Weekend Personal Shopper in KL


This running-errand service is to purchase items on behalf. You will need to provide a shopping list and include the total price in the quantity section.

Feel free to contact me for a personalized/customized ordering experience! Read the description below for more information.

For deliveries to foreign countries, please contact me so we can work it out ūüôā

Input total product price below:

SKU: WPS-KL-Custom-F Category:


Avoid the hassle of shopping by yourself!
Treat yourself to a shopping spree minus the sore ankles, terrible parking, and heavy bags!
Need it fast? You can also opt for personal delivery on the same weekend of the purchase!

Thank you for being interested in this service! I am a “High-end Shopper” who needs a reason to “spend” money in order to feel happy. If you need someone to help you with buying stuff, please let me know! I have a few store perks too and I plan to build more perks with new stores! I also do crafts and I can help you with buying some tools and/or ingredients!

Place orders by Monday to Fridays
Orders closed on Saturdays and Sundays
Items to be purchased
between Fridays and Saturdays

Personal Delivery (KL only):
Delivery Days: Saturdays (after 5pm) or Sundays
Delivery Hours: Between 2pm – 7pm

Courier Delivery:
Drop off: Mondays to Wednesdays
Days needed for delivery:
[West M.] Around 2-5 days if everything goes smoothly.
[East M.] Around 3-10 days if everything goes smoothly.

Local bank accounts: Please make payment latest by Friday for the service to be performed on the same weekend.
Foreign bank accounts: Please make payment latest by Wednesday for the service to be performed on the same weekend.
Stripe (credit card): please make payment latest by Friday of the previous week. E.g.: payment made on the 4th of September 2020 will be cleared from the account by 11th of September 2020.

*   Please note that we will not proceed with the service if the funds are not received or cleared from the account.


Let’s be honest, we don’t love surprise charges. So, let me briefly explain what will be charged for this process:

  1. Product fee
  2. A handling fee
  3. Delivery fee
  4. Other surcharges (only if applicable)

Feel free to contact me if you need help with calculating the estimation ūüôā

Here’s a breakdown:

Handling fee: Each order is for 1 drive, 1 location/area (2 hours max). We recommend that your shopping list should be kept within one mall or one area. Delivery fee is excluded from the calculations.

We will ask you to confirm if reattempt is required in another location or time. We will also help you to call and ask for stock availability for the next location.

 Order Amount  Handling Fee for
Smaller/Lighter Objects
 Handling Fee for
Larger/Heavier Objects
 Subsequent Location  Subsequent 30 mins
 $0.01 Р$160  USD 20  USD 32  USD 13  USD 4
 $160.01 Р$320  12%  20%  5%  3%
 Above $320.01  8%  16%  4%  2%

Delivery fee: This fee will be requested from buyers after fully purchasing all items. Buyers can choose either courier delivery (nationwide) or personal delivery (KL only). For stores that offer in-house shipping services, we will communicate with them for their services. If their service has a fee, we will require immediate payment from the buyer while we are still within the store.Feel free to contact us and estimate what is considered as a location area, a trip or an extra place, or what is considered as smaller / larger / heavier objects. There are some examples in the “Malls, Genres and Member Perks” tab.

Personal Delivery (KL Only; Suitable for Luxury Items):
–¬† USD 2 for the first 5KM
–¬† USD 0.50 for every subsequent KM
–¬† USD 0.30 for every extra minute on the road

Additional surcharges:
Some places have expensive parking rates, further distance, COVID restriction, etc. Please send us an inquiry beforehand on your preferred location for better estimates.

Additionally, there will be an additional USD 5 per 30 minutes after the first two hours.

Let me know if you need me to quote you before performing this service ūüôā

Please do take into account that each store might take up to 45 minutes, depending on the number of items you need me to check for you.
If there are more than 2 malls in one area, please take into account that each store should take about 30 minutes on average, depending on the distance between stores and number of items you need me to check for you.

