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Beauty Klairs Korean Korean Products Review Skin Care ZoelieWho

Review | Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream

Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream 30ml | RM102 | Shop I had heard a lot of good things from Dear, Klair’s vitamin C and the midnight blue series but the price tag was always the reason that puts me off. This time though, I decided to purchase one to try because I needed moisturizer and …

Beauty Korean Korean Products Nightingale Review Skin Care ZoelieWho

Review | Nightingale Derma Soothing Mineral O2 Cream

Nightingale Derma Soothing Mineral O2 Cream 100ml | RM79 | Shop I haven’t heard of Nightingale until one day, I decided to just buy a moisturizer from them to see if I found a wonder-product.  Nightingale is a ‘personal-dermatologist-focused’ brand where they focuses on essential ingredients and the right recipes. They also stay true to …

Heimish Korean Korean Products ZoelieWho

Review | Heimish All Clean Balm, All Clean White Foam, Refresh Water

Heimish has always been the best makeup removing brand for me (Then I Met You, who? Oh, they aren’t even a match. No seriously, I can’t support that brand after experiencing their products and their customer service). This brand is very underrated. Not many people, especially that outside of Korea or Asian beauty community in …

Korean Korean Products RealBarrier Skin Care StyleKorean ZoelieWho

Review | Real Barrier® Skin Barrier

In this topic: Brand Intro: Real Barrier Real Barrier Cleansing Oil Balm Real Barrier Cream Cleansing Foam Real Barrier Essense Toner Real Barrier Extreme Cream Ampoule Real Barrier Extreme Cream Overall Verdict A while ago, I received a parcel from StyleKorean and the content is surprisingly… surprising! I opened up the box and the first …

AHC Korean Products Malaysia Skin Care The Butterfly Project ZoelieWho

Take a Look | Butterfly X AHC Workshop

On 9th of November, AHC team and Luxasia had held a workshop at 11am-1pm at their training room in Northpoint Midvalley. It was a really memorable experience because we were told to attend with our bare face and fit the occasion and AHC brand with brown or white outfits. This is my first time working …

Contact Lenses Korean Korean Products O-lens ZoelieWho

Review | O-lens Caribe 3con Pink

Facebook | Instagram | Shop Korea (₩15,000) | Global ($19.00) Buy 1 Free 1 promo all year round Could come with free casing and free solution “Caribe pink’s lovely pink will uplift your mood. Its soft circle line gives its wearer cute, sweet and classy look. This is made out of silicone hydrogel that provides …

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