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I’ve been a long-time fan of Clio’s Pro Eyeshadow Palette, so when I spotted their latest offerings at Olive Young branches, I couldn’t resist buying them!


CLIO together with the meaning of the Greek original word “To Celebrate”, ‘CLIO’ aims to create a brand to CELEBRATE a woman who challenges the new version of herself through makeup and makes her history wonderful. With its innovative product quality, sensuous color, and stylish design, Clio’s products make everyone do professional makeup easily and conveniently.

Clio Pro Air Eyeshadow Palette

0.6g x 12   |   All Skin Type

High-quality lip colours that you would collect all. Real customer reviews include that this product is a necessity, it is an excellent product, and it is simply attractive. Every shade is perfect for daily makeup. In addition to clear high pigmented colors, it has an upgraded texture for perfect adherence without flaking. The brush is upgraded to apply contouring shades and glitter points. Consists of clean and transparent glitters and glossy glitters with creamy texture. The glitters are dazzling in various angles.

Key features: 

  • Feel refreshing and light texture and soft matte finish.
  • Perfectly adhering glitters without any flaking.


Pick the desired color and use the set brush or fingers to apply it on the eye area.


No. 02 Rose Connect

Row (1): Daily Bloom, French Vanila, Dreaming Shower, Just Enough, Cozy Nest, and Mood Glowing
Row (2): Personal Pink, Might Love, Rose Affiar, Mature Letter, Crunch Mocha, and Dense Night

No. 03 Mute Library

Row (1): Type Soft, Almond Powder, Dusty Hazel, Bitter Flavour, Caffeine Pleasure, and About Taupe
Row (2): Quite True, Salty Taro, Leave Forever, Dry Afternoon, Mauve Intense, and Every Midnight

No. 07 Lavender Staff

Row (1): Office Mate, Cotton Message, Lavender Meeting, Orchid Plan, Attention Taro, and Passion Study
Row (2): Welcome Kit, Check List, Mauve Report, Taupe Again, Shade Note, and Mood Staff

No. 10 Plum

Row (1): Daily Mulberry, Purple Chaos, Direct Pink, Buying Berry, Juicy Map, and Pink Strawberry
Row (2): Opal Glass, Honey Plum, Domestic Fig, Tasty Grape, Special Price, and Premium Vine.

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