1. You want an exclusive designer bag above USD 150 and need our help in purchasing it for you. We will request a total fee of the bag’s price and a 20% handling fee for the first location.
2. Once payment is received, we will search for it. If the bag is unavailable in the first location, we will try to check for stock availability in other stores and confirm with you if you want us to go for it.
3. If you don’t want it, we will then proceed with a full refund (excl. handling fee). If you want it, we will proceed to the next location and purchase it (an additional 8% handling fee for the second location).
4. Once we have the bag, we will confirm with you on the delivery method. We will then request the delivery fee with any remaining balance before proceeding with the delivery.

How to order

How to order | Five Easy Steps:

Step 1: Prepare a shopping list of items with one of the following methods. Examples are at the bottom of this tab.
1. By excel sheet: provide it thru email after submitting the order)
2. By Google Sheet form: provide a link in Cart page
3. By writing your item down in a text form instead: provide the list in Cart page.

Step 2: Input the total product fee into the quantity for “Total Product Price”.

Step 3: Once you are ready, you can proceed to check out. For payment, please select the bank transfer option. However, please do not transfer the money to us yet and wait for an email confirmation. This is to make sure we can accommodate to your requests.

Step 4: When you have received the email confirmation, please proceed to make payment and send us the successful transaction screenshot in the same email thread. We will proceed to change the order status for you.

Step 5: Sit back and relax! Let us do the rest for you ūüôā We will request the delivery fee from you once we have purchased everything you need.


Delivery Information:
–¬† ¬†Once all items are purchased, we will inform you of the total shipping fee.
–¬† ¬†You may opt for courier delivery or personal delivery
(Expensive items are advised to be delivered using Personal Delivery (KL only) unless the buyer is comfortable with Courier Delivery)
–¬† ¬†Once you have paid for the delivery fee, I will proceed to deliver the items.


Google Sheet Template:

Copy and paste by pressing [shift+ctrl+v] or [right-click > Paste Special > Paste Values Only]

Brand Name Product Name Variety/Colour Shade / Size Weight Price in USD Quantity
Banila Co Clean it Zero Cleansing Balm Original Regular 100 18 1
Banila Co Clean it Zero Cleansing Balm Original Large 180 25 1
Banila Co Clean it Zero Cleansing Balm Original Large Set (two bottles) 360 50 1
Banila Co Clean it Zero Cleansing Balm Macaron Mini Set (four bottles) 200 42 1

Write a list in Cart Page:

Format: Brand, Name, Variety, Weight, Price, and Quantity

1. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask (Berry) – 20g, $18 [1 item]
2. Innisfree Super Volcanic Cluster Pore Mask 2X Р100mL,  $13 [2 items]
3. Innisfree Green Tea Foam Cleanser – 150ml, $9 [2 items]
4. Innisfree Re-stay Comforting Body Cleanser Refill Pack – 480mL, $20 [1 item]

Area, Malls, Genres & Perks


I can visit any major malls within Klang Valley!
Below are considered as 1 mall or 1 area:

  1. Midvalley Megamall  /  The Gardens Mall
  2. Bangsar South
  3. Bangsar Village and surrounding retail area only
  4. Bangsar Shopping Centre
  5. Ikea Cheras / MyTown
  6. Suria KLCC Mall  /  Avenue K
  7. Pavilion KL  /  Fahrenheit 88  /  Starhill Gallery
  8. Lot 10 Mall
  9. Lowyat Mall
  10. Nu Sentral
  11. Sri Petaling (retail area only)
  12. Carrefour Sri Petaling
  13. Kuchai Lama (retail area only)
  14. Sungai Besi (retail area only)
  15. Sunway Pyramid* (+RM28)
  16. Setia City Mall* (+RM35)
  17. Ikea Damansara* (+RM30)
  18. 1 Utama* (+RM30)
  19. Kiara 163* (+RM30)
  20. Starling Mall (+RM30)

A surcharge of fee applies for items with * marks due to distance/parking/toll.

I tend to avoid some of the malls due to shadiness. Feel free to contact me first before deciding on purchasing ūüôā¬† Malls that I would avoid:

  1. Sungai Wang
  2. Timesquare
  3. The Mines
  4. Quill City Mall
  5. Sogo Kuala Lumpur
  6. Sunway Putra Mall
  7. Plaza OUG   /   Pearl Point Shopping Centre

For malls that are not listed, please feel free to contact me for more information!


