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Review| OLENS Mood Night (and/or Toric)

Did you know that O-lens Global now caters to toric-wearing users? You can now purchase the Mood Night series with regular power options or with astigmatism’s toric option. Additionally, you can purchase the Vivi Ring series with toric as well! The toric option comes with Brown, Choco, and Gray.

Mood Night

Mood Toric, Mood Brown, and Mood Gray

Introducing “OLENS,” the premium color contact lens brand from Korea that focuses on beauty and healthy eye styling. Say hello to Mood Night, the captivating new series released this month, available in mesmerizing shades of Mood Brown and Mood Gray. These lenses are all about enhancing your eye aesthetics and giving you that effortlessly chic look.

Mood Night lenses feature a soft edge line and soothing, muted shades, effortlessly creating a naturally classic vibe for your eyes. They effortlessly elevate your everyday look with an air of elegance and sophistication. Get ready to experience the captivating allure of Mood Night lenses, as they enhance your eye color with an amazing color-changing effect. These lenses boast highly pigmented color graduation, resulting in a remarkably realistic size and pattern.

And for those who need toric lenses, OLENS has got you covered with the Mood Night Toric option.  The astigmatism contact lenses have a “J” mark on the surface. To correct astigmatism perfectly, you have to wear it when the “J” mark is placed at the bottom when you look at it from the front. You can also watch this video to better understand it visually.

Lens Information

Duration: Monthly
Total Diameter: 14.2mm
Graphic Diameter: 13.3mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm

Water Content: 40%
Material: SILICONE
Power: 0.00 – 8.00
Colour Tone: Gray

Comes with a free tweezer and an applicator in every order (global site).

The free tweezer and applicator come in a small casing which is pretty good for submersion disinfecting. Not only that, the casing helps a lot during travelling so the tools aren’t missing in the bags or getting contaminated by touching other things.

Moon Brown

Moon Gray


축축함 Moisture//편안함 Comfortability: These Moon Night lenses are made with SILICONE material. It has about 2% more water content than the HEMA material that is used for their newer monthly lenses.

그래픽 디자인 Graphic DesignMood Night contact lenses offer a mesmerizing aesthetic that adds a touch of mystery to your gaze. With a graphic diameter of 13.33mm, Mood Night provides a noticeable enlargement effect, accentuating the eyes and creating a captivating look. The deep and rich color of Mood Night adds depth and intensity to your eyes, making them stand out and leaving a lasting impression.

Now, let’s compare the graphic diameters of the remaining lenses you mentioned. Real Ring has a diameter of 12.5mm, offering a subtle and natural enhancement. Vivi Ring has a diameter of 13.0mm, providing a balanced enlargement effect. Apple Ring has a slightly larger diameter of 13.1mm, while Spanish Circle matches the same diameter of 13.3mm. Glowy also has a diameter of 13.1mm, offering a radiant and bright-eyed look. Lastly, Starlight boasts the largest diameter at 13.9mm, providing a dramatic and bold appearance.

Whether you prefer a subtle enhancement or a more striking and noticeable effect, these lenses offer a range of options to suit your desired look. Mood Night captures attention with its mysterious allure, while Real Ring, Vivi Ring, Apple Ring, Spanish Circle, Glowy, and Starlight cater to different preferences in terms of graphic diameter and overall impact. It’s important to consider your personal style, occasion, and comfort when selecting the perfect lens that makes you feel confident and beautiful.

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