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Review| Freaky Nine: Korean Tattoo Artists Meets Temporary Tattoo

Skin is a canvas. I always see it that way especially when there are so many ways to decorate it. On the face, you can have so many different ways to style and draw with makeup products. On the body, there’s always body artwork using body paints. Tattoos are the same. How a person chooses to use the canvas is how they present themselves to the outside world; their thoughts, their personality, their views, opinions, etc. How a person chooses to use the canvas depends on their liking too.

Personally, I like my canvas empty. If we want to dig deep into my thoughts, I am afraid that making a lifelong commitment will end with regrets and resentments towards myself. I also like a lot of things and I want to do a lot of things; I have difficulties choosing something I want to do for a long, long time. With that, most of my preference includes using methods that can be removed completely whenever I feel like it. At most, I might keep a few pictures just to reminisce the times I have them.

Having a tattoo is the same for me, I can’t bring myself to commit even though I have been wanting to. Usually in this scenario, temporary tattoos are the best. Traditionally, temporary tattoos have designs that make them look antique/outdated with an obvious shine after applying them onto the skin. The designs and outcomes are just not appealing at all. 

Surprisingly, the temporary tattoo industry is advancing as well. New temporary tattoos simply do not look or need to be applied like how they used to be. It is with Freaky Nine that I discovered that.


Freaky Nine is a South Korean online store that sells temporary tattoos designed by local tattoo artists. At this moment the available 10 artists are: Urban, 242, Doran, Haesi, Hane, Ichi, Kaya, Momo, Rorang, and Wana. 

On The Skin

In the olden days, applying a temporary tattoo actually needs some wet clothes or loose powder to make it work like it’s a proper tattoo. It’s actually different for Freaky Nine’s tattoo. They have a simpler method requiring lesser items.

All you need to do is to make sure your skin is properly wiped with alcohol wipes and then press the design onto the skin firmly for about 30 seconds. The best part? You don't need water to do this.

What I'll do is that I would cut the design into a proper shape, leaving some blank space so that I can easily navigate by coordinating my hands and my eyes.

Once I found the best position, I just place the design firmly onto my skin and hold it there for about 30 seconds and a little more just to be sure that I've gotten everything onto my skin.

When I'm ready, I would slowly peel off the sheet and make sure that it doesn't lift.

The biggest relief is when all of the parts are perfectly adhered onto the skin.

This is the end result! I've tried with putting on some loose powder but it looked very fake, so I just rinse off the powder with running tap water. After that, it looked pretty natural with a little bit of shine. The shine isn't very obvious at all!

Since my tattoo has two fishes on it, I wanted to apply the second half onto my boyfie's arm too. With the same method, I've repeated the process as carefully as I could.

Though this time, despite wiping through the same spot with alcohol wipes, one of the line lifted from the skin. This may be due to the dampness that is still on the skin.

Anywho, my boyfie is absolutely alright with the missing line. He jokingly said that he likes it because it's like the fish has "no brain", indirectly indicating that he's not the brain of the relationship (he's the muscle; which is highly accurate).

Here's what it looks like immediately after we had applied. I know that he has paler skin but the focus should be on the tattoos >v<

This photo is taken on the same night after we had showered a few times (we had a sweaty day running between places). As you can see, the tattoo is holding on well.


Immediately after it has been set, I’ve tried to smudge it to see how good it sticks onto the skin. It didn’t budge but if I were to put more friction or use a wet and rough cloth, I’m pretty sure it will be damaged. This was basically said on the webpage too. The tattoo can handle a lot but if you deliberately choose to break it, then it would definitely break.

On the third day, when stretching the skin, the lines are starting to break up a little bit. It’s quite common as we stretch our skin throughout the day anyway. It’s not obvious though.

On the fifth day, the tattoo had visibly fall off in some parts. If you are a frequent shower-er, it would definitely come off more. The one curving to the right (mine) is still somewhat visible whereas the one curving to the left (boyfie’s) is already starting to look less like a fish.

On day 7, this is what is left on our skin. We may as well just remove them at this point.

Mine and His

How to remove

Simply apply some makeup remover (or maybe even baby oil) and rub it off your skin, you can either do so with your fingers, cloth, or cotton pads. They come off really easily!


I was shopping for a new wallet in Coach and my sales lady was praising how great these look! I explained to her how different these tattoos are and she thought they were real! Here are some shots that I’ve managed to take whilst being outside. I figured I should utilize the occasion anyway.

That’s all for this post! I do plan to start buying more temporary tattoos as it seems like the designs are finally catching up with the current trend and likings. Temporary tattoos are the best when it comes to flexibly decorating our skin without the full commitment, pain of getting them, seeing them fade or getting blurry, or pain of getting rid of them.


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