Here is a list of examples that I can help you to purchase:

  1. Luxury items (strongly encourage personal delivery within KL)
  2. Clothes, Accessories (bags, watches, belts, sunglasses)
  3. Makeup or Skincare products
  4. Crafting tools and ingredients
  5. Crystals and Practitioner’s tools
  6. Taobao (Requires back and forth confirmations)
  7. Plants and planting tools
  8. Electronics

We will communicate with the stores if they offer their in-house delivery services and use their service for better safety.

Member Perks

I’m planning to build more perks from the different store! In the meantime, I have the following member perks as of now ūüôā

  • Sephora – Black Card Member with access to Sephora Beauty Pass Sales (Members only)
  • Etude – Occasional member sales
  • Althea – Occasional extra promos for affiliates only.
  • Taobao (Ezbuy) – 2% off agent fee and some occasional discounts such as free agent fee and/or shipping discounts

My orders:

#1 Ikea Run

We helped our first customer to customized an order purchase in Ikea for a few items. She requested for an IKEA POAENG chair set and 5 candles. Live-messaging on the go and make sure we get the right item. Attached receipt and passed the physical receipt to the customer as well. We had also personally delivered the chair set and candles to the customer.


#2 Switch Console + Game + Additional Gifts

Our first customer from Japan wants us to delivery a gift to her Malaysian friend. We helped her to purchase every gaming products from a store that she had appointed (which we also trust), printed out a photo and a message letter, and wrapped the box into a gift for the recipient. With the permission of the sender, we provided the physical and picture-copy of the receipt to the recipient for safe keeping (important for warranty). We had also personally delivered the items to the recipient.


Terms and Condition for Personal Shopping

1. Please note that we will not proceed with the order if
– An order has not been made
– The funds are not transferred to us.
– The amount has not been cleared from our account.

2. We will be shopping in the Kuala Lumpur area and we will do our very best to search for your products for you. We will also do our best to ensure that the products will be kept safe until send out the parcels.

3. There will be a handling fee surcharge for the first location per trip. Every additional trip or location will have an extra handling fee per trip/location.
Feel free to contact us and estimate what is considered as a location area, a trip or an extra place.

4. Handling fee includes manual efforts of purchasing, safe-keeping, and preparing the delivery.

5. We reserve the right to alter/change (or cancel) the order to ensure maximum accuracy of the orders made, based on the scenarios below:
– Properly listing the order based on the items listed
– Any discrepancies such as wrong product fee, wrong quantity, etc
– Additional item (only applicable before payment made)

6. In the events that we are completely unable to purchase any item for you due to out of stock, we will refund the product money to you. However, the handling fee will not be refunded as we had made efforts to search for the product for you.

7. Cancellations & Refunds are available based on the following conditions:

Full Cancellation:

Before Payment:  Not applicable.
Outside & had not started searching: Full refund and we will keep the half of the handling fee.
Completed purchasing task & fully purchased: Non-refundable. Items will be shipped out as usual.

Partial Cancelation:

When some of the products are not available: Full product fee refund on every unpurchased item. Handling fee, purchased items and shipping fee are not refundable. Items will be shipped out as usual.
When all of the items are not available: Full refund except handling fee for man effort in searching for products.

9. In the events of robbery, theft or loss of parcel during transit, we are unable to perform refunding. By making a purchase, you are consenting that you understand the difficulty on this and would not demand a refund.
For full transparency, we will provide a police report when available as proof that the event of a robbery, theft or missing luggage had occurred.

10. Deliveries are subjected to T&C. Once the parcel has left our premises, the full responsibility and liability of the safety and the condition of the parcel will be subjected to the courier company. Any delay in delivery, damaged parcel or missing parcel, please dispute with the courier company.
For full transparency, we will always record and/or take photos of the condition of the products before packing them into the parcel and handling them to the courier company.

11. [Other Countries only] In the events of damaged products caused by airline staffs, we are not responsible for the damage.
For reassurance, we will ensure that the products are nicely protected with cloth materials to avoid any possible damages.