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Review | ISNTREE Green Tea Fresh Line, Chestnut BHA 2% & Sun Gel

The content in this blog post is based on authentic and genuine personal experience and it is written with full honesty. The items mentioned in this blog post are sponsored and this review is not monetarily compensated. As usual, all of my reviews, verdicts and opinions are truthful and will not be influenced by the sponsors/collaborators.

This blog post will start with a product and brand introduction with a first-look review, then it will end with the final verdict.

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ISNTREE = ISland + Nature + TREE

ISNTREE is designed to have an image of a clean and natural environment like an island that is pure and free of all pollution. Their vision is to have a strong tree that bears good fruits for their consumers using natural plant materials.

The story of the brand creation is rather interesting. The founder himself was the first Korea Blogger that focuses on ingredient content who later discovered the opportunity to create a brand that fits his calling, using raw natural material extracts and giving confidence to his consumers by maintaining their certificates and good grades on the EWG Skin Deep database.

The products of these brands are all cruelty-free, sustainable, dermatologist-tested, and zero harmful materials. It is available in major pharmacy stores such as Olive Young, Lalavla, Lohbs, Boots, as well as department stores like Chicor, Lotte Duty-Free Store, and Pierrot Shopping. It is also available on many major online stores such as Amazon, Taobao, Shopee, GMarket, and more.

Upon receiving these items, I have noticed a few things. I love that the packagings are simple and appealing. They do give out a clean and natural feeling. When I was reading the information sheets, there are a couple of ingredients that frequently appear on the ingredient lists within this series. These ingredients have great functions and key features which I feel are important to take note of.

Mainly from Jeju Island, contains Boseong green tea as well.

Jeju Island produces the best green tea due to the well-nutrient soil and temperate which creates the best conditions for green tea cultivation. These green tea leaves are rich in Vitamin C (6x more than green grapes), Tannin (skin protection, removal of dirt and sebum), and Polyphenol (rich in catechin: EC, ECG, EGC< and EGCG).

One of the best ingredients to deeply moisturize the skin. It helps to regenerate barriers whilst preventing them from evaporating.

This is a patented formula that includes Longleaf Pine Leaf Extract, David Elm Root Extract, Evening Primrose Extract, and Arrowroot Extract.  This combination has abundant phytosterol, tannin, gamma-linoleic acid, calcium, iron, magnesium, flavanoid, and vitamins. It helps to remove residues on the skin during cleansing whilst caring for the pores in terms of sebum control. It also keeps the skin healthy and lively, clean, improving skin texture, as well as relieving skin stress.

Green Tea Fresh Cleanser


When squeezing out the cleanser, it was mostly gel-like texture but a tiny bit runny. In its original form, it was already light in texture. After running it with some water, the cleanser quickly foams up but the foam distinctively felt light and gentle. Generally, it melted with the water very well and does not have unmelted clumps, or at least not all the time. 

The smell was light and subtle. You will have to sniff very hard and very close to get a whiff of the licorice-like green tea smell. It’s a good kind of smell, don’t worry. There are some green tea leaves particles within the cleansing gel but they are very soft and not abrasive at all.

Honestly, I feel like this is the best cleanser for everyone, especially for anyone who has sensitive skin and easily feels sensitive by smell. Not only that it has the gentlest smell, texture, and finishing, it is also very moisturizing to the skin due to the green tea extracts from Jeju Island and the 4 types of hyaluronic acids. This cleanser, full of EWG-safe rating ingredients, is evidently gentle upon using it on my skin. It caused zero irritation and had never triggered any sensitivity or eczema. Compared to the other brands that I have tried before, this is considered the utmost gentlest cleanser that maintains a good amount of moisture on the skin.

Green Tea Fresh Toner


I love that the packaging looks like it is made of glass but in actual fact, it is actually plastic. Even though it is plastic, the texture of the packaging still feels rather well-made. It is matte with an embed printing style. The bottle can be squeezed but the texture of the toner is very watery so you would not need to do that. It is runny like normal water except that it has the brown color tone from the green tea extract.

