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BT| O-LENS x BLACKPINK in Pink Venom and Shut Down

O-lens is always known to be the best Korean contact lens in the whole world. They are affordable to purchase, comfortable to wear, and look very natural on the eyes. Aside from that, they do receive huge support from major celebrities like BLACKPINK. 

If you’re a BLINK, you may have seen your favourite person wearing one/more of O-lenses in their daily routine or performances. Take Lisa and Jisoo in the latest music videos: Pink Venom and Shut Down. They were using the O-lens Russian Smoky Gray lenses which looks amazing on them. 

Lisa even wore it in one of her Paris vlog on her Youtube channel!

러시안 스모키 | Russian Smoky

Maximize exotic mood from Day to Night with extreme natural enlarger effecter smoky. Added 0.6mm of graphic size, the contact lens is equipped with a natural 13.3mm graphic diameter. The colours are naturally blended with the soft edge line that enhances your extra dimension eye styling. Smoky is the upgraded version of Velvet.

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