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Review | Murad Retinal ReSculpt™ Overnight Treatment

In the realm of anti-ageing skincare, Murad has once again captured our attention with the highly anticipated release of their Retinal ReSculpt™ Overnight Treatment. This latest offering has all the makings of a true game-changer, specifically designed to combat the effects of gravity, pollution, and the natural ageing process.

As the years pass, our skin’s underlying structure undergoes gradual changes, leading to the development of sagging and crepey skin that seems to defy our youthful aspirations. Sun damage further exacerbates these concerns, leaving us with jowls that droop and neck rings that serve as visible markers of our age.

While Murad has already gained acclaim for their Retinol Youth Renewal Serum, a beloved option for preserving youthfulness and providing mild-to-moderate improvements to ageing skin, the Retinal ReSculpt™ Overnight Treatment takes things to a whole new level. This cutting-edge formula has been clinically proven to address advanced signs of ageing, delivering visible lifting effects on sagging necks and jowls, as well as enhancing skin elasticity. Its transformative powers also extend to smoothing deep-set wrinkles and tackling crepey skin, restoring a renewed sense of vitality.

Central to its success is the innovative encapsulated retinol, which boasts an impressive 2.5 times greater effectiveness in penetrating the skin compared to free-retinal alternatives. This groundbreaking technology ensures that you can achieve remarkable results in a shorter period, offering a truly remarkable addition to your skincare routine.

Yet, the Retinal ReSculpt™ Overnight Treatment doesn’t stop there. Murad has harnessed the power of nature, infusing this potent treatment with extracts of Kangaroo paw flower and olive leaf. These botanical wonders not only support the skin’s resilience but also work to minimize the appearance of sagging areas. Additionally, the combination of oat lipids and alpha glucan replenishes ceramides, amplifying moisture levels and restoring the skin’s natural barrier.

Starting from June 1, 2023, the Retinal ReSculpt™ Overnight Treatment will be available for purchase at all Murad outlets, as well as online at, retailing at RM598.


In 1989, Dr. Murad founded Murad, Inc., the first brand of clinical skincare products, setting a new standard for high-performance skincare. Soon after in May of 1990, Dr. Muradlaunched what he called his “skincare revolution” at a speaking engagement at Esthetics’West Expo. His manifesto was simple: “Skincare is healthcare.” His vision was to bring skin care professionals of all stripes together to work as a team, using scientifically proven formulas and technologies, to help people achieve the healthiest, most beautiful skin ever.

For more than 30 years, Murad has been committed to developing clinically proven, cruelty-free products that meet the meticulous standards for safety, efficacy, and care you’d expect from a doctor. Plus, they’re supported by Dr. Murad’s industry-first research for the most advanced formulas that don’t just consider a symptom or concern, but rather address total skin health.

Retinal ReSculpt™ Overnight Treatment


When it comes to retinoids, making the right choice is essential. The options available in the market can be overwhelming, but understanding your skin’s needs is key.

If you’re in your younger years, typically between the ages of 20 and 40, preserving your skin’s youthfulness while improving its condition is a top priority. In this case, retinol (O) is an excellent choice. On the other hand, for those who are older, especially after reaching menopausal age, a more potent and efficient method is necessary to combat the signs of ageing and address existing damage. This is where retinal (A) comes into play. The impressive results I witnessed within just one month of using this product were showcased through informative slides, leaving me truly impressed.

The product has a fragrance listed as its last ingredient, yet the smell itself is rather pleasant. It’s neither overpowering nor strong, making it quite tolerable. The texture is reminiscent of a thick eye cream, creamy and easy to spread across the skin (as long as you work quickly). Once it dries down, there is a slight stickiness, but that is to be expected. Despite this, my skin still feels breathable and comfortable.

As retinoids are intended for nighttime use only, I incorporate it into my bedtime routine without any issues. My eczema-prone skin welcomed it with open arms, as I experienced no irritation whatsoever. Additionally, I was relieved to see that my skin remained clear without any signs of breakouts.

It’s important to note that retinoids can react differently on each individual’s skin. Having used retinol (1% with squalane) for a while now, I have mostly transitioned to the tolerance and after-purging phase of the journey. It’s normal for some people to experience breakouts during the initial stages as the skin purges impurities from within. Thus, determination and patience are crucial when starting with retinoids.

One of the most remarkable aspects of this product is its beginner-friendly nature. Unlike other brands that recommend starting with a 0.5% concentration, Murad’s Retinal is equally safe for all users while still delivering impressive results. Stronger levels of retinoids should only be used under professional guidance, unless an over-the-counter option is allowed.

Now, let’s address the price point. While it may initially seem intimidating, it’s important to understand the reasoning behind it. The formulation of this product is neither easy nor inexpensive. Furthermore, a 30ml bottle can last anywhere from 6 to 12 months, depending on your usage. You don’t need a large amount for the entire face; a 20-cent coin-sized portion is sufficient for my face and neck. What matters most is the stability and effectiveness of the product. Opting for a regular retinol treatment requires your skin to work harder, while Murad’s retinal product reduces the burden without compromising any aspect of your skin.

Come embrace the potential of your skin’s renewal journey with Murad’s Retinal ReSculpt™ Overnight Treatment. Bid farewell to saggy skin and welcome a more radiant and youthful complexion. Get ready to embark on a transformative experience that redefines the standards of anti-ageing skincare.

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