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Review | Neogen V.Biome Collection

The content in this blog post is based on authentic and genuine personal experience and it is written with full honesty. The items mentioned in this blog post are sponsored and this review is not monetarily compensated. As usual, all of my reviews, verdicts and opinions are truthful and will not be influenced by the sponsors/collaborators.

This blog post will start with a product and brand introduction with a first-look review, then it will end with the final verdict.

Neogen Dermatology

NEOGEN Dermalogy is a novel concept skincare brand that draws on the neo-nature scale. That is, it focuses on the relationship between humans and nature to apply the 6 key techniques necessary to produce products that are more eco-friendly and functional.
NEOGEN’s exclusive nanocapsule technology -V.Biome Liposome- helps penetrate deeper and quicker into the skin to provide intense firming care and reduces the look of multiple signs of aging



Honestly, the packaging makes me feel happy because of the color contrast as well as the quality of the bottle. The color of the packaging resembles the Pantone color of the year (Very Pearl 17-3938) and it matches super well with the orange labels. The bottle is made of glass, it has a weight to it and it does not feel like it would break easily. The cap can be easily opened and you will be greeted with the built-in-globe massager, which is designed to help you massage and soothe areas like the eyes, mouth, and jawline. This little massager is attached to the cap of the bottle and it is made of plastic.

Side note: I kind of wished the globe was made with glass but then again, there could lead to a risk of glass shards within the container. I guess metal works too but that would hike up the cost as well.

Upon removing the cap, it was very well noted that the content has a very thick consistency because there was some level of resistance when pulling out the built-in-globe massager from the bottle. That consistency is very much matching with its function: Firming. While it is thick, it is actually gel-based but has a richer and heavier texture as compared to the Soothing Cream, which we will be seeing later. 

This product also contains 10% V.Biome Liposome™, 10 types of peptides, and 19 multivitamins. These ingredients are meant to help reinforce antioxidant + collagen production as well as help to penetrate deeper and quicker into the skin whilst giving intense firming care and reducing signs of aging.

When applying it to my face, it was clear to me that a little goes a long way. This really thick firming cream can be easily spread across the face and using more than enough would make the applied layer feels very thick. However, a thick layer of this firming cream does not lead to pore suffocations or any discomfort since it is gel-cream-based rather than just cream. The potency of the ingredients and the creaminess of the texture did not trigger my eczema, which is a great bonus.

That being said, this cream would work really well for anyone who has sensitive/irritated skin and is living in a colder environment because it will help to maintain moisture whilst *bonus* firming the skin. For people living in countries with hot weather, this cream is even better suitable to use during nighttime as the cold air from the air conditioner wouldn’t dry out the skin easily.



The packaging of this product is essentially the same as the Firming Cream variation but it has a white label rather than purple. It also has a built-in-globe massager attached to the cap of the bottle. The purpose of this cream is different though, rather than firming the skin, it aims to soothe. 

There is a difference in consistency as well, which is very evident in the photos. As it is meant to soothe, soothing products usually come in gel-based texture which is light, watery, and chok-chok hydrating. Additionally, since this cream is less creamy, this would also mean that the cream will not hold in place as like the firming cream when you scoop it up with the built-in-globe; it is a lot runnier than the firming cream. 


The V.Biome Soothing Cream has  8 types of peptides, 5% of 19 multivitamins, and 5% of the patented V.Biome Lipsome™.  As there are slightly lesser main ingredients, it means that it is slightly softer in terms of potency. However, that should not affect its effectiveness.

This product mainly aims to soothe the skin, so it is understandable that it has lesser contents, such as vitamins, but with great ingredients to maintain its efficiency. 

This silky and soft cream can also spread across the face without much effort. As it is not as creamy as the firming cream, you can apply it a little bit thicker without the same weight as the firming cream. This light and glossy cream felt so nice and cooling on the skin, it helped to reduce the redness effectively, and effectively kept my skin moisturized + hydrated. That being said, it also did not trigger any skin irritations or eczema, which is wonderful.

This cream is essentially perfect for anyone with sensitive/easily irritated/troubled skin. It can be used during the daytime and nighttime. As it is light weighted, this cream is most suitable for countries with hot weather all year round.



This serum is quite pleasant to have. It has 5% V.Biome Liposome with 10% of multivitamins along with Ferulic Acid and Niacinamide. The bottle and the pipe are made of glass and there is a stopper that keeps the content from leaking out. 

As compared to all of the products, this is the least thick product. It has a watery base with a very lightweight texture. The product can be spread easily across the face with the least amount of effort and it takes about 1-2 minutes to be absorbed completely. It settles really well, there was not any stickiness or tackiness. When applying, the serum felt like a moisture booster on my skin, it was refreshing and my skin felt like it has quenched some level of thirst. 

