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Antica Spezieria Erboristeria San Simone​​ – Therapeutical Perfumery

Ever wonder about the curious stories behind the creation of a specialist masterpiece? The world is filled with unique shops with stories that are one-of-a-kind just like their perfumes. As of today, there are many custom-made perfume shops but let’s zoom into the ones with decades-old or even centuries-old history. 

Today, we are visiting a small street in a valley in Florence (Italy).

Antica Spezieria Erboristeria San Simone​

Therapeutical Apothecary Perfumery Shop from  Florence, Italy

This is another shop that I came across while surfing the internet and find interesting. It is a traditional perfumery shop that uses empirical knowledge of therapeutic virtues of medicinal herbs, flowers, fruits, and spices to create a special perfume that is different in almost each and every (customized) recipe. The shop has centuries of history, built in the 18th Century, were owned by owners who have knowledge of pharmaceuticals, chemistry, medicinal herbs, and perfumery. They want to create perfumes that actually help people to find some relief by using scents.


Anna, one of the owners, was always intrigued by this shop every time she walks past it while walking to work. She resigned from her job in a hospital about 30 years ago and seek an apprenticeship from the former shop owner. She then studied more about medicinal herbs and even have a farm to collect medicinal herbs herself.  Her goal is to combine healing and perfumery together to create the best combination that helps a person and smells good at the same time. She is so good at this, she could probably even tell what kind of a person you are based on your choice of perfume prior to creating one for you. 

According to the videos that I had watched, it seems that Anna prefers to sit down and have a talk with her customers in order to give them the best perfume that suits their personality or current state. After her consultation, she will personally create a perfume specifically for that person. If a person is easily angered, she will create a perfume with more ingredients that help to calm a person down. If a person is always tensed and/or has insomnia, then she would create a recipe with Jasmine and Lavender. Speak to her about your problems and see what she can create for you.

They also have workshop classes subjected to availability for individuals who speaks Italian and English to learn about creating perfumes from raw materials. The class takes 1.5 hours and you can keep a 50ml perfume or 100ml room perfume that is personalized by you

Antica Spezieria Erboristeria San Simone Firenze
Via Ghibellina, 190, 50122 Firenze FI, Italy
Website | Instagram | +39 393 823 4575
Monday – Saturday: 10am–1:30pm, 2:30–7pm
Sunday Closed

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