Just like the cleanser, it has a light and subtle smell that smells like licorice in a good way. Upon applying to the skin (without cotton), the toner feels very light and cooling.

This is basically a bottle full of Jeju Island green tea goodness. It’s not for drinking, obviously. The soothing feature is no joke, when applying it to two areas on my hand (one newly formed, one itching crazily for weeks with bumps), it managed to calm both of them. Of course, pairing it with the serum will definitely work better. The light texture also made the absorption process complete quicker. Absolutely no complaint about this toner at all!

Green Tea Fresh Serum


The bottle is larger and taller than most of the serums I have acquired and it also has a label that peels off easily, which is a huge bonus for recycling purposes. I like that the label has imprints/embed printing on it too. Such attention to the details!

Just like the toner, it is a bottle of Jeju Island green tea goodness with 77% of it being green tea extract. It has a light and runny texture, thicker than the toner but the absorption rate is still fairly high. The color is naturally from boiled green tea extract. It smells like licorice in a good way too.

I love how it quickly calms down my irritated skin when paired with the toner. It managed to calm down most of the eczema bumps on my arm as well. It also appears that the ingredient list contains a lot of goodies, such as effective and skin-caring plant extracts along with niacinamide and squalane. I believe this can be a great investment for those with really sensitive and easily triggered skin types. A must-try.

Chestnut BHA 2% Clear Liquid


It has a different color shade of bottle packaging which stands out quite a bit from the rest. Just like the cleanser and the toner, it is layered with an aluminum seal to keep it safe and new. Similarly, with the toner bottle, it is also easy to squeeze it but you also won’t be needing to do that because the texture resembles water.

There is no smell and no color to this product. Most of it is made up of water so the texture, smell, and color are just the same as water. As there is a 2% of BHA in this product, it may irritate a small minority of people. On my face and the back of my hand, it felt alright. (My face can handle 1% retinol and 10% niacinamide on an almost everyday basis.) I haven’t tried it on the other parts of my body yet, especially my neck which can get sensitive from the 10% niacinamide but not the 1% retinol.

You should wear sunscreen when using BHA during the daytime. So far, I haven’t had any issues pairing this BHA liquid with the rest of the products listed here, including the sunscreen. If you use glycolic acid (AHA) religiously, I do recommend trying salicylic acid (BHA) for a change.

Hyaluronic Acid Watery Sun Gel


The bottle is very compact and light, it is suitable for traveling or even just going out for a lunch date. It is very easy to squeeze and the lid is secure without easily sliding around.

I am surprised when I read the ingredient list because I wasn’t expecting it to have certain ingredients. There are niacinamide, centella (cica), astaxanthin, and 8 types of hyaluronic acid. Having these items are guaranteeing that your skin will be moisturized while having the moisture locked into your skin. This is important because many sunscreens do not really focus on moisture-balancing and would focus on UV ray blocking only. It also contains a lot of natural ingredients which many brands are not putting into their products.

Now, I am also surprised that it literally does not create any white cast at all. It absorbs into the skin fairly quickly and it doesn’t have a strong sunscreen smell to it. I think it probably took less than 0.5-2 minutes to be fully absorbed, depending on the thickness you’re using. The best part is that it doesn’t leave a sticky residue behind too so you won’t have to worry that you might look sick or look like a ghost. The experience of using this sunscreen is almost as if you’re using a thin and quick-absorbing lotion. The amazing part is that I watched my skin glow a little healthier after applying the sunscreen, moisturized and happy. This is the first time I witness my skin loving sunscreen so much! 


The entire experience was in utter pleasure and comfort. Not only that the products are extremely gentle but they’re also effective as well. If you were to ask me, I would say that this brand has the gentlest products that I have ever tried in my life. Its gentleness did not even compromise the effectiveness like other brands do. I encourage everyone to try these products, at the very least do try the cleanser and the sunscreen as they are the most outstanding items of them all, that is if I need to compare the five of them.

Have a try. They will give you a functional skincare routine with the least amount of worry.

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