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Korea 2024 | Myeongdong Street, Namsan Tower, The Spot Fabulous

Mangwon Market is quickly gaining a reputation as the new go-to destination for locals and tourists alike, drawing comparisons to the renowned Gwangjang Market. While they may not be identical, many are singing the praises of Mangwon Market, claiming it offers even better deals and experiences than its esteemed counterpart.

Myeongdong Street

Day time: Regular Street   |   Night time: Packed with street food vendors

Important: Make sure to pass your trash to the street food vendors, as they are responsible for collecting all rubbish and disposing of it properly in their designated bags. Remember to thank them too! Keep an eye out for banners hanging on the top of the streets. 

Myeongdong street felt noticeably quieter compared to my last visit in 2019, with many stores appearing a bit neglected. It seemed like there were more random shops popping up, alongside some familiar brands like 3CE, Banila Co, Adidas, and Nike. However, smaller cosmetic brands seemed to be struggling to keep up. Street food stalls mainly come alive in the evening, offering snacks, food, and beverages ranging from 2000 to 10,000 won, with the average falling between 5000 and 8000 won. It’s a touristy area, so I wouldn’t recommend spending too much time here. There are two Olive Young stores, but I found the selections lacking. We stopped by briefly to give my partner a glimpse of the area before heading to Namsan tower, visiting both in the afternoon and evening.

Namsan Cable Car & Tower

Website   |  AM 10 : 00 ~ PM 11 : 00
KRW 15,000 for Adult’s Return Trip

Taking the shuttle bus to the Cable Car is much simpler than I anticipated. The route starts at Namsan Tower, then stops at Seoul Station Exit 9 before heading to Myeongdong Station Exit 1. If you’re waiting at Myeongdong, give it about 10-15 minutes from the start time. Surprisingly, the bus wasn’t as crowded as I expected, making the journey quite comfortable.

It seems like the lockers attached to the railings have been updated since my last visit, with the latest ones dating back to 2023. This time, we decided not to use a lock and instead focused on enjoying the scenery and the beautiful flowers in bloom. There were all kinds of flowers to admire, from the cherished cherry blossoms to lovely tulips and other seasonal blooms. The gentle wind added to the pleasant atmosphere, making the view truly spectacular and our experience thoroughly enjoyable.

The Spot Fabulous

Tel : 02 779 1981  |  Instagram   |  10 am–10:30 pm
Address: Seoul myeongdong 2gil 22 / 서울 중구 명동2길 22번지

In our quest for a cozy cafe in the bustling Myeongdong area, we were spoiled for choice. So, I turned to my phone and searched on the Xiao Hong Shu app, figuring that the first promising option we came across would be our destination. And we weren’t disappointed with what we found. The fruit tea, in particular, was a delightful surprise. It was bursting with fragrance and flavor, with real dried fruits adding a delicious touch. As for the coffee, it was decent, and the cheesecake with its luscious blueberry jam exceeded my expectations—it had just the right balance of texture and flavor. The total amount spent was ₩11,400, which is approximately equivalent to RM42.18.

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