credit: Eros Si
Credit: Eros Si

Avantgarde Blooms is owned by Emi who had her second event with us! In her first event, she showed us how to do flower crowns (refer to the Instagram post)! She always brings us the best flowers and wrapped in simple yet beautiful wrapping.

Did you know that you can be as flexible as you want when it comes to ordering from Avantgarde Blooms? Just propose to her what is your ideal flower bouquet and she will be able to quote you a price that isn’t going to break your wallet (at least not as hard as the other brands 😉 ). She also makes customized table flower bouquet for your events or just every-day-enjoyment in your room, living room and/or dining table!

Signature Market

Signature Market is here again with their wonderful product display! They brought their rebranded packaging trail nuts with many of their products that are not nuts, such as cookies, chips, powder, noodles, essential oils and soaps.

Credit: Eros Si
Credit: Eros Si

This is the third time I see Signature Market in an event. The first time was during the event launch for their rebranding with the restaurant cooking meals incorporated with their food. Then, the second time was during The Butterfly Health & Wellness Workshop with Hilton KL Gym & Spa. In the wellness workshop, Signature Market had shown us ways to mix essential oils to create a blend.

This time around, they are here to display even more products that were not often promoted before such as their seasoning powder series, cookies series, honey & vinegar series and more.

They have also given everyone a goodie bag! Keep reading and you’ll see the goodie bag section below! They’ve given us awesome stuff again and I really love them.

Voir Gallery

Vior Gallery
Facebook | Instagram | Shop

Vior Malaysia
Facebook | Instagram | Shop

Soda Malaysia
Facebook | Instagram | Shop

B.A.E Malaysia & Applemints
Instagram | Instagram

Voir Gallery is an urban fashion gallery of 10 years that offers a wide range of fashion-forward pieces with good quality, workmanship and affordability. Voir Gallery has 8 distinctive brands with 25 outlets across Malaysia and located in major malls in the main cities.

Credit: Eros Si

Voir Malaysia also wanted to introduce their B.A.E (Before Anyone Else) Malaysia brand that is wanting to defy gender norms, extending values and represent individuality with their affordable fashion line for the people wearing their clothes. They aim to be fun, young, versatile, and unapologetically upbeat so that fashion trendsetters can speak out for themselves, for fashion ‘Before Anyone Else.’

On the party day itself, Voir Gallery had displayed many of their B.A.E clothing line as well as their handbags on the displaying rack. Their bags match all of their outfits and you can easily match with any piece without having to worry at all. You can even find tube bags from their store for only RM69 bucks! (N.P.: RM89)

Credit: Eros Si
Credit: Eros Si
Credit: Eros Si

Go ahead and check out all the awesome things that they have in their stores! Many of their bags are actually online exclusive and they are on promotion now so quickly check it out online! For their retail store, you can visit them in almost every major malls in the cities.

Find Voir Gallery Here:

Rooftop Sunset Dinner: Level 4

Jom Party​

At around 6:30pm, we headed upstairs for the rooftop sunset dinner prepared by Linda from the Jom Party catering service team!

This is also the second time that I see the Jom Party in one of The Butterfly Project (TBP) party. The first time was during the 6th anniversary of TBP. I was so excited when I knew they are here again, especially for their desserts!

Lo and behold, the tart did not fail me! It was absolutely tasty! I also tried some of their chicken as well. It was really well made. Didn’t get to eat other food because I wasn’t having a good appetite. So I only took one round of food in small portion and sipped a lot of drinks because I was really dehydrated.

Lérz' Tea & Coffee

Right next to Jom Party’s catering booth, Lerz Tea was there to serve us cool and thirst-quenching tea!

They offered Passion Fruit tea and Grapefruit tea. I looooooooove passion fruit, especially with mango! So I picked that one and oh my, I drank two cups in total and had to stop drinking before my bladder was full HAHHAHA (public toilet is not really my thing; minor germophobia).

Sunset Music by Sidh Haizad Yusoff ​

We the sun was setting, our ears were being caressed by the sweet sound of an angel who had sung us so many sweet and wonderful classics.

Curious about his performance? You can click next on my Instagram post below to hear a short version of the songs he had sung! If you are interested in looking for an artist to sing in your events, Sidh Haizad Yusoff is definitely one of the talented candidates that you should put in your list! He’s so nice and cheerful, you will never have a dull moment (unless you’re asking for sad songs lah HAHHAHAH).