The brand wants to have this amazing chemistry between Vitamin C and Ferulic Acid, which is the synergy effect that boosts the skin’s natural ability for visible self-repairing. What Ferulic Acid does is protects the skin from free radicals that accelerates skin aging. Vitamin C, on the other hand, enhances the skin’s self-renewal power, corrects the skin balance as well as strengthens the self-renewal power in order to revitalize the skin for it to grow firmer and firmer.

Neogen also used SWEETONE ingredients that aim to soothe stressed skin, reducing erythema, redness, and discoloration of the irritated skin. This is done by making the skin healthier along with improving the skin tone.

As this is a really lightweight and refreshing serum, I believe it can be suitable for any weather, especially for those living in a very hot and humid country. The finishing is good, there’s no stickiness/tackiness. The serum did not trigger my eczema or any irritations, that’s great too. It also felt like it can be used in general by the majority of the people.



The Advanced  Eye Cream is the only product that is contained within a plastic tube and it is to make sure the eye cream stays hygienic whilst making it easier to control the amount. It has the thickest texture among the other products and it has special ingredients which made it more exceptional than the choices in the market. 

Neogen had incorporated Argireline and 5 elasticity patented ingredients for enhanced eye care whilst maintaining the same theme with V.Biome Liposome and peptides. It has an intensive peptide dosage which helps to fill the collapsed skin that has lost collagen and firmness throughout the years. This is done with various peptide components to revitalize and provide elasticity to the skin. It also has natural moisturizing and elastic ingredients extracted from plants to provide immediate moisture and increase the binding of cell interstitial lipids to provide tighter elasticity and nutrition. It penetrates deep within the skin and makes a hydrating layer in order to prevent moisture from leaving the skin, allowing the skin to feel soft and maintaining elasticity for a long time without stickiness. Neogen formulated this product to be dewy, smooth, and allow the user to spread the eye cream onto the skin gently.

Honestly, it is quite true, the eye cream honestly spread across my under eyes smoothly and effortlessly. It has also this refreshing and thirst-quenching feeling on the skin (just with a thicker texture). After applying, the skin is still breathable and the absorbing time was rather quick. As it is thicker, it does have a thin layer of residue left on the skin, but it is not sticky or tacky. It is still breathable. 

My eyelids are usually a little bit on the loose side but after applying this, it did feel firmer and held the double eyelid folds better. Although it is thick, this eye cream is still suitable for everyday and night usage, as well as every weather.


As the products are made with the same theme, here are some of the items which I feel would be better to review together:

Firstly, in terms of the materials, the idea is to be sustainable. The sticker labels on the glass bottles can be easily torn off. You can either reuse it or recycle it. The color combination is wonderful, you can hardly see purplish packaging with orange contrasts that has a tone as well-matched as these. The color combination feels youthful, energetic, and modern. It also looked like anyone can use it in terms of unisex and preference. 

All of the products smelled the same to me. They smelled subtle and the scent isn’t significant to a specific genre. Despite the flower extracts, it doesn’t smell like flowers at all. It’s this faint citrus scent with a bit of mint leaf scent (without the mintiness).  Suitable for anyone who can accept a small amount of scent and it does not skew towards any gender.

The color of the content has a slightly pinkish undertone and NEOGEN stated that it is because they had used DSM’s premium ‘Vitamin C’/Germany CLR’s ‘Probiotics’/”Blue Mellow Flower“ extract, a natural antioxidant ingredient that changes color to red when met with vitamins. FYI, DSM is a British company that is the world’s first Vitamin C manufacturer. 

Thickest to thinnest in texture:
Advanced Eye Cream, Firming Cream, Soothing Cream, and Infusion Serum

Triggers – Sensitivity/Eczema: 
None for all four products

The overall experience has been great. The V.Biome range is made for individuals who want to have similar results as they do in facial salons. All of the products include their patented V.Biome Liposome™ along with some levels of multivitamins, peptides, and hyaluronic acids. The interesting part is that they include Argireline into their eye cream because it has this ‘face lift’ property when being used. The built-in-globe was a ‘fun-to-have’ for me. I use it to roll around the jaw area, cheekbones area, and forehead. If you have a facial massager meant for skincare, you should use that instead. 

I haven’t had any bad experiences with these products and I would genuinely encourage anyone to try them. If you have awfully sensitive skin, you may want to check the ingredient list for anything that may cause any triggers to you. However, for me, it has been pleasant, I didn’t feel like it would irritate my skin at any chance. 

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