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Beauty Contact Lenses O-lens Review ZoelieWho

Review| O-lens Russian Smoky Grey, Brown, and Olive

O-lens is always known to be the best Korean contact lens in the whole world. They are affordable to purchase, comfortable to wear, and look very natural on the eyes. Aside from that, they do receive huge support from major celebrities like BLACKPINK. If you’re a BLINK, you may have seen your favourite person wearing …

Contact Lenses O-lens Review ZoelieWho

Review | O-lens Ressence Multipurpose & Moist Cushion Drop

My beloved contact lens brand now has its own contact lens solutions and I think it isn’t widely known because I couldn’t find a lot of information about them so here’s what I can gather so far. O-lens has two contact lens solution products as of now: multipurpose solution and moisture boosting drops. Both have …

Contact Lenses Korean Korean Products O-lens ZoelieWho

Review | O-lens Caribe 3con Pink

Facebook | Instagram | Shop Korea (₩15,000) | Global ($19.00) Buy 1 Free 1 promo all year round Could come with free casing and free solution “Caribe pink’s lovely pink will uplift your mood. Its soft circle line gives its wearer cute, sweet and classy look. This is made out of silicone hydrogel that provides …

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