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How to| AirAsia X POD Filing, Oath, Delivery, Google Form, and FAQ

I’m going to have to begin this with: my blog post is only intended for passengers for PERSONAL filing and not for those who are not claiming on behalf of another individual, company, a tourism company, etc. 

Almost half of the information is available on 飞常好玩 Play n Fly article. If you can read in Mandarin, please do check out their posts: 飞常好玩 Play n Fly – 【airasia X】 #如何填写POD.  I am merely gathering all information that I find helpful and translate them here. Another reason for this is because the English websites, articles and posts that I found on Google are very unhelpful. They don’t give a lot of insights and useful information. 

However, I do add more information (personal experiences) in my blog so I’d recommend reading my blog post as well.

Who is Eligible?

Anyone purchased any tickets from Air Asia X (flight number start with D7** or AK) before 30th June 2020 and has NOT received any refunds in any shape or form. This may include those who had applied and received a credit refund as well.

This means that the company is owing money to you. Check your inbox for the email (it could be in the spam box). The title should be “AAX Debt Restructuring: Proof of Debt Exercise“. This is when you know you will need to participate and submit the POD (proof of debt) documents.

** Long Distance flights are included, such as:
Taipei (not inclusive of Kaohsiung City), Japan (inclusive of Okinawa), Korea, Australia, Indonesia, America Hawaii, China (Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Xi’an, Changsha)

Steps (General):

  1. Open the email sent to you and click on the hyperlink within the email which directs you to a document for download. It is a POD pack. Take note that your e-filing ID is in the email and you need it.
  2. Print it out and fill-up the form (I think it’s better to write it).
  3. Go to (Googling Taxinvoice Airasia works too), fill in your information and download the invoice and/or credit note. (Credit note is meant for refunds but the majority of the people, including myself, have not received anything, so just proceed with POD.)
  4. Get the forms and supporting documents to the nearest Pesuruhanjaya Sumpah to get it stamped. 
  5. You should scan all the documents to keep a record (I took photos instead).
  6. Fill in the e-form:; send the soft copies to the email address according to the last page of google form.
Your documents MUST reach them by the 7th of April 2021. It’s best if you can mail it out latest by the 3rd of April 2021. The earlier the better.

Steps (POD form):

Here’s a sample obtained from the 飞常好玩 Play n Fly Facebook post. 

Whilst the majority of the information is appropriate to use, there are two things that I need to highlight

  1. In the “reason” section, it should be “for Flight Cancellation (A-XXXXXX)”. Within your bracket should be the e-filing number provided to you.
  2. According to my commissioner (Pesuruhanjaya Sumpah), the “Declared at… the State” section is my name. It could be different but let me know.

Now, some people came to ask me what to put for the full amount. Honestly, even I was confused at first but then it makes sense later on. I have both invoices and a credit note. If you look closer, adding the invoices up would most likely lead you to the amount listed on the credit note. 

In this case, all invoices = the credit note. So, the full amount I have put my credit note amount in it.

Tiada penerangan foto disediakan.

Mungkin imej teks yang berkata 'E-Filing (as provided the e-mail): Axx…xxxx 考你的Email E-Filling PARTICULARS OF ACCOUNT REFERRED TO 飛常好玩 Date 开头可能是A,B,C,D或× Consideration 机票付款日期 DECLARATION* 该Booking Number Flight ancellation under Invoice xXXXx (可以通过 (如果è¿™Booking Example: 2020 直接填写5人总敬) MYR415.00 Note: Flight Cancellation under RRCVVR D72103180209758 purposes Proposed Debt claimed an without prejudice fliability any address be, description and fdeclared creditor. form relevant documents, including, without limitation, other documents you, before setting off same June including amounts and/or arrangements between and AAX Group is/are/have value securities documents Where those provide fdebt, attached property supporting basis mitigants may any proofi made company, paragraph strike ofa made behalf company,'

Steps (Pesuruhanjaya Sumpah):

Don’t be intimidated by the name of it. The place is actually not too government-like. Besides, this part is actually a very simple and easy process. The commissioners are the individuals who are authorized to hold a position/important task, in this case, to verify your documents in the manner of an Oath. Basically, it’s just a procedure for you to “swear” that the information you’ve provided is legally accurate. 

  1. Locate an office closer to you (they are everywhere)
  2. Visit the office (they already knew what’s coming)
  3. Show them your IC and documents
  4. They will do a quick review checking on your documents and let you know if you need to amend anything
  5. The commissioner will proceed to sign, stamp, and chop when everything looks okay.
  6. Sign on the documents, the logbook, and pay RM10.
  7. Done.

