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Korea 2024 | Lotte World Mall & Aquarium

With the rain pouring down all day, we decided to dedicate our itinerary to indoor activities, specifically walking around inside malls.

Someone once mentioned that you need the whole day to fully explore all the malls and towers of Lotte World… and they weren’t kidding! We spent half the day visiting the aquarium and just the Lotte World Mall itself, without even getting the chance to explore the other towers and areas. Additionally, we only managed to visit Olive Young, Kakao Friends, and a few random shops along the way.

Lotte World Mall

Operating hours   |   Directory   |  02-3213-5000


Studio Ghibli Store

While we were on our way to the Aquarium, we stumbled upon this shop and decided to step inside for a browse. Although I’m not a Ghibli fan myself, I’m certain that many enthusiasts would go crazy over this little store.

Gatten (Gatden) Sushi

Our second visit to Gatten Sushi was just as enjoyable as the first. The service was excellent, and the meal was delicious as always. Plus, the prices were reasonable. We had spent ₩44,100 (about RM163.17) here.

Lotte World Aquarium

The Lotte World Aquarium has more things to see than we thought. The main attractions were the beluga whale, sea lion, sharks rays, sharks, and cownose rays. The sea lion and the beluga whale were so happy swimming around the exhibit space, enjoying the attention from the audiences. They have their freedom to withdraw themselves but they didn’t. The tickets for two were ₩46,000, approximately RM170.20.

Storage Locker & Floor Guides

There are numerous storage facilities conveniently located throughout the mall, often indicated by icons on the directory. Information touchscreen devices are also readily available throughout the mall, making it easy to navigate and find what you need. Additionally, you can utilize the online floor guide for further assistance in navigating the mall.

The Best Restroom So Far


While I didn't explore many luxurious malls, I was pleasantly surprised by the restrooms at Lotte World Mall. They were spacious, clean, odourless, and dry, offering a pleasant experience overall. What impressed me the most was that each cubicle had its own sink and counter, providing added convenience. Additionally, there were plenty of cubicles available, and I didn't encounter any queues, allowing for a relaxed and unhurried restroom experience.

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