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Review | O-lens Ressence Multipurpose & Moist Cushion Drop

My beloved contact lens brand now has its own contact lens solutions and I think it isn’t widely known because I couldn’t find a lot of information about them so here’s what I can gather so far.

O-lens has two contact lens solution products as of now: multipurpose solution and moisture boosting drops. Both have similar functions and price tags. There are some differences between them in terms of the ingredients and detailed usage method.


  • Hyaluronic Acid: Natural lubricating ingredient for long-lasting moisture
  • Disinfect and Clean: Refresh and removes foreign substances
  • Comfortable pH: Similar to tears

OFresh Ressence

OFresh Moist Cushion Drop

Both are very similar in terms of cleansing and disinfecting but I think the Moist Cushion Drop is for traveling and outdoor usage. However, I am still a tad bit confused that you should not use the drops directly into the eye, but you should drop a few drops onto the contact lens before putting them on the eyes.

So far, I have no issues using them and they do help boost the moisture-comfort from what I can tell. I got to use it more often to feel the difference.

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