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I really cannot spend a day without using this litter bin because it has saved me from sooooooooooo many problems. It can be used for any cat litter almost entirely without fail. This little bin changed my life completely the moment I started it! 


The LitterLocker team is made up of passionate and enthusiastic people who made it their mission to make cat owners’ lives easier. We have been creating quality cat accessories since 2002. Since then, we have continuously strived to improve our products by using the latest technological advances. We offer intelligent solutions adapted to any lifestyle. LitterLocker cat accessories are unique and the all-in-one system makes it possible to clean soiled litter in a simple and effective way. The greatest reward for LitterLocker’s dedicated team, is knowing that our efforts help customers, two or four legged, to live happily together.

LitterLocker Cat Waste Disposal Design


TLDR: No more multiple runs to the outside trash bin and toilet trips to wash my hands. No more smell even though I have thrown the poops into the bin that is in my room.

When I first tried it, it lasted about 3 months with just one cat (Luna) and there was no smell throughout the entire process of using this bin. I love that I didn’t need to tie up the plastic bags every single time I had to scoop cat poop and then walk all the way to the back side of the house and throw it into a bin. All I did with this product was: scoop, dump, wash my hands, done. 

This is very important because the biggest impact that it has done on me is that I no longer need to feel agitated and frustrated multiple times after I’ve turned off my lights and before I dozed off. Between that period of time, when I was already done for the day and ready to sleep, my cat would absolutely think it was the right time to poop. This had gotten worse when my cat had kittens, they poop around the same period of the day but not immediately together. Like, one cat would poop, and 20-30 mins later I would go pick up the poop. Right after I’ve disposed of the bag, another cat would just go in and poop. So, I had to do this many times a day and it was frustrating.

Litterlocker saved me from all of that trouble. I absolutely cannot imagine my life without it. However, I made a mistake by using substitutes for refills because I thought cheap products might work. I was incredibly wrong. If I were to use any random plastic bags from a grocery trip or actual substitutionary rolls, the smell, my GOD, the smell would stain every corner of my room. For whatever reason, these random bags will amplify the poop smell as if it’s a loudspeaker for a screaming child that’s already annoying, to begin with. The smell would become stronger, stinkier, and feels terrible to smell. I thought my nose and lungs were falling off, quite honestly. Layers on layers of wrapping absolutely did not help at all!

You cannot imagine the dreadfulness I felt when I was waiting for the original refill packs to ship to my door. Every single day was an excruciating torment. The moment I got my hands on the original refill packs, I chucked it in and feels satisfied as the stench started to clear off from my room. 

I received my refills on the first day of March. Having an adult cat with two growing kittens (3-4 mths), I found the bin filling up every 7 days or so. Either I really did fill it all the way up or it was time to throw away the litter, it was always about a week. I’m still on the same roll now. As usual, there wasn’t any smell at all. I could even tie up the bag right before I head to bed and leave it in my room until I was ready to throw it in the next morning (I usually sit at my desk to start work every working day).

One thing to understand is that the cats will poop anytime when you’re not in the right state of mind to be like “ah hey, they pooped, I can pick it up”. It’s usually the opposite; when you’re sleeping in bed or you just laid down after a looooong, long day at work and you’re just thinking to yourself “Really? Right when I’m about to relax and sleep?” They always poop around 1am, 2am, 3am, 5am, 7am, and/or 8am. It’s always right before I fall asleep or my alarm starts to ring. Here’s a general overview for when I don’t have the Litterlocker:

  1. get out of bed,
  2. walk towards the litterbox,
  3. squad down,
  4. hold my breath (what a smell to wake up to),
  5. pick up the poop,
  6. tie the bag carefully,
  7. walk out of my room,
  8. walk down the stairs,
  9. find my sandals to wear them,
  10. walk to the furthest bin all the way at the back of the house to dump it (that’s the designated poop bin mutually agreed upon by the whole household),
  11. walk back to the main door with disgust (germs on my hands and feet)
  12. remove my shoes,
  13. climb up the stairs again,
  14. close my door with disgust, 
  15. spray alcohol on the door handles,
  16. walk to the bathroom,
  17. wash my hands and feet,
  18. dry them,
  19. and then…… contemplate if all of these are worth waking up for good… realizing moments later that another cat started digging the cat litter right when I am out of the poop-picking mindstate.
  20. Repeat this daily.

All of the above are definitely not ideal for me.
Things changed for the better when I bought the Litterlocker!
Here’s what I do now:

  1. get out of bed,
  2. walk towards the litterbox,
  3. squad down,
  4. hold my breath (what a smell to wake up to),
  5. pick up the poop,
  6. dump it into Litterlocker,
  7. wash my hands,
  8. dry them,
  9. continue sleeping until I have to wake up for work or another cat starts digging the litter,
  10. repeat until the bin is full.

Weeks later when the bin is finally full, I will slice off the refill using the built-in cutter and tie the opening up like a bag. I will put this into the big plastic bag that I use in my trash bin. When the plastic bag is full or it’s the assigned garbage collection date, I will tie up the whole plastic bag and dispose of it in the general garbage bin outside of my house so that it’s easier for the garbage collectors to pick it up. 

This refill has been replaced around end of April.

Even as I’m typing this, I’ve already collected 2 rounds of poop with about 10 mins in between and then another cat decided to poop also. I don’t know if it was on purpose but that’s really annoying when it happens every single day. Till this day, I’m still very grateful for myself to buy this bin. Again, it’s expensive but it worked like a charm. 

I think it’s important to understand that the choice of using this is definitely a privileged one. I chose convenience over affordability in this case which was pretty justified if you asked me. The bin and the refill packs are not cheap. The bin costs about RM200 and the refills are about RM45 per roll (lasts up to 2-6 mths depending on your usage). Currently, they are not available in Malaysia, but you can click into the link below where you can purchase via my personal shopping service to purchase from an authentic reseller in China. 

The content in this blog post is based on authentic and genuine personal experience and it is written with full honesty. The items mentioned in this blog post are sponsored and this review is not monetarily compensated and it is not sponsored in anyway. As usual, all of my reviews, verdicts and opinions are truthful and will not be influenced by the sponsors/collaborators.

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