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Foodie| Matcha Eight at LaLaport BBCC

The content in this blog post is based on authentic and genuine personal experience and it is written with full honesty. The items mentioned in this blog post are sponsored and this review is not monetarily compensated. As usual, all of my reviews, verdicts and opinions are truthful and will not be influenced by the sponsors/collaborators.

This blog post will start with a product and brand introduction with a first-look review, then it will end with the final verdict.

Matcha Eight

Matcha Eight serves artisanal, premium, and 100% natural Japanese tea ice cream made with the finest single-origin tea powder imported from Wazuka town, Kyoto Prefecture. They are the first premium Japanese tea ice cream artisan in Malaysia offering a sencha, matcha, and hojicha series of varying tea richness to suit everyone’s palate. Matcha Eight is a creation of culinary art and passion with an exclusive partnership with Michelin-starred Master Chef Takuji Takahashi from Kyoto. He masterfully devised each recipe for Matcha Eight ice cream without additives and preservatives, so what you get is natural, authentic, and premium Japanese tea ice cream.

“We strive to serve you the best natural Japanese tea ice cream that lifts up your mood and puts a smile on your face, one scoop at a time.”

During our visit, the store was not completely ready but they were excited to show us how yummy their ice creams are. So, they got their interior designs up before any decorations and powered up the freezer to serve us all of their ice cream flavours. The concept of their store is to sell Matcha and Hojicha ice cream based on the level of richness in each flavor. For Matcha, there are 6 levels in total.

  1. Lovesick Girl
  2. Soulmate
  3. Maybe It’s Love
  4. Matcha Me Tonight
  5. Hocus Matcha-cus
  6. Melodrama Queen

Hojicha only has 2 levels of richness. 

  1. Hojilicious
  2. Ho Ho Hoji

Launch Event (20th Jan 2022)

I got their full menu included below. For their launch event, they had given out free ice cream vouchers for the first 50 redeemers but I didn’t get to redeem it hahahha




True enough, the matcha flavors are very rich yet smooth when it slowly melts in our mouths. Right after a fresh scoop, the ice cream melts very slowly under the tropical weather. We were talking to the PR Manager for a few minutes and the ice cream still looks solid on the inside. We were given the ice cream in a cup with a wooden spoon.  I ordered number 2 which is very suitable for people who prefer a lighter matcha bitterness with a tinge of vegetal taste and number 6 which has the strongest and most vivid green tones than the other flavors. It is very strong but not throat-punching strong, essentially still very smooth when it melts down the throat.

According to the PR manager, the rest of the items will be available in-store, the rest being: Beverages, Charcoal Cones, and Toppings (Azuki, Mochi, and Gold Flakes).  All of these will be made available once the store opens for its official launch which is on the 20th of January 2022. 

  • Beverages include Matcha Tea (cold), Matcha Latte (hot/cold), Hojicha Latte (hot/cold),  Matcha Latte Float, and Hojicha Latte Float.
  • Mochi and Azuki (red bean paste) are for cups only
  • The Gold Flakes option would be available weeks/months later as they are currently still stuck in Japan.

If you love Matcha and Hojicha, do look forward to it! To locate the store, locate Starbucks in Gourmet Street that is right where the WOW Plaza is. (Not the same row as Shabu-yo) Then, follow the path and you will find Matcha Eight on the same row as Starbucks.

Matcha Eight @ LaLaport | 10am – 10pm daily
Lot G68, Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport Bukit Bintang City Centre,
No. 2, Jln Hang Tuah, 55100 KL, Malaysia

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