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Korea Korea 2019 Review ZoelieWho

Korea 2019| BHC Chicken Delivery – Wrinkle, Soy Sauce BBQ, Cheeseballs

BHC 치킨 Website Korean fried chicken is a must-try and one of the most popular brands is BHC. Now, just like MCD, you can either eat this in their store or have it delivered to you. My travel buddy and I were really tired after walking for a long time with lots of shopping loots …

Malaysia takealook The Butterfly Project ZoelieWho

Take a Look | The Butterfly Project 6th Year Anniversary ft Yves Rocher MY 60th Anniversary

Hollie cow it’s already 2 months after the party and it still felt like it happened few days ago. I suppose this is what people call “post-party syndrome” 😂 If you had followed me on Instagram, during 27th to 28th I was spamming 9 posts of this event.  Anyway, it was a fun party but beyond …

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