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Review | I bought anti-theft bags to travel with peace of mind – Pacsafe

Travel-fever is back! It seems like everyone is indulging in “revenge-traveling,” and my social media feed is flooded with posts from different countries every week. Now that I have more disposable income as an adult, I want to enhance my travel experience by having more purchasing power, all while ensuring the safety of my belongings and eliminating any risks of theft. Taking unnecessary risks is not my cup of tea—I prefer to take every possible measure to protect my valuables (which is why I avoid gambling). The challenge, however, lies in the weight restrictions imposed by airlines when traveling by plane.

Airlines typically limit the weight of carry-on bags to around 7 kilograms and checked-in bags to 25 kilograms. This weight restriction can be quite limiting, especially for someone like me who loves to shop and desires to bring along essential items while also bringing back an abundance of newly purchased goods.

During my search for suitable bags in Malaysia, I discovered that the available information online was rather scarce. However, luck was on my side when I stumbled upon a store called Planet Traveller, where I explored the XD-Designer brand. I had come across this brand previously at a stall in Isetan Japan, Lot10. Unfortunately, I found their designs to be incredibly unattractive (in my humble opinion), making it difficult for me to justify spending a significant amount of money on them.

To my surprise, I stumbled upon another brand called Pacsafe in the same store, and it immediately caught my attention. Although their designs may be considered ordinary, that’s precisely what appeals to me. I want to shop without drawing unwanted attention from individuals with malicious intentions.


Rob Schlipper and Magnus McGlashan founded Pacsafe in 1998 with a vision to help travelers embrace life’s adventures. With decades of travelling experiences, they’ve encountered a lot of issues in terms of being safe and having a lot of concerns. Their goal is to minimize frowning while traveling. 

I bought these just days ago from Boarding Gate, and let me tell you, I wasted no time in putting them to use. From the moment I made the purchase, I knew they were going to be a game-changer. And you know what? They didn’t disappoint. In fact, they are incredibly comfortable to use. I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

It’s worth noting that Boarding Gate is part of a larger family that includes The Planet Traveller and The Wallet. What’s great is that their VIP membership program is standardized across these outlets. So, if you’re a bit confused or curious about how it all works, let me break it down for you:

  1. You only need to make a one-time purchase of RM1500 to enjoy a lifetime membership.
  2. There’s no need to make additional RM1500 purchases to maintain your membership in subsequent years.
  3. It’s important to remember that the VIP membership is applicable for in-store purchases and doesn’t extend to online transactions at the moment.
  4. Furthermore, your membership benefits can only be utilized in the country where you initially registered.

Coversafe X100 RFID Blocking Waist Wallet

If you’re someone who prefers to travel light and keep your hands and pockets free, but still need a reliable way to carry your belongings, I’ve got something you’ll love. Even my boyfriend is totally hooked on it! He takes it everywhere and only brings along his cash and cards. Oh, and did I mention it can even hold our iPhone 13 Pro Max? Pretty nifty, right?

One of the coolest things about this bag is its RFID-blocking material. It’s great for peace of mind, knowing that your cards are safe from any sneaky attempts to access your information. And the best part? The zippers and buckles are cleverly hidden, making it really tough for anyone to open or remove anything without you noticing.

But here’s the real game-changer: this bag is designed with anti-slash features. That means you don’t have to worry about someone trying to damage your bag or snatch it away from you. It’s built to withstand the everyday wear and tear of your adventures, so you can focus on exploring without any added stress (unless you decide to go extreme and burn it or take a knife to it, but let’s hope it never comes to that!).

So, if you’re on the lookout for a practical and secure bag that doesn’t compromise on style, this one’s a winner. Trust me, it’ll keep your belongings safe while you roam around, giving you that extra peace of mind that we all need when we’re out and about.

Citysafe CX Convertible Anti-Theft Crossbody

This bag has become my new favorite. I used to wear Coach all the time, and don’t get me wrong, it’s a great brand. But lately, I’ve found their designs less appealing, and the price point has become harder for me to justify. With this new bag, I can maintain a low profile because it doesn’t scream “designer brand” and doesn’t have any flashy logos.

The best part is that the entire bag is cut-resistant, so I don’t have to worry about anyone trying to slash it open. And the pockets have RFID protection, which gives me peace of mind when I’m navigating crowded places like trains or busy markets.

Speaking of pockets, this bag has two main compartments. The front pocket is perfect for storing smaller items, while the main compartment can hold larger belongings. In my case, I carry my wallet, phone, power bank, sanitizers, lipsticks, and some religious-related items for protection. The strap is adjustable, allowing me to “resize” the bag as needed. Buckling the top hoops expands the bag’s capacity, while the bottom hoops reduce its size. And when I fold the top part over, a handy magnet helps secure the bag, keeping it neatly folded.

Overall, this bag has ticked all the boxes for me. It offers practicality, security, and a stylish appearance without the hefty price tag or flashy branding. It’s become my trusty companion for all my daily adventures.

Citysafe® CX Anti-Theft Backpack

Finally, the most expensive but the best purchase out of all: a backpack that surpasses all others in terms of security features and compartmentalization.

Let’s talk about the pockets. There are two side pockets perfectly designed to hold an umbrella and a water bottle. The front pocket boasts an impressive capacity, rivaling that of my trusty crossbody bag. As for the main pocket, it can comfortably accommodate a laptop, leaving ample space for other belongings. Inside the main pocket, there are additional compartments for even more organization options.

Now, let’s dive into the remarkable security features of this backpack. The zipper on the main pocket offers not just one, but two securing methods. Firstly, a sophisticated locking system ensures that both zip pullers interlock together, and then they can be hooked onto the top holes of the zipper and secured with a sliding lock. But that’s not all—the cleverly designed metal bars surrounding the opening of the bag prevent any access to the interior unless the bag is fully opened. To top it off, the bag itself is fortified with cut-resistant material and boasts RFID pockets, providing a shield of protection for your belongings. And for added convenience, you can even detach one end of the strap and attach it securely to a fixture.

This backpack truly embodies versatility, making it suitable for various occasions. Whether I’m traveling to foreign lands and effortlessly attaching it to my luggage on the go, or simply using it as my daily companion to explore local cafes, it never disappoints. And should the need arise, it’s more than capable of accommodating my 16″ laptop and accompanying me on my journeys.

With its exceptional security features, abundance of storage compartments, and multipurpose nature, this backpack stands head and shoulders above the rest. It may have been a splurge, but it’s proven to be worth every penny, becoming my trusted companion for all my adventures.

The content in this blog post is based on authentic and genuine personal experience and it is written with full honesty. The items mentioned in this blog post are not sponsored and not monetarily compensated. I’ve paid for them myself. As usual, all of my reviews, verdicts and opinions are truthful and will not be influenced by the sponsors/collaborators.

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