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Review | Real Barrier® Skin Barrier

A while ago, I received a parcel from StyleKorean and the content is surprisingly… surprising! I opened up the box and the first thing I saw was this really big tin container with a girl holding the moisturizer. If you couldn’t guess what it is, it is actually a coin bank! This illustration actually reminds me of that sparkling canned beverage that I had tried in Korea. Technically, it is the one I had in Korea. It’s a brand called 이슬 톡톡 (Ee Seul Tok Tok) and it has a very minimal percentage of alcohol (3%), which is absolutely suitable for the majority of ladies. It tasted amazing and I highly recommend drinking this with Korean fried chicken!

** For my halal kawans, while I cannot make claims for this skincare brand, it does not seem to have alcohol in the products. In any case, I have attached the ingredient lists for you to look at as well!

Within the gigantic coin bank, it holds a jar of moisturizer from Real Barrier and a glass mug. This set is a limited edition collaboration set which is available at USD 30.40 on StyleKorean which you can purchase directly from their website

Underneath the moisturizer, you will find a box that holds the mug with 이슬 톡톡’s logo on it, which is absolutely suitable for the beverage itself. Fill it up with ice and pour the beverage into the cup sideways without creating bubbles (this is a tip from my Korean Airbnb host).

Real Barrier®

This brand is pretty new to me and while I was a little bit sceptical of it, I actually find myself starting to feel a little bit more willing to try after seeing the information that they had provided me. The brand has made quite a number of researches and testing. One of their appointed testing agency is the Semyung Clinical Trial Center for Bio-Industry, which was also who AHC Beauty and MISSHA had appointed for some of their products. 

Below is a brief summary of what’s to be known in this blog post:

Suggested Steps:

Now that we are prepped with some information of the skin’s barrier and the brand, let’s get into the Real Barrier Tightening Routine which consists of five steps. Of course, you can definitely omit some of the products according to your lifestyles, such as removing the oil balm if you do not use makeup or sunscreen. If you happen to be someone like me (daily makeup wearer, weakened skin, eczema-prone, dull skin), I find that the full routine helps the skin better. 

From the pictures above, those were my suggested steps and you can just use it as a reference. Though, I will be listing out the full steps below whilst making comments and reviews on the way. Do read through the writings to get more idea of what each product can do and how they do it. 

Step 1: Real Barrier Cleansing Oil Balm

The first thing to do your skincare should always be removing the makeup and/or sunscreen on your skin before using a general facial cleanser. This is called double-cleansing which effectively cleans out every residue and dirt off the skin.

In order to do that, you can use a cleansing balm or cleansing oil. Real Barrier’s cleansing oil balm is basically the combination of both oil and balm but instead of using the regular tub/jar container, they opted for a tube container which helps to reduce contamination caused by external factors (dirty hands or applicators). 


It’s a liquid-gel type of texture by the look but it also has the oil type of texture when you touch it. It has a similar texture as compared to the cleansing foam. I tested the oil balm with my lipstick and it removes quite quickly. It is gentle enough for the skin, may not be entirely safe for the eye (it doesn’t sting but it does irritate the eyes for a bit), but it is strong enough to remove general makeup. However, it is not strong enough against strong, waterproof makeup such as mascara. You may need to use it twice in order to get rid of stronger / longer-lasting makeup products but if you only use sunscreen, it is definitely enough to remove it.

My demonstration below is without water as instructed by the brand but it already wipes out a lot of makeup off the skin. Of course, you will need water to properly clean everything off. At the same time, I would highly recommend washing it off with a facial cleanser to completely remove every dirt and residue.

Step 2: Real Barrier Cream Cleansing Foam

After removing your makeup and/or sunscreen, it’s time to wash off more residue off your skin with a general facial cleanser. Real Barrier carries a foam cleanser but it is not the type to tighten or dries out your skin after washing. The foams are gentle and creamy, which is a good thing for dry/combination skin.


It’s called a foam cleanser but the foam is gentle, creamy and lathering. This is very helpful for people with troubled skin because a strong foamy cleanser may strip off the necessary sebum off the skin and allow bacteria to attach the skin easier. In this case, as the foam is gentle, it does not cause any triggering of problems to the skin.

Some people are lucky with normal skin but it is best to gentle cleansers so that the skin can maintain it’s functionality without going haywire. Others (like me) may prefer foam over non-foam cleansers and that could be difficult to find one from drugstores like Watson’s. So, this brand is one for you to consider if you would like to try it out for your troubled skin.

