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Korea 2024 | Ewha University Shopping District

Ewha University, a renowned women’s university, is a popular tourist destination boasting a plethora of retail shops nearby. Here, you’ll find affordable and modern goods ranging from clothing and accessories to beauty products and more! Visitors often flock to this area to explore its vibrant shopping scene. Additionally, you can stroll through the campus grounds (public zones only) to get a taste of the university experience.

Ewha University

Despite arriving a couple of days after the cherry blossoms had peaked, it was still a breathtaking sight to see the remaining blooms at Ewha University. While the campus is open to the public, access to classrooms and other private areas is restricted. We didn’t venture far into the campus, opting instead to enjoy a brief stroll before continuing on our way.

We also stopped by the shop inside the campus, but unfortunately, we didn’t find many things that piqued our interest. It was a bit disappointing, to say the least.

Shopping District

I’m not sure if it was because it was about 10am-12pm during the school day, but the shopping district was exceptionally quiet. Not only was the streets empty, many shops has signs of “to rent” and looked to be closed down for a long time. If this street became unpopular, that would be really saddening. 

Even Woono, an accessory shop that I used to frequent during my 2019 trip, had closed down. Unable to locate their new location, I decided to leave the shopping district altogether. Perhaps it was time to explore other shopping districts instead, especially if this one had lost its charm.

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