Painting Party: Level 3

After everything, we went back down to the third floor for some real painting fun! Hearty Party was so nice that they had reduced their painting party fees from RM120+ to RM20 so that we all can have fun without thinking about our wallets (it was at the end of the month… you get it T-T ).

In the painting party, everyone will have one set of tools with them. It includes a palette/pan, a brush, a cloth to wipe off excess water, a cup of water and an apron to protect your clothes. Everyone will go to a designated table to get their paint for their own painting.

For this painting party, you can pick from 4 different fruits to draw: orange, watermelon, pineapple and kiwi. If you look at my colour palette, you will be able to guess which one is my choice of the painting project. 

It’s pineapple! Did you guess it right? HAHAH. I was drawing with Ridley and we both picked the same artwork choices! Honestly, it was a great friend bonding time during this painting party. I’d definitely recommend bringing someone here for the activity. Of course, don’t pick someone too competitive! This is supposed to be a wonderful time spent with harmony.

Seriously, the whole party was really overwhelming and I genuinely had a lot of fun being part of it. Everyone was so stylish and active, it’s really nice to be in a crowd full of people like that once in a while. Makes me feel so content with my life instead of just lying on my bed, doing unproductive things.

All the sponsors were super generous too! I know you’re curious about the goodie bags. Without further ado, let’s dive into the goodness of their gracious (HAHAHHAH, I need to stop making phrases up).

Goodie Bags

Voir Gallery

Excuse me, stylish bag coming through! This bag is a nice cool-toned green that has an infinite loop which allows you to change the length to however long you want! This is absolutely satisfying my needs because I need the freedom to adjust the strap into different length for different occasions. Not to mention that I am a very short person and most of the straps out there are made for tall people. Absolutely love this bag and utterly grateful that I was able to snatch the last piece!

Avantgarde Bloom

A simple yet beautiful and elegant rose from Avantgarde Bloom to spike up the mood in the party. They really give you the freshest flowers they can get their hands on!


My go-to skincare/makeup wonderland heaven, Althea, had gifted us so many goodies! This time, they have included their new products – BROW WOW Brow Pencil & Limited Edition Peach Petal Velvet Powder- along with the all-time favourites from their brand: Petal Velvet Sunaway Sunscreen (LOVE!), Avo-Cuddle-Me Mask Sheet, Eyeglitter in No 2, Skin Relief Spot Film Gel, and Stay Fresh Body Sparking Mist.

If you are new to Althea, you can sign up for 15% discount on your first purchase!

Signature Market

This is the third time that they gifted me their nut trail mix and I love, love, the omega-3 trail mix, especially the cranberries and pumpkin seeds inside! I’ve also received my second bottle of hand soap and let me tell you this, brands outside could NEVER smell this good and be this gentle to your skin.

Tag Photobooth

I’ve lived 23 years of my life and this is by far the best quality of photo booth that I have ever encountered! It’s a really high definition in soft copy and hard copy. They really use good materials for their prints to not disappoint you! You can tell how happy I am by having so many prints here! I think I have 7 prints in total (one of them is hidden at the back of one of those photos in the picture; gosh what a riddle).

Curmudgeon's Brew & Hearty Party

I got the peanut butter coffee and unsweetened chocolate milk from the Curmudgeon’s Brew! Sadly, because I didn’t keep them well, they went bad and I couldn’t drink them anymore Technically I took a few sips and I ended up having diarrhoea for a few days, I’m telling you, this shows that they really did not put preservatives into their coffee! Oh, you can also tell that the drinks went rancid by the sour smell and sour taste. I was stupid, I thought it was still alright, so it’s technically my fault. I wanted to reorder but I haven’t really had the time. Will update on Instagram to let you know how it is!

I also brought home my own painting from Hearty Party’s Painting Party! It’s fun to bring some colour to my own room as well. It matches really well with my light-grey + dark brown + pink themed room.

Once again, I am really grateful for this opportunity to have so much fun at the party! It was really great to be out of the office and have some fun sometimes. It also took me a while to compose this blog post because there was so much happening in the office and I was really trying to hold myself up. (Clients can be really tough sometimes. It’s worse when all of them are making things harder at the same time.)

Great thanks to all the sponsors and collaborators to make this wonderful party a thing! It’s not possible to have the same and amazing experience without you <3

Thanks for reading this blog post! Make sure you check these cool brands out and also check out my other blog posts because I make really cool yet different contents around here 😉

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