(No, you don’t need to verbally swear, at least in my case.)

I’ve completed everything in less than 5 mins from the moment I reach the office. There are no crowds (I don’t think there will be any crowds, unlike other government bodies) and everything was completed swiftly. The branch I had visited is in Sri Kembangan (near South City Plaza) and the commissioner is very professional and friendly. I personally do recommend going to her.

Steps (Delivery):

You can go to many places for this but I personally recommend a place like MBE Mail Boxes Etc. They have many options and the staffs are very attentive. No crowds like Pos Malaysia offices too! Citilink is the cheapest option for me so the following steps will be exactly for that.

  1. Get an A4 envelope for your documents.
  2. Go to your nearest branch
  3. Request for document delivery
  4. Fill up a quick paper form with the sender and receiver’s name, address, and phone number (AirAsia X didn’t provide a phone number, I used my mobile number). 
  5. Put your documents in the courier flyer and seal them.
  6. Pay RM6.15 for the service (with tracking number)
  7. Staff will help you to attach the paper form onto the courier flyer and pass you the tracking number.

This service is the cheapest option, it would take about 1-2 days to reach AirAsia X. All couriers are not liable for damages on your documents, by the way.

Steps (Google Form):

According to the 飞常好玩 Play n Fly Facebook post, you just need to fill in the first few sections and then select or input “Not Applicable”, “N/A”, and “0” for the others.

Once you are done, just submit your scanned soft copies to the email addresses which will appear at the end of the google form:

  • For E-filing ID beginning with A, please send the soft copy of the proof of debt form and other supporting documents to
  • For E-filing ID beginning with B, please send the soft copy of the proof of debt form and other supporting documents to
  • For E-filing ID beginning with C, please send the soft copy of the proof of debt form and other supporting documents to
  • For E-filing ID beginning with D, please send the soft copy of the proof of debt form and other supporting documents to
  • For E-filing ID beginning with X, please send the soft copy of the proof of debt form and other supporting documents to


The following questions and answers are fully based on the Facebook post curated by 飞常好玩 Play n Fly so they do take full credit on this (I do not claim any credits for the QnAs gathered). I’ve omitted some of the questions as it was already explained above/quite common sense. Again, I’m just a translator. Please address your concerns to AirAsia. 

  • Do I still need to fill up POD if my credit is in your BIG ID?
    • Answer: No need.
    • Zoelie: I think you need to check your credit again because a friend of mine said that the credit account is now missing in her profile, i.e.: no more credit in her account; never purchased anything
    • [Related question] How come my credit suddenly went missing?!
      • Your credit may be frozen due to being part of AirAsia X’s asset.
  • How about for AirAsia X RM499 Unlimited Pass
    • No certain answer for now but according to analysis, it is not part of the AirAsia X product.
  • What if I’m not in Malaysia right now?
    • You can get it done from the Commissioner of Oath in the country that you are currently located at.
  • I’ve purchased with my friends and family, who should be the one filling up the POD forms?
    • The person whose name is on the tax invoice.
  •  I’ve purchased so many tickets, how should I proceed?
    • Once POD form should suffice. You need to fill up the total accordingly. (i.e.: full amount on Page 3 and the total amount for each booking number on Page 4)
  • Is it certain to get my refunds back with this POD?
    • It’s just a legal procedure, not a guarantee.
  • I have an invoice AND credit note, what should I do?
    • If you haven’t received any amount stated in the credit note and your credit account is empty, you would need to proceed with the POD.
  • Can I continue with the POD if my flight was moved from anywhere before the end of June 2020 to a later date?
    • Yes.
  • How do I know when will be the expiry date for the credits that I’ve received?
    • Track your credit return date and add 2 years into the date.
  • Can I still receive my refund even if I don’t fill up the POD?
    • “In the event of any failure on your part to lodge your duly attested POD Form by the Relevant Date to our physical address set out in paragraph 2 above, AAX Group reserves the right to rely on its record to ascertain the amount of debt owed to you for the purpose of the Proposed Debt Restructuring. For the avoidance of doubt, soft copies submitted by electronic mail/through the link will not be relied on by AAX Group and you must return the hard copy by mail to us at our physical address as set out in paragraph 2 above by the Relevant Date.”

Final Note:

I am grateful to have come across that Facebook post and I see a lot of people from my IG that doesn’t know how to do the filing so it felt like a duty to me to write these down so that everyone can go through the process easier.

Once again, we are not liable for your submission so do make sure that you feel comfortable with the information here before proceeding with your submission! Please complete it as soon as possible! 

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