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Journal | Airbnb – Ceylonz: Tatami Style Studio at Level 12

Quite frankly, being stuck at home for over 2 years hasn’t helped much with my suppressed negative emotions. I needed to take a break and didn’t want to go anywhere further from my own home in case my cat needs me. So we stayed downtown, near the popular shopping malls to make things a lot …

Accommodation Airbnb Journal Korea Korea 2019 ZoelieWho

Korea 2019| Airbnb at Mary House’s White Room (Cats!)

*Disclaimer: The building of the Airbnb will not be photographed for privacy purposes. The photos of the house were already available on the Airbnb for references so it was assumed that my photos are allowed. The surroundings of the neighbourhood are not immediately next to the building and photos were taken for references to know …

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