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As a first-time cat owner, I have no idea what to expect with cats. I guess most things are kind of unexpectable but also expectable at the same time. Knowing that BSH is the type of breed that is prone to obesity, I tend to be more concerned with the food portion and overall weight of my little kitten. It’s also great that the internet has a lot of information but sometimes it is not as easily processed for people like me who wants a quick reference when I’m busy.

This is especially with a table of information such as age and weight. Based on the My British Shorthair website, I have noted down the age, weight and some remarks that Sarah had included. I hold no ownership to the information and it is purely for taking notes.

The Weight Table




3 months

1.4 kg - 1.8 kg

4 months

1.5 kg - 2.3 kg

5 months

2.3 kg - 2.7kg

Steady/fast growing speed

6 months

Around 2.5kg

Rapidly growing

7-8 months

Minimum 2.75 kg

Growth rate slowing down. Their bones are lengthened but their muscles haven't catched up yet

9-10 months

Female around 3.0 kg;

Male around 3.5kg

They may skinny with disproportionately long legs but will slowly bulk up as their muscle growth catches up with the skeletal development

11-12 months

Female over 3.0 kg;

Male over 4.0 kg

Reaching cat adulthood/weight.

3 years (36 months)

Female below 5.5 kg;

Male around 7.7 kg

The cat may stop growing here but it depends.

The above information is solely from the My British Shorthair website.

It’s a very comprehensive table but that’s all I got from the website. Honestly, I keep finding myself to come back to this table whenever I am unsure how heavy my cat is supposed to be, especially since I try not to get her into obesity. I suppose the food amount is another topic I need to write down too. So many things to take note because cats are so different than dogs and this breed is prone to obesity. Phew.

That’s all for this topic. I will compile everything into an ultimate guide when I have more notes available. Thank you for reading!


My British Shorthair. (2020). British Shorthair Weight by Age – Full Guide. Retrieved 2020, from

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