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Review| OLENS Ending Brown & Gray

This week, we have another ring-styled contact lens. In the previous post, I mentioned some of the contact lenses which are different from the graphic diameter. I will also leave some of the information here for you as a reference as well.


Brown & Gray

Olens is all about enhancing your natural beauty and taking care of your eyes, so you know they’ve got your back. The Ending series offers some amazing shades like the calming Ending Brown and the sophisticated Ending Gray. These lenses are designed with meticulous attention to detail, giving your eyes a peaceful and soft color that’s really soothing. And guess what? They also create a subtle enlarging effect that adds a touch of allure. It’s pretty mesmerizing, to be honest. You should definitely check it out! Oh, and by the way, Hani from the NewJeans line looks really graceful with the Ending Brown lenses, and Minji rocks the Ending Gray lenses with pure elegance. They’re definitely pulling off the look!

Lens Information

Duration: Daily
Total Diameter: 14.2mm
Graphic Diameter: 13.2mm 
Base Curve: 8.7mm

Water Content: 48%
Material: PUSCON
Power: 0.00 – 8.00
Colour Tone: Gray, Brown, Olive

Comes with a free tweezer and an applicator in every order (global site).

The free tweezer and applicator come in a small casing which is pretty good for submersion disinfecting. Not only that, the casing helps a lot during travelling so the tools aren’t missing in the bags or getting contaminated by touching other things.




축축함 Moisture//편안함 Comfortability: For those seeking impeccable vision, you will want to consider this PUSCON material. This material makes you feel like you’re not wearing anything on your eyeballs at all. It keep your eyes refreshed throughout the day, ensuring clear vision without any discomfort. While it is recommended to wear them for around six hours, I personally exceeded that timeframe and still felt perfectly fine!  Here’s a quick description of PUSCON:

O-lens incorporates PUSCON, also known as Phosphorylcholine, into their daily contact lenses, harnessing the hydrophilic properties of this water-friendly material. It is even utilized in the creation of artificial blood vessels for cardiac surgeries, thanks to its molecular structure that closely resembles our bodies.

The benefits of PUSCON in O-lens daily contact lenses include:

  • Moisture: The moisture barrier ensures all-day hydration and repels dust, pollution, and protein buildup.
  • Comfort: A layer of moisture prevents protein adsorption and keeps the eyes comfortable. The recommended usage time is within six hours a day.
  • Health: These lenses provide ample oxygen and UVA/UVB protection, promoting healthy eye function.
  • Safety: They are safe for even the most sensitive of eyes, minimizing corneal damage from contact and abrasion while blocking harmful UV rays.

Overall, O-lens’s use of PUSCON in their daily lenses provides a superior, all-around solution for anyone seeking comfort, safety, and clear vision.

그래픽 디자인 Graphic Design: Ending contact lenses give a natural color change with a smooth transition of soft and mesmerizing hues. They’ve got a graphic diameter of 13.2mm, which adds a subtle and chill enlarging effect to your eyes.

Now, let’s check out the other lenses we talked about. Real Ring has a diameter of 12.5mm, giving your eyes a laid-back and natural enhancement. Vivi Ring rocks a 13.0mm diameter, striking that perfect balance between a little extra size and a natural look. Apple Ring steps it up a bit with a slightly larger diameter of 13.1mm, while Spanish Circle and Mood Night are right on the same wavelength with a 13.3mm diameter. Glowy brings the glow with a 13.1mm diameter, giving your eyes a bright and radiant look. And if you want to make a bold statement, Starlight takes the crown with its whopping 13.9mm diameter for a dramatic and daring appearance.

No matter if you’re into subtle vibes or want to make a statement, these lenses have got you covered. Ending lenses bring that mysterious allure, while Real Ring, Vivi Ring, Apple Ring, Spanish Circle, Glowy, and Starlight let you play with different graphic diameters and effects. Just pick the lens that matches your style, occasion, and makes you feel totally comfortable and beautiful.

The content in this blog post is based on authentic and genuine personal experience and it is written with full honesty. The items mentioned in this blog post are sponsored and this review is not monetarily compensated. As usual, all of my reviews, verdicts and opinions are truthful and will not be influenced by the sponsors/collaborators.


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