Step 3: Real Barrier Essence Toner

A crucial step for skincare, toner. This step is generally validated by a lot of Korean and Japanese skincare gurus and lover. Toners help to prep your skin and ensure that it is ready for deeper penetration when you continue with the next skincare products. 


It has a thick and liquidy texture which runs down on my skin easily but because of its thickness, it keeps my skin more moisturized as compared to water-based toners. This is amazing for people who have extremely dried skin or eczema-prone skin as they need a thicker layer of skincare to keep the skin moisturized to avoid bacteria infection.

Step 4: Real Barrier Extreme Cream Ampoule

This next step can be skipped if you are looking for a simpler skincare routine but it is recommended as the ampoule helps to further moisturizing and improve dryness, puffiness and dullness. 


This may be more of an emulsion than an essence, in my opinion. However, it does work well when it comes to enhancing the toner’s effectiveness as it helps to tackle skin problems like dryness and dullness. I would use this every morning and night to keep my skin from drying out in the airconditioned room (office and bedroom).

The tub has a small but thoughtful design to it, which when you twist the cap open, the top of the cap extends upwards and the applicator absorbs a sufficient amount so that you can immediately use the product. I like this better than the ones that you have to pinch it every time in order to get the products. 

The texture is a little bit runny but when you spread it across the skin, it does not evaporate quickly and it also gets absorbed to the skin evenly. I would usually use this before applying the cream moisturizer because it helps to spread the moisturizer easier since the moisturizer is very, very thick. 

Step 5: Real Barrier Extreme Cream

This is the very last step and it can be used with or without the ampoule. Basically, this cream helps to moisturize your skin with a thicker layer than gel-type or liquid-type. As it is quite thick, it should be used at night instead of during the day.


This cream is thicccc. It may be the thickest cream that I have every used for my skin. However, one should not be intimidated by the thickness of the cream because it absorbs relatively quicker than I have expected. At the same time, it does not clog my pores or give me irritation like other thick, cream-based moisturizer would do. I highly recommend this for people with high needs for their skin to maintain moisture and without the product evaporated from the skin too quickly. It could be a little difficult to apply onto dry skin, so I suggest applying this immediately after toner and/or ampoule. 


In order to give you a general idea of how this product feels like, just imagine a soft and mushy mochi that melts almost immediately into your skin like cotton candy but all the goodness remains in your skin and keeps your skin feeling happy. The scent reminds me of orange soda. When you put it closer to your nose and smell it harder, it kind of smells like an orange flavoured ENO powder, in a good and subtle way.

I have been trying the products for a couple of weeks and surprising, my skin loves it. It has been accepting the products with wide-open arms. Not once have I experienced any discomfort, irritation or tingling. This is absolutely great news for people with troubled skin like eczema, which is what I do have. I am always careful with skincare products because I know that once the triggering is done, there will be a long process to revert the skin back to normal. I find that I don’t have any worries at all when I use them. Heck, my brain just automatically wants to reach for these products whenever I need to clean my face or do any skincare. It basically just won’t think of other brands as of now. 

Now, the cleansing part is really sufficient to clean off the majority of the makeup, dirt and residue but it definitely needs some help with tougher makeup products such as mascara. Some mascara brands are really a pain in the butt to wash off so it really isn’t the brand’s inability. On the other hand, I find that the scent of the products helps to lighten up the mood a little bit which helps me to get ready for the day and for sleep. It is relaxing but does not make you feel sleepy. It is refreshing but does not keep you overly energetic. The products do have an obvious result on my skin. There are times where my skin is absolutely stressed out by work and environment but these products effectively calmed down my skin.

While all of these products are absolutely loved by my skin and my boyfriend’s skin (he stayed with me for a few days and has been raving about it), I would personally recommend the foam cleanser because it is the most fundable skincare product. Apart from that, the toner and the cream moisturizer are also great products to keep. Although this brand is not so common in Malaysia, it has quite a large product range on StyleKorean’s website and you can check it out by clicking the button below. Apart from the ‘extreme’ range, they do have a ‘soothing’ range, ‘intense’ range and acne-controlling range.  It is also quite refreshing to see 이슬 톡톡 to be collaborating with a skincare product (they may have been doing it often but it hardly reaches my socmed timeline) because this brand is quite famous amongst lady consumers. 

Anyway, that is all for this blog review! If you would like to check out the products, click the button below! StyleKorean is also having 30% off all the RealBarrier products on their website now! Shipping fee is FREE if you purchased over 50USD and below 2kg weight using the EFS courier (mine reached within 3 working days). Alright, have a great day/night!

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