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Take a Look| Dolly Wink 10 Seconds Easy Lashes

Butterfly Christmas Party​

The Butterfly Project | Koji Honpo | Kakiyuki

7th December 2019 | 12:30pm – 2:30pm | Japanese Christmas Mode
Kakiyuki, 163 Mont Kiara


Kakiyuki at Mont 163 is a wide and open space which is absolutely great for hosting events. It is a white-themed cafe with blues accents to match their company colour. As it was an early Christmas event, they had (nicely & creatively) decorated their wooden tree with some green leaves and red Christmas decorations. 

We were welcomed by Christmas Elves (TBP Volunteers) and Reindeers (Kakiyuki staffs). Everyone was so nice and kind, full of smiles as bright as the whole environment! Seriously, if you’re in Mont Kiara, you should drop by to Mont 163 to check out this Kakiyuki branch.


I’m sorry, I’m very much a foodie and I cannot stress enough on how AMAZING these desserts from the beginning of the party had brightened up our mood! It was simply amazing. I could not have imagined how great they had tasted. This is especially with the CUSTARD PUDDING!

Guys! If you are ever going to visit Kakiyuki and planned to eat value-worthy desserts, please try the custard pudding! It was really amazing. 

On top of that, please try their mochi/daifuku. They can be a little bit sticky but the taste and the fillings were so amazing. I didn’t get to try the strawberry one yet but the Yuzu one was really one of it’s kind!

Kakiyuki is also popular with their Kakigori! Well actually, they were formally known as Kakigori. If you didn’t know the change (dated back in June), you can read it from this link here. I’ve tried their strawberry yoghurt Kakigori called Pink Mont Blanc (thank you, Carolyn, for ordering it! <3) and it was quite interesting to find some cake pieces in it. The only thing was that the strawberries inside were frozen and I wasn’t able to bite into it. 

They also have a lot of other options for you to choose from! Take a look from Kakiyuki’s menu below!

Kakiyuki Menu

Kakiyuki has their menu on the wall. Same goes to their food display too! Look below and we will first see the Kakigori options that they are offering. They are also offering a value set which allows you to choose either a Matcha Tea or Daifuku as an add-on for RM5. I personally think the Daifuku is totally worth it. 

Then, they are also offering a lot more other desserts. They have Daifuku in 6 different options [Matcha Strawberry, Goma, Chocolate, Yuzu Honey, Yam, and Genmaicha] which all sounds very, very tasty! They also have

  • Monaka Ice Cream Sandwich
    • Matcha
    • Black Sesame
  • Warabimochi
    • Matcha
    • Kinako
    • Mixed
  • Zenzai (warm dessert soup)
    • Red Bean with Yuzu Dango
    • Goma with Toasted Rice Puff
  • Anmitsu (traditional dessert bowl)
    • Matcha
    • Goma
  • Custard Pudding
  • Roll Cakes
    • Matcha
    • Hojicha

You can also choose the dessert set if you feel like trying a variety of desserts. As it is Christmas season, Kakiyuki also have Christmas special Kakigori for this year! The options are Blackcurrent Custard Kakigori and Chocolate Mint Kakigori.

Before we stray too far off the topic for today, let’s go check out the star of the day!

Dolly Wink Lashes!

Dolly Wink 10 Second Lashes

Koji Honpo displayed their brand new 10 Second Easy Lashes on the table for everyone to view. They are designed for everyone, inclusive lash newbies who have never tried putting on lashes before. (I was there, so I know how the struggle feels when I tried to put it on the first time.) These lashes are specifically created and debuted for the 10th Year Anniversary!

If you look into the right side of the display, you will see that every colour has a designated theme. Pink is for dinner and dates. Yellow is for daily wear, at work or play. Green/turquoise is for photos aka Instagrammable moments and. Purple is for parties and holidays. There are 4 designs for each colour theme, which makes 16 designs in total! 

Take a look at each of them below:

16 Lashes For Your Day-to-Day

It’s great that Dolly Wink had made a list of the 16 Easy Lashes with the colours, lash photos and photos with lashes on the eyes. This helps people to decide easier when they want to decide on a pair of lashes from this 10 Seconds Easy Lash series. 

I have also taken photos of the actual lashes for you! Take a look:

In Real Life

Oh! Did you know that each lash is reusable up to 30 days?! That says a lot about their durability and they only cost RM29.90 a pair! This means that each day/use will only cost you about RM 1 (for every 30-day usage).

We were also given a set of lashes to bring home! It was included within a big red paper bag filled with along with other goodies from Koji! 

Goodie Bags

Quite honestly, I was so surprised when I looked into the bag. It was filled with so many things! Aside from the eye-shadow palettes and the eyelash curler, which were collected back by Koji Honpo staffs, we get to take everything else back home! I didn’t have the time to look closer into everything from the party but I went home and had fun playing around the goodies.

Take a Look into the Goodie Bag

We got 10 cool products from Koji and they are all related to eye makeup (except hand cream). Here’s breakdown to every product that I had received:

I was given No 6, No 10, No 11, and No 16. It also comes along with a false lash holder. I kinda wished that the lash holder has compartments inside to hold the lashes better. Let’s focus more on the eyelashes later and look at the other products first.

We were also given a set of Tsubasa Masuwaka produced Dolly Wink products: Liquid Eyeliner and Eyebrow Pencil. I had the same black liquid eyeliner that they had sponsored to The Butterfly Project two years ago in their 7th Anniversary Party. They are still doing great until now, can you believe that?! You can check it out here.

They had also given us two eye-glue products. One is an eyelid glue and another one is an eyelash glue – Koji Eyelash Fix Strong. I bought the eyelash glue before and it was pretty good. You can use it for a very long time but I would not recommend keeping mascaras or eyelash glues for a long period for hygienic reasons.

I haven’t tried the eyebrow pencil yet so I took it out and tested it on the back of my palm. A little too tough at first but it gets really pigmented after a few more swipes. Unfortunately, it does not come with a cap, to which I find a little bit hard to accept. Other than that, it’s pretty good. This colour fits my brow colours as well, which is great!

This one here surprised me a little. It’s actually a double eyelid glue – Koji Eye Talk Super Waterproof! I didn’t know we were actually given one till I saw it in the goodie bag. How great is that?! It has a few varieties (Pink as Bestseller and Purple as Super Hold) and this version water-resistant. It is also on the Cosme chart as Top 1 from March 2019 until May 2019.

I never had one so I was curious about what it looks like. They had a fork applicator attached to the ring that wraps around the product. You can use that to fold your lids. The applicator was also a brush wand. I was wondering if it was going to be like a normal water glue bottle.

The last item that they had given us was hand cream. It’s small but it has a very thick consistency. It was not sticky and it absorbs into my skin quite quickly.

Closer look into the lashes

Let’s go back to the lashes! Each box comes with a pair of lashes as well as a small bottle of glue for your convenience. From left to right, you will find the 10 Second lashes in model No 06, No 11, No 16 and No 10 in the photos below.

These lashes are very natural looking. It’s not for the usual ABG’s (Asian Baby Girls) but they pretty much suit everyone. I find that it is less intimidating for beginners to wear. They are quite wispy too, which is very helpful to look natural on our eyes.

Earlier on, I had mentioned that each lash can last up to 30 uses. This would mean that the lash glue in the box would also be able to last you long enough. The glue is very strong and it allows the lashes to be attached to your lids very quickly. Literally, it will be stuck to your eyes within 10 seconds. I did mine and I only needed about 5 seconds. How cool was that?!

I have also made a video demonstrating how to use the lashes below. Here’s my face without eye makeup. This was probably the first time I had attended an event without eye makeup >w<

How to Use

Remove each eyelash from the packaging by lifting outside edge very carefully. Fit each eyelash by firstly holding in front of your eyelashes line to determine correct length. Cut off the excess length from the outside edge or inside if necessary.

Apply a thin line of glue on the false eyelash and place it as close to the eyelash roots as possible. Gently press to secure the false eyelash. Apply eyeshadow & eyeliner to accentuate the line of the eyelash.

If you want to purchase these lashes, you can head to 4AllBeauty. 4AllBeauty is the official site to purchase Koji, 1028 visual therapy, Kracie, Pax Moly, Avance, Bison, Maithong. If you downloaded it for the first time, the app will grant you an RM30 off coupon!

Other than that, all Koji products are available in Watsons or purchase online with Hermo.

That is all for this post! I hope you had fun looking around the photos and reading my writing huhuuh.  Have